KQ Health Head at Kenya Airways

Work with NGOs Starting Salary- Ksh 200k
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Responsible for developing and implementing health and safety strategy policies and procedures that promote provision of efficient healthcare services that ensures a healthy productive workforce and responds appropriately to aviation health issues. This is for the whole KQ network including the outstations.

Wholly charged with providing the overall strategic business and operational leadership to provide high quality health services and offerings and to realize profitable growth of KQ Medical profit   Centre.

Provide active leadership to the health professionals in providing high quality health care to all staff and clients.


  • Ensure efficient provision of high-quality health care services to assure a healthy workforce that can support the business achieve both individual and company aspirations.
  • Responsible for business development and marketing activities for overall business growth as well as formulating and implementing business development strategies and marketing plans.
  • Liaison and relationship management of various stakeholders and partners as well as any franchisees in further development of the KQ Health offerings and services.
  • Identifying, implementing and benchmarking best practices in healthcare management for consideration in improving offerings, services and employee/client experience.
  • Fostering partnerships and maintaining business relations with key industry players in healthcare and aviation medicine to ensure that KQ stays current on emerging trends in the said areas.
  • Develop, implement & review a comprehensive health & safety strategy & policy to ensure high Standards of Health & Safety, which are in line with business needs and objectives.
  • Oversight and accountability for preparation, monitoring and controlling of the health & safety budget for effective cost control.
  • Identify & recommend health providers/partners to ensure a comprehensive health service delivery and effective cost control.
  • Institute monitor & evaluate occupational health & safety programmes for proactive management of risks at the workplace.
  • Develop, implement & review sound preventive health programmes for promotion of better community health & safety practices.
  • Institute, monitor & evaluate business health programmes to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, set standards and respond to emerging health trends.
  • Review KQ health facilities to ensure optimal utilization and adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Analyze & undertake regular reviews of the organization health status to facilitate strategic management decision-making in line with industry standards and best practices.
  • Oversee the staff medical scheme for better risk management, in line with legal requirements & cost control. This includes oversight for the medical cover for the outstations in the KQ network.
  • Lead on implementation of issues emerging from corporate health & safety committee for a safe work environment.
  • Contribute proactively to the further development of the Corporate Wellness program for the Kenya Airways staff and their families
  • Work in close consultation and co-ordination with quality & safety division to ensure consistency of policy and practice on safety issues as well as provide input as necessary on occupational safety issues.
  • Benchmark all medical services and programs to ensure competitiveness and good practice.
  • Liaise with regulatory bodies in Kenya and other relevant locations on all Medical and occupational Health matters to ensure compliance.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery (MBchB).
  • Advanced degree in business or healthcare management is preferred

Additional Qualifications

  • Must be registered by MPDB
  • Certificate in Health Management

Minimum Years of Experience

  • 10 years of medical practice of which 5 should be in Health administration at a senior management level or a similar position in a company providing retail outpatient care
  • Commercial experience developing and marketing outpatient medical products
  • Possess strong business development experience, with strong commercial understanding, proven leadership skills
  • Demonstrable senior leadership experience managing teams and relationship management with key stakeholders and partners
  • Understanding of the aviation medicine would be an added advantage

Other Skills

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Possess the ability to build personal relationships with key business stake-holders and have distinguished hands-on operational skills.
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Business Acumen

Behavioral Competencies


  • Achievement Drive & Initiative
  • Passion for Kenya Airways
  • Industry and Market Knowledge
  • Leading Courageously
  • Living and Breathing Customer Service
  • Leading Teams for Excellence
  • Holding Others Accountable
  • Humility
  • Collaborating as a Team
  • Coaching and Developing Others

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