Manager, Strategy and Impact Analysis at African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)

Manager, Strategy and Impact Analysis at African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)

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African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) works with the people of Africa to ensure its wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa. The organization is seeking high-performing individuals to fill the position of Manager, Strategy & Impact Analysis. S/he will lead the organization’s strategic development framework in relation to specific geographies and country plans. The Manager will first address the rationale behind the need for strategies, ensuring that strategy documents help guide organization’s decision-making abilities in terms of conservation impact, resource requirements, and implementation planning. The Manager will be responsible for outlining the process for strategy development within the organization, and ensure that any strategies developed adhere to the defined process.

 Strategies should be living documents, updated to reflect current contexts in a changing world. S/he should work closely with Country Directors in initiating, developing, and validating the document. The Manager should also be responsible for its review or update. The position will report to the Vice President, Strategy & Knowledge Management.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

Strategy Development Process
  • Design framework, templates, and processes for the development of geography-specific strategies (landscapes and countries) for AWF, and ongoing processes for ensuring strategies are updated, current, and revised for changing contexts.
  • Assess and understand key questions that should be answered in the development process for strategies. Strategies should become a key component of the organizational investment/decision-making process, and help guide the allocation of resources within the organization.
  • Develop approval workflow for strategies, ensuring transparency in the approval process, allowing for ample time for senior leadership review and commenting, and resulting in final “go/no-go” decision for internal approval.
  • With support from the Vice President, Strategy & Knowledge Management, present strategy model and process to the Senior Management Committee for approvals.
  • Work closely with the Country Directors and Vice President, Strategy & Knowledge Management to develop criteria for requiring strategies and strategic investment decisions to be presented to, and approved by the Senior Management Committee.
  • Train staff on process and use of strategies in field implementation and everyday decision-making.
  • Working closely with the Senior Manager, Knowledge Management, articulate and establish measurable goals, objectives, and metrics for assessing, reporting, and improving impact.
  • As part of an adaptive management process, recommended improvements to AWF’s Strategic Conceptual Model, based on programmatic monitoring, evaluation, and lessons learned.
  • Provide inputs, analysis, and statistics for quarterly, annual, and other reports to management, ensuring the data quality and integrity of all information being reported out.
Geographic Strategy Development for Landscapes & Countries
  • Lead process for the development of specific strategies, working with Country Directors and other departments to research, assess, and define strategies, as per the agreed-upon process. Strategies should be based on scientific fundamentals, including AWF’s threat analysis and strategies designed to mitigate these threats, establishment of conservation targets and strategies designed to mitigate these targets, but now incorporate other areas influencing implementation, including policy, fundraising, operational context, and risk. Strategies should also dimension desired outcomes, the vision of “success” for a given landscape or country.
  • Oversee the development of strategies for specific geographies (countries) to guide AWF’s approach to engagement, ensuring that each geographic area is guided by an organization-approved strategy.
  • Working with the Senior Management Committee, develop a prioritized list of strategies required by AWF and timeframe for completion. The strategy “needs list” should be a living list of priorities, revised and updated to reflect current contexts.
  • Lead periodic review process of existing strategies, ensuring that strategies are current; where significant revision of strategies is required, ensure adequate internal buy-in and Senior Management Committee approval.


  • Advanced degree in conservation science, ecology, wildlife management, strategic management, or other relevant field.
  • At least 5 years of work experience in the conservation/development field.
  • Demonstrated field experience in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of ecological, environmental, and development issues in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Ability to think strategically, with creative, pragmatic approaches to forward planning.
  • Demonstrated skills in working across departments within organizations, balancing a wide-ranging set of viewpoints, and building consensus among diverse groups of stakeholders.
  • Understanding of basic financial principles, budgeting, and cost analysis.
  • Excellent English oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, flexibility, and cultural sensitivity; knowledge of French and/or local languages considered advantageous.
  • Ability to be team leader, including management of team resources (both financial and human), providing guidance and mentorship to junior staff, and ensuring the team’s delivery of goals.
  • Patience, listening skills, diplomacy, and a sense of humor.
  • Willingness to travel, sometimes to remote locations within Africa.
  • Demonstrated commitment to conservation of wildlife and wild lands.

Closing date: July 31, 2019

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