Real Estate Sales Executive Job Opening

Real Estate Sales Executive Job Opening

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We are a company that shares a personal responsibility to maintain our customer loyalty and trust, we seek to better understand their need and offer solutions that deliver value and create long term relationships.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a sales executive in the real estate the responsibilities are as follows;

1. Know your product; It’s vital that you understand the type of product that you sell in order to know which service and product suit your audience.
2. Build Relationships; Lead development takes time to convert and as a sales executive you will be required to build an important purchasing relationship with major corporations for ease of selling and hitting targets.
3. Make presentations; You must develop and present a major campaign that includes but not limited to market research that illustrates the benefit of using your products.
4. Maintain Account Follow up; Continue serving existing customers and allows keep InTouch sustaining the relationship you work so hard to build.
5. Acquisition of new clients; Must be able to bring in new clients in order to have a wide market for your product.

Skills Required

As a sale you must have the following skills;

1. At least a course in or related field
2. Proven experience as a salesperson in real estate (1-2 years)
3. Thorough understanding of the market and negotiating techniques
4. Fast learner and passion for sales
5. Adapt to solution selling rather than product selling
6. Self-motivated with a results-driven approach
7. Aptitude in delivering attractive presentation

How to apply

Send your application to realdeveloperscities@gmail.com

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