Senior Manager, People at Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

Senior Manager, People at Busara Center for Behavioral Economics

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Senior Manager, People

Busara Center for Behavioral Economics advances and applies behavioral science in pursuit of poverty alleviation. In five years, we have grown from four people in one office to over 100 across our main office in Kenya as well as our other offices in Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, and soon, India.

As a human capital driven firm, our people drive everything we do, from our engagements to our culture. Our value comes from our exceptional people, and talent is our biggest and most important strategic investment. The Senior Manager, People, will be wholly dedicated to further developing our People strategy and overseeing and growing our People team. This is an exciting opportunity to apply your creativity and expertise to help lead a growing, impactful, global organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Senior Manager, People, will lead three established verticals within the People division, each with its own dedicated team member: 1) Talent Acquisition; 2) HR Administration; and 3) People Experience. She or he will also contribute to overall organizational strategy through a human capital lens.

Acquire talent

  • Develop talent acquisition strategies and hiring plans for Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, India, and all other countries where Busara is hiring.
  • Anticipate hiring needs and work with the senior management team to build hiring plans.
  • In line with the hiring plan, oversee the Talent Acquisition Manager to lead the recruitment process for all new hires.
  • Assess and, as needed, redesign our recruitment processes to better reflect our employer brand and ensure candidates have a positive experience, from crafting the language we use in candidate communications to rewording job descriptions to avoid bias.
  • Further craft our employer brand and value proposition for candidates and create content and/or events to position us as an employer of choice.
  • Build and maintain relationships with organizations and individuals in Busara’s network who can help us find top talent, including partnerships with universities and other organizations.
  • Strategically source potential hires from different backgrounds, helping Busara build a diverse, competitive team across all its offices.
  • Continually develop and iterate our hiring process to incorporate the best practices in using data and behavioral science to eliminate bias and recruit the best people for Busara.

Oversee HR administration

  • Continually strengthen Busara’s HR policies to address our changing needs, ensure compliance, and balance the needs of the organization and employee wellbeing.
  • Oversee the Senior HR Officer in all matters related to HR administration, compliance, and recordkeeping, including:
    • contracts,
    • immigration,
    • health insurance and other benefits,
    • payroll, and
    • disciplinary issues.
  • Ensure systems for redress are available and robust.
  • Coordinate and liaise with legal counsel with respect to employment law in all countries where we work, and lead the process of HR expansion countrie where we plan to establish a presence.

Strengthen people experience

  • With the People Experience Officer, lead employee wellness through organizing events, monitoring wellness, and creating initiatives to drive wellbeing.
  • Help ensure that our culture scales with our organization.
  • Oversee performance management at Busara, including our monthly snapshots, 360 and upward feedback, and the promotion cycle.
  • Strengthen and oversee Busara’s onboarding and offboarding processes.
  • Incorporate the latest research in qualitative and quantitative methods, behavioral science, psychology, economics, and development to provide creative solutions to our people needs.
  • Lead our mentorship, assessment and promotion process to ensure our staff are growing, learning, and contributing to Busara’s approach.
  • Help develop and monitor our internal training initiatives, designing skills assessments and training tools and coordinating within teams to design on and offsite training curriculum.
  • Design and leading the development of compensation and rewards systems for all Busara staff.

Contribute to strategy

  • Use metrics to create and present reports and identify priority areas for growth and improvement.
  • Act as a leader and thought partner in developing our strategic plans, organizational charts, and international expansion plans.


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The successful candidate will be experienced in HR, talent, management, and employee satisfaction. The Senior Manager should be rigorous and compliance-oriented to ensure that our People function runs effectively, efficiently, and with minimal risk. However, she or he should also possess the emotional intelligence and creativity to continually identify team needs and brainstorm and execute ways to address them. We are not looking for a traditional HR manager; rather, we want to bring on someone who has the vision, ability to think strategically, and management skills necessary to further grow and strengthen our People function as we expand.

The ideal candidate will possess:

  • 5+ years experience in HR, organizational psychology, growth, talent, or a related field.
  • Understanding of Busara’s business and organizational culture and how our people drive our work.
  • HR knowledge in at least one of the markets where we work and the ability to quickly understand employment law and HR needs in new countries as we expand.
  • Ability to work with and inspire people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.
  • Experience leading teams, with a particular focus on growth, talent, and culture.
  • History of contributing strategically to organizations at a high level, with an emphasis on people.
  • Use of data and state-of-the-art research in developing people-focused initiatives.
  • Degree or advanced training in Human Resources or a related field, Masters in Human Resources, organizational management, psychology or sociology preferred.

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