4 Online Courses That’ll Get You a High-Paying Job Without a Degree

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If you’ve ever found yourself self stuck in a job you don’t love, you’ve probably wondered what you could do to advance your career. Whether it is to move up the ranks in a current position or pursue a new career entirely, people are always searching for ways to make more money at their jobs.

Many of the highest-paying career options are those that require a degree, such as legal and medical professions. However, there are many other high-paying jobs that can be done as freelance work, or that you can learn how to do online.

1. Project Management

This online project management course with professional certification from Careerpoint Solutions offers a comprehensive review of project management such as methodology, tool sets and documentation, and the project life cycle including analysis, planning, design and evaluation.

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2. Project Monitoring and Evaluation

This is a short course in Monitoring and Evaluation with a holistic approach towards building participants M&E skills as a management tool. Taken online, the course is designed to train students on effective participation in development projects by applying sound M&E principles and focuses on both individual and institutional aspects so as to synchronise the desired skills with organisational changes and developments.

Monitoring and Evaluation is an exciting and emerging field in international development and is essential in helping managers, planners, implementers, policy makers, and donors acquire the information and understanding they need to make informed decisions about programme operations. This means there is a growing opportunity with M&E skills and many organisations have created dedicated positions, and even departments, focusing on M&E and look for experience when recruiting for program positions.

If you’re looking for a career in a new and growing industry, that will also allow you to make a meaningful difference to your organisation, and the world, around you, then this course will provide you with the knowledge and practical experience you need to succeed in this field.

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3. Strategic Management and Leadership

This course is aimed at helping individuals further develop their leadership and strategic management skills and to implement these models into their organisation’s strategy. It’s designed for professionals such as supervisors, managers, heads of departments, team leaders, business owners, county managers and executives as well as anyone planning to get into leadership and management role.

Strategic management has become a necessity for organisations who are looking to develop and maintain a competitive advantage and involves the continuous planning, monitoring, analysis, and assessment of all that is necessary for a company to meet its goals and objectives. Individuals in this field can enjoy a great career growth, a huge amount of job satisfaction and a higher than average salary. If you would like to enhance your employability, then this online programme can provide to be an invaluable asset to all aspects of your career.

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4. Fundraising and Resource Mobilisation

This course is designed to build the skills of project officers and coordinators working with a range of organizations to gain practical resource mobilization knowledge and strategies. Organizations may include international non-governmental organizations (INGOs); national NGOS; national and international faith-based organizations (FBOs); and, smaller, grassroots community-based organizations (CBOs) that provide different services to its intended beneficiaries.

The goal for this course is for the trainee to gain a basic knowledge and understanding on the various topics, strategies and approaches to resource mobilization. The course is also intended to guide the officials and staff of the CSO to strategize and also plan and develop resources strategy and raise funds by taking into account the exiting environment to support the cause of the organization.

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