Accounts Assistant at Kenya Airways.

Accounts Assistant at Kenya Airways.

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Primary Location: Kenya-Nairobi-Nairobi

Work Locations: Kenya Airways Headquarters      

Job:  Accounting & Finance.Operations & Admin

Organization : Finance

Job Purpose Statement

The role’s purpose is to monitor, follow up and secure debts on account for the company while maintaining accurate debtor accounting records at the recommended ageing levels in order to facilitate a high level of cash flow in line with the company’s credit policy. This role requires an individual with strong interpersonal skills and an understanding of the business in order to engage both internal and external customers on debt collection. The individual should be able to discern credit risk exposure that is inherent in the debt portfolio he or she manages.

Key responsibilities will include but not limited to the following:

  • Interface of all accounts receivable files into the financial accounting system (ERP) to reflect the correct position of accounts receivable.
  •  Ensure prompt and correct billing and subsequent dispatch to the right parties to aid in prompt payment to ensure and increase cash flow. 
  • Manage the outstanding sales balances falling due before becoming over due to confirm payment to ensure projected cash flow levels as per the company credit policy.
  • Initiate proceedings against potential defaulters to safeguard the company against bad or doubtful debts.
  • Ensure no unapproved credits are offered to mitigate the chances of loss from lack of payment.
  • Provide the correct bank information to clients so as ensure funds are banked to the right account for receipting and subsequent allocation to the right debtors’ accounts.
  • Prepare and dispatch of statements to ensure that clients are aware of the right level of debts owed.
  • Reconciliation of the subsidiary company AR (Accounts Receivables) accounts to the general ledger accounts to match the AR in the general ledger accounts.
  • Reconciliation of all the subsidiary company accounts with the holding company to ensure accuracy and correctness on the financial statements.
  • Initiate adjustments/ refunds with Revenue Accounting to mitigate loss of funds through excessive refunds.
  • Monitor the validity and adequacy bank guarantees /cash deposits against sales performance to minimize risk of exposure from bad debt.
  • Risk assessment of the debtors and guarantors to establish their credit worth.
  • Initiate placement of guarantees in the company’s custody.
  • Initiate the appraisal process of prospective clients and stations for credit approval in order to extend credit facilities to be offered.
  • Hold regular meetings with credit clients to resolve pending queries and disputes to maintain good working relations.


  • Graduate Degree in an Accounting Field.
  • CPA III.
  • 5 years working experience in Finance.

Other skills

  • Negotiation skills, team player, Customer insight, honesty and Integrity, aggressiveness, results focus, analytical and communication skills, personal organization, resilient and reliable.
  • Achievement Orientation. Wants to Do Job Well.
  • Analytical Thinking. Sees basic relationships.
  • Concern for Order & Quality. Checks own work.
  • Flexibility. Rearrange Priorities.
  • Interpersonal Understanding. Actively listens.
  • Self-Control. Restrains Emotional Impulses.

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