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As the Algorithmic Accountability Lab Coordinator, you will ensure that resources are used and accounted for effectively, AAL activities are well planned and reported on, and communication across AAL work is effective. You will assist in coordinating the planning, reporting and budgeting for the AAL, and provide administrative support to the Head of the AAL and other team members.

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MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES (full detail in attached Job Description)

  • Assist in the development and operation of the Algorithmic Accountability Lab (AAL), including by: arranging meetings; supporting project management; preparation and support of research/advocacy/campaign trips;
  • Support the delivery of the AAL’s projects, which may include assisting the team with research, communication, campaigning, coordination and growth activities;
  • Assist with the production and distribution of public and internal campaigning materials, reports and other documents, as delegated or originated by research, campaigns, communications or growth staff;
  • Maintain a detailed understanding of Amnesty International’s financial procedures; deal with expense reports and process payments and invoices; assist with the preparation of project budgets and forecasts;
  • Assist in drafting narrative donor reports for funding grants and developing an information management system or systems for tracking funding proposals and reporting requirements;
  • Support and contribute to the AAL’s commitments to anti-racism, intersectionality, equity and inclusion across all activities and projects;
  • Prepare draft contracts for consultancies, assist in tracking deadlines for consultants’ outputs, liaise with consultants as required to ensure that external partners are clear on their terms of work, and coordinate the work of consultants and volunteers;
  • Coordinate and support AAL planning, reporting and reviews so that records are maintained and senior team members can report accurately on the performance of the Lab;
  • Propose, organize and maintain filing and administrative systems for the AAL, maintain and update the AAL project site;
  • Collaborate with the Amnesty Tech Programme Coordinator to ensure cohesion across all teams in the programme and standardize operational practices;
  • Contribute to a positive and balanced working environment in which all team members collaborate and are empowered to share their views.


This is an entry-level position and we do not expect candidates to fulfil all the criteria below. Even if you do not meet all our desired qualifications, we would like to hear from you – particularly if your background and/or identity is underrepresented in the NGO or technology sectors.

  • Good attention to detail and experience in preparing and monitoring budgets and an ability to identify budget problems and solve them, including knowledge of finance systems used for processing of expenditure.
  • Experience of working with restricted funds (preferred).
  • Outstanding organizational skills with demonstrated skills in managing administration of several complex activities at the same time.
  • Excellent written communication skills in English with a proven ability to explain complex issues clearly for internal and external audiences.
  • Understanding of equal opportunities, cultural diversity, anti-racism and gender issues as well as a commitment to apply relevant policies.
  • Ability to engage with internal stakeholders and different levels of an organization.
  • Experience of establishing and maintaining office systems and coordinating an efficient flow of communications and information.
  • Excellent ability to plan and prioritize work, including when under pressure, and adjust priorities to ensure deadlines are met.
  • Ability to collaborate well with others as well as to work independently and with initiative to facilitate workflow and the meeting of deadlines.
  • Proven ability to work effectively within a team, coordinating work with colleagues and providing when required, including to negotiate solutions and resources between programmes and project team members.


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Amnesty International is looking for a Global Specialist in legacy fundraising. The role is based in our Global Fundraising Support Team at the Amnesty International Secretariat (AIIS).

The Fundraising Specialist for legacies will be the lead focal point for the development of legacy fundraising programmes, marketing and stewardship programs which will drive the income growth. The post provides strategic advice, technical fundraising expertise, planning, forecasting and legacy admin support and will make recommendations on strategic adjustments based on monitoring performance and developing key performance indicators.

Global Fundraising provide strategic support to Amnesty Sections across the globe to deliver effective growth strategies aiming to increase the number of people supporting us and the amount of money that is raised. Legacy fundraising has been identified as a key opportunity for Amnesty to grow its income, and the successful candidate will be responsible for the realisation of this potential.

Equality and diversity is at the core of our values and staff are expected to work collectively and individually to promote a constructive and sensitive approach to others from a variety of backgrounds, where the work of others is valued and respected.

We offer flexibility in the location of the role, ideally based either at the AIIS in London or at one of our Regional Offices.  Our aim is to reward employees through a combination of salary and benefits, high levels of engagement and involvement and a commitment to employee development within a professional and flexible working environment. Benefits include generous annual leave, pension scheme, employee assistant programmes, life assurance and benefits designed to suit your own personal lifestyle.

This is a unique opportunity for an ambitious fundraiser to help Amnesty International fulfil its growth potential. We need someone with big ideas who can influence, plan and guide our colleagues around the globe in legacy fundraising best practice.

To be successful in this crucial role you will need to be committed, willing to travel and show you understand the unique role legacies has in the fundraising mix. You will have worked extensively with legacy fundraising in your career and will be able to demonstrate how you have used it to grow fundraising income for a NGO.  We are looking for someone who is hardworking, has great influencing skills, knows how to build a business case and has the desire and enthusiasm to help Amnesty grow its fundraising income globally.

Amnesty campaigns for meaningful human rights change; enables effective human rights activism and works to persuade governments and other actors to uphold universal human rights standards. We provide strategic leadership, support and advice to the Amnesty International movement globally, fostering Amnesty International’s contribution, presence and public accountability throughout the world.


Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 10 million people who campaign for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all. We reach almost every country in the world.

Our aim is simple: an end to human rights abuses. Independent, international and influential, we campaign for justice, fairness, freedom and truth wherever they’re denied. And whether we’re applying pressure through powerful research or direct lobbying, mass demonstrations or online campaigning, we’re all inspired by hope for a better world. One where human rights are respected and protected by everyone, everywhere.

At Amnesty International, we are passionate about what we do and we are proud of our achievements as a movement. To compensate our employees for the critical work they do, we reward them through a combination of an attractive and sector competitive salary and benefits package, high levels of engagement and involvement, and a commitment to employee development.

Benefits include 37 days annual leave (inclusive of public holidays and grace days), pension scheme, employee assistance programme, life assurance and many more benefits designed to suit your own personal lifestyle. All of this, in a professional, engaging environment.



As an Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights Researcher/Adviser at the AAL, you will undertake desk and field-based research on the impact of algorithms and automated decision-making on human rights; author position papers, reports, articles and other publications; drive innovative research-based investigations into government use of algorithms; represent Amnesty International externally and advocate for the promotion and protection of human rights as they relate to technology, in particular artificial intelligence use by governments; and provide advice to the Amnesty International movement on the issues at hand.


MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES (full detail in Job Description)

  • Undertake desk and field-based research on the impact of the use of algorithmic and automated decision-making systems in the public sector on human rights;
  • Develop and implement advocacy strategies on human rights in the context of the use algorithmic and automated decision-making systems in the public sector by governments and private actors;
  • Represent Amnesty International externally, including in governmental, inter- governmental, and other fora, as well as with companies, news media, civil society organizations and others;
  • Spearhead novel and innovative research methodologies combining traditional human rights research methods with open source and other investigative techniques to support policy advocacy and investigations of public sector use of algorithms;
  • Support and contribute to the AAL’s commitments to anti-racism, intersectionality, equity and inclusion across all activities and projects; contribute new ideas and ways of embedding equity, intersectionality and inclusion in research methods;
  • Provide authoritative expert advice on human rights, artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making to Amnesty International staff and the Amnesty International movement in order to ensure accuracy and relevance, and the integration of these issues into Amnesty International’s work;
  • Write or contribute to the drafting of timely and effective reports, briefings, position papers, correspondence, action materials, press releases, and other internal and external documents in order to implement Amnesty International’s agreed strategies;
  • Participate in the coordination of the work of the Algorithmic Accountability Lab and Amnesty Tech, including through setting priorities, preparing work plans, monitoring their progress and contributing to maintaining budgets;
  • Perform all necessary administrative tasks to ensure effective self-servicing, participate in the recruitment and induction of new staff and consultants and perform other corporate tasks as appropriate;
  • Contribute to a positive and balanced working environment in which all team members collaborate and are empowered to share their views.

SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE (full detail in attached Job Description)

  • Specialist and in-depth knowledge of human rights, and an in-depth understanding of the key human rights concerns related to the use of artificial intelligence and algorithmic decision-making particularly in the public sector, as well as the relevant political, social, legal, economic, cultural, ethnic, racial and gender issues;
  • Extensive professional experience of conducting high-quality research on human rights issues in international settings, in particular as they relate to technology, particularly algorithmic/automated decision-making, as demonstrated in a range of publications;
  • Expert knowledge of the international human rights legal framework, gained through experience working within or on the sector;
  • Demonstrated ability to analyse human rights issues, and to develop short and long-term strategies to achieve human rights impact and concrete change:
  • Understanding and commitment to equal opportunities, cultural diversity, anti-racism and gender issues as well as a commitment to elevating the voices and experiences of affected and marginalized communities within tech and human rights research;
  • Ability to represent Amnesty International to a variety of external stakeholders, to present ideas clearly, and advance compelling arguments;
  • Excellent written and verbal English and the ability to produce clear, persuasive, and concise research documents, policy positions and strategy papers; in addition, the ability to work to a high professional level in another widely used language will be an advantage;
  • Strong interpersonal skills including advocacy, negotiating and influencing skills;
  • Excellent ability to plan and prioritize work, including when under pressure, and to ensure deadlines are met;
  • Experience of working in a team, participating in the collective coordination of the work of the team by contributing to setting priorities, motivating self and others, and resolving team conflicts.


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