Billionaire Chris Kirubi Shares Self Made Quotes On Life & Business Success

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On his Facebook page which has 16,088 likes, and on Twitter where he has 129,748 Followers, business mogul Chris Kirubi started sharing 50 self made quotes on November 28.

Up until Yesterday he had shared 12 real deep self made quotes and he seem to be inspiring a lot of people.

Here are our best 10.
1. Some tough decisions come along with being bold enough to take steps which no one else is ready to take…Just make sure that every decision you make, makes business sense.

2. If you think your business is a great one, then it should never run out of cash.

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3. Are you a spender or are you a generator of wealth? Don’t just sit and borrow money, let your money work for you. Look for various avenues to invest and grow your cash. Spend less, save more and accumulate wealth and money that you can freely spend in future.

Kirubi 2

Chris Kirubi, Businessman

4. One of the most important lessons that has made me be a better employer and businessman is pointing out people’s strengths. I have come to learn that the praise of others may be of use in teaching us, not what we are, but what we ought to be.

5. If you understand an idea, you can express it so others can understand it. However, if you can’t explain it, you don’t really understand it; and you cannot invest in a business you don’t understand. So friends, do your research well and understand the idea or concept you want to execute before investing in it.

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6. Whatever opportunity you decide to take should be in line with your vision. When I look at the opportunities that come my way, I often ask myself, will it add value to a business or individual? If I cannot add value or contribute to some sort of growth then I will not take it.

7. One of the ways I believe you can find meaning of your life is by creating a strategy that you can use through your journey. You need to keep the purpose of your life, front and center as you decide how to spend your time, talents and energy. Remember that without a purpose, life can be hollow.

8. I am not one who believes on getting rich but rather, generating wealth and building your asset base.

9. My definition of the middle class are those who live beyond their means.

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10.Your financial wealth is defined by how and where you spend the little resources you have.

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