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Director, Schools

What You Will Do

● Be responsible for and the success of schools in your territory. Success is defined by (i) achieving excellence in all School Management metrics, (ii) meeting or exceeding ambitious learning outcome targets, (iii) building a culture of community and parent engagement. 

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● Ensure each Supervisor delivers on their oversight of schools and individual KPIs. Their schools should deliver the promise of learning and holistic development for children, have a strong and high-performing cohort of teachers, operate within its budget and sustain enrollment necessary for financial sustainability;

●Be responsible for the management of direct reporting lines with Regional Managers (to whom School Supervisors report), L&D Manager, and Academic Manager

●Use data from multiple sources to ensure that academic programming – offerings, lesson quality, teacher support, learning innovation, etc. – throughout the year is robust, adheres to regulatory guidelines, is contextualized to the territory, and leads to outsized learning outcomes for all pupils.

● Use data from multiple sources to ensure Regional Managers, Supervisors are effectively managing their schools, and creating safe learning environments.

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● Be in schools 20% time, observing teaching, observing management, and engaging with stakeholders, including government officials, parents, and community groups.

● When observing or holding meetings, use rubrics or other documents to support structured observation and reporting.

● Support specific school events, including collaborating on programming for such events as school opening celebrations, parent teacher conferences and school closing celebrations, as well as community showcases and participation in co-curricular competitions.

● Ensure school strength and support enrollment efforts are achieved. 

● Ensure local regulatory processes are followed, including environmental & social standards, as well as national regulations. 

● Ensure school staff and students are prepared to sit in government-proctored exams, as they may occur on a termly/semester basis, and with particular attention to national examinations. 

● Ensure that leadership & development sessions are delivered to schools during the course of the school year, and during induction training for new staff. Supervisors should use the materials and programming developed by the Leadership & Development team. 

● Work with the Leadership & Development team to provide, facilitate on-going professional development for Supervisors

● Support schools through transition of staff, including school leaders and teachers; work with local government and other local organizations as needed.

● Ensure school leaders are actively building a pipeline of school staff candidates, leveraging parents, local government leadership and other local organizations.

● Ensure schools are working directly with country or regional government leadership, teacher training centers or regional organizations to support sourcing candidates for school staff. 

● Supervise school budget and optimization, prevent fraud and ensure financial discipline.

● Supervisor budget and optimization, prevent fraud and ensure financial discipline among the Schools group

● Other duties as assigned

What You Should Have

● Proven experience managing field-based teams

● Proven leadership experience, leading teams of people to accomplish an objective

● Belief in data-driven decision making

● School management experience a plus

● Relentless focus on achievement for yourself and others

● Bias towards action

● Flexible and loves to work in a dynamic environment

● Collaborative leader with strong relationship building skills

● Strong interpersonal skills

● Strong communication skills

● B.Sc or M.A. in Education is preferred

Project Director

What You Will Do

● Manage & update the programme operational calendar.

● Assist the Managing Director in facilitating effective decision-making.

● Coordinate the execution of strategic initiatives.

● Prepare periodic business performance and market analysis, business trends and providing insight with a view to increase operational efficiency.

● Monitor and review departmental spending vs. budget to ensure optimal spending and ensure funds are directed towards projects that generate highest return on investment (ROI).

● Assess inquiries directed to the Managing Director, determine the proper course of action and delegate to the appropriate individual to manage.

● Ensure appropriate follow through on actions, decisions, and commitments made by the Managing Director by working with the parties responsible for implementation.

● Deliver business planning processes (forecasts, budgets, long range plans) including analysis of variances with relevant commentary to support management decision making.

● Attend functional team meetings to keep a pulse on the business and help connect dots with others across the company.

● Create organizational dashboards and reports to support effective decision making and cross company communications of business performance status.

● Translate business requirements to technical requirements. This includes using powerful analysis and modelling tools to match strategic business objectives with practical technical solutions.

● Oversee the activities of the School Inspection team which is in charge of auditing of our school operations (facilities, materials & supplies, personnel and processes) against our set of standards and policies to ensure all schools maintain an environment where teaching and learning thrive.

●  Other responsibilities as determined by the Managing Director.

What You Should Have

● 5+ years’ executive level experience – including team management, operations, strategy, and leading strategic & operational initiatives. At least one work experience that required highly independent work in an exceedingly challenging environment/

● Impeccable managerial and interpersonal skills.

● Proven track record of effectively interacting with senior management.

● Ability to work strategically and collaboratively across departments.

● Effective, versatile and action-oriented.

● Excellent communication skills (writing and speaking) and the ability to multitask.

● Strong logical structuring and analytical skills, be able to see patterns, be a fast thinker and a good decision maker.

● Excellent organizational skills, with keen attention to detail and ability to follow up systematically on a broad set of initiatives and decisions.

● Strong willed, a fast learner and able to effect changes fast. Ability to flourish in dynamic, ambiguous environments, to produce high quality work with very short deadlines, effectively prioritize work among multiple competing demands, and adapt to unexpected work demands.

● Excellent presentation creation skills using slide decks, spreadsheets and written reports.

● High integrity with zero tolerance for any unethical business practices.


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