Career Openings at Nature Kenya

Project Management, NGO, Non-Profit, Agriculture, Agro-Allied, Internships, Volunteering,

Proposal Writing Expert

Key qualifications: 

  • Evidence of leadership in development of large funded projects; logical framework approach;
  • experience with major institutional donors.

Unrestricted Fundraising Officer


  • Establish a data-base of foundations local, regional and global.
  • Profile and prioritise foundations and develop access plans.
  • Develop promotional materials targeted at particular corporates.
  • Reach out to foundations and liaise with conservation staff to develop and submit proposals.
  • Coordinate reporting to foundations

What we need

  • A university degree, ideally in a relevant subject, or equivalent experience
  • Demonstrable interest in and knowledge of nature conservation
  • High levels of drive and motivation
  • Good team-working skills
  • Strong written communication skills 
  • Familiarity with standard Office apps such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook
  • Willingness to tackle a wide range of tasks of varying levels of complexity, and the ability to deal with several of these tasks at the same time
  • Willingness to work in a post-covid setting in which the amount of direct, face-to-face interaction with colleagues is likely to be limited 

Species and Site Action Officer

To catalyse species and site conservation actions by Site Support Groups and other local community groups involved in species actions, site restoration, conservation education, awareness, advocacy, monitoring and climate resilient livelihoods.

Key qualifications: 

  • University degree in Natural Resources Management or relevant field,
  • 2 years-experience in species/site conservation, education, advocacy and community development initiatives.
  • Passion for grassroots engagement in conservation.

Site Action Facilitators (Interns)

Community Engagement

  • Support organizational capacity assessments (OCA) to identify gaps and drivers of SSG inaction, and report making recommendations in order to inform a range of community-focused interventions.
  • Support the development of Site Action Plan for saving species and conserving habitats, promoting ecological sustainability, and livelihoods i.e., incorporating monitoring and restoration; skills on influencing government development projects to favor retention and protection of nature, providing entrepreneurial training and project development supplemental businesses with opportunities for women etc. 
  • Assist to carry out regular needs assessment to inform Training Needs of the different SSG committees, develop a program of training and organise training workshops to ensure implementation.
  • In collaboration with the implementation committees organize community (Chief’s/village, churches, women groups, youth groups etc.) meetings to raise awareness on nature conservation actions. 
  • Ensure engagement of the local administration i.e. chiefs, village elders, and ward administrators in the planning and execution of SSG local actions.
  • Assist in coordinating the marking of all global environment important days (WWD, WED, IFD, Bird Big Day etc.) for optimal impact in awareness creation while documenting numbers (Adult Women & Men, Children, government officers reached, seedlings planted etc).


  • Support in KBA biodiversity monitoring (Basic, detailed & common bird monitoring)
  • Assist to review site monitoring protocol
  • Assist to build capacity in KBA biodiversity monitoring.

Advocacy, Communication and Networking

  • Assist to raise local community awareness and support advocacy for community voice, help implement advocacy and education strategy and communicate biodiversity issues.
  • Assist to consolidate information on Nature Kenya/SSG conservation actions and communicating through radio, television, print media, and other NK communication channels.
  • Any other task delegated by the Executive Director, Local Action Manager, or other Nature Kenya managers

Educate the young and youth and adults at eco-resource centres at Key Biodiversity Areas; catalyse formation of school environment clubs; promote tree planting in schools; build conservation skills of Site Support Groups.

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Key qualifications: 

  • university degree in natural resource management field,
  • excellent spoken and written communication and presentation skills; spark for action, quality and efficiency and ability to meet targets

Method of Application

Please submit your application and CV for the relevant position to the Executive Director using e-mail: no later than 30th May 2023

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