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Curriculum Development Officer

Job Purpose:

The job holder will be responsible for the development of curricula and assurance of learning processes.

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Reporting Responsibilities:

The job holder is responsible to the Deputy Director, Education and Curriculum Development

Area of Deployment:

Education and Curriculum Development Department

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Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Establishing and maintaining high levels of professional conduct in the area of responsibility;
  2. Developing relevant and quality curriculum and curriculum support materials;
  3. Ensuring improvement in Training programs, teaching, learning and learner experience
  4. Ensuring that the Academy’s quality processes are embedded within the curriculum area, in order to demonstrate their impact upon program delivery (teaching and learning);
  5. Ensuring training programs and curricula meets learners training needs to impact on the now and emerging issues.
  6. Developing and reviewing of data collection documents for evaluation and vetting of curriculum and support materials
  7. Analysing training programs and curricula and give feedback to management.

Job Requirements:

Academic and Professional Qualifications:

For appointment to this positions, the applicant must have: –

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines:
  2. Law, Education or any other equivalent qualification from a recognized institution
  3. A Management Course or its equivalent from a recognized institution
  4. Proficiency in computer application skills; and
  5. Fulfilled the requirements of Chapter Six (6) of the Constitution.


At least three (3) years relevant work experience as a Curriculum Development Officer II or Previous work experience as a Lecturer or Law Practitioner writing curriculum/ instructional materials for adults for at least three (3) years.

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer


-For appointment to this position, the applicant must have: –

  1. A Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: Economics, Economics and Statistics, Statistics, Education or any other equivalent qualification from a recognized institution
  2. A Management Course or its equivalent from a recognized institution
  3. Proficiency in computer application; and
  4. Fulfilled the requirements of Chapter Six (6) of the Constitution.


  1. Minimum three (3) years previous relevant work experience as a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer II, or in a comparable and relevant position with some degree of monitoring and evaluation
  2. At least one (1) year at Supervisory Management Level

Job Core Competencies:

  1. GoodInterpersonalandCommunicationskills; ii. SupervisoryandProblem-solvingskills;
  2. ConfidentialityandHighIntegrity;
  3. Hands-onandResultsOriented;
  4. Abilitytoworkunderpressure;and
  5. Meritandabilityasreflectedinworkperformanceandresults.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Developing comprehensive overall Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks, monitoring and evaluation tools, performance indicators and benchmarks;
  2. Undertaking planning, researching, organizational performance monitoring and data management activities;
  3. Designing, developing and deploying tools, protocols and procedures for data collection, performance monitoring, and impact evaluation of ongoing and new training programs;
  4. Ensuring technical rigor of training program data collection, management, analysis and reporting;
  5. Monitoring and evaluating training programs implementation for the various trainings initiatives
  6. Monitoring and evaluating implementation of career management training programs; and
  7. Monitoring and evaluating of training programs and updating the Continuous Judicial Education and Professional training records for Judges, Judicial Officers and Judicial Staff.

Chairperson, National Land Acquisition Tribunal


For appointment to the position of Chairperson, National Land Acquisition Tribunal, an applicant must possess the following minimum qualifications:

  1. Hold a law degree from a recognized university or be an advocate of the High Court of Kenya or possess an equivalent qualification in a commonlaw jurisdiction.
  2. Have at least ten (10) years’ experience as a Superior Court Judge or professionally qualified Magistrate; or Reporting Responsibilities:
  3. Have at least ten (10) years’ experience as a distinguished academic or legal practitioner or such experience in other relevant legal field; or iv. Have held the qualifications specified in paragraphs (ii) and (iii) above for a period amounting, in aggregate, to ten (10) years: (Note experience may have been gained in Kenya or in any other country with a Common Law jurisdiction)
  4. Have a high moral character, integrity and impartiality (meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution on Leadership and Integrity).

In addition, the applicants must demonstrate a high degree of professional competence, communication skills, fairness, good temperament, good judgment in both legal and life experiences and commitment to public and community service.

Job Core Competencies:

  1. Strategic leadership & good interpersonal skills;
  2. Good judgment in both legal and life experiences;
  3. Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
  4. Confidentiality, high integrity, attention to detail and accuracy;
  5. Rational decision-making skills;
  6. Time management and the ability to prioritize work; and
  7. Research and data management skills.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Chairperson will preside over the hearing and determination of appeals from the decisions of the National Land Commission in matters relating to the process of compulsory acquisition of land pursuant to the provisions of Section 133C of the Land Act, 2012.

Specifically, the Chairperson will;

  1. Provide overall leadership to the `tribunal in ensuring the efficient delivery and administration of justice;
  2. Writing and pronouncing awards, judgments, orders, rulings and decrees issued by the Tribunal;
  3. Facilitate the development of rules of the tribunal with respect to the filing, hearing and disposal of disputes and other matters before the Tribunal;
  4. Supervise and allocate duties to the members of the tribunal;
  5. Be the liaison between the tribunal and its stakeholders; and
  6. Driving the Tribunals vision and mission through the implementation of its programs

Senior Partnership and Linkages Officer (KJA 4)


-For appointment to this Position, the applicant must have: –

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree in Law, Communications, Public Relations or its equivalent from a recognized institution;
  2. A Senior Management Course or its equivalent from a recognized institution;
  3. Relevant Professional Qualifications
  4. Proficiency in computer application skills;
  5. Membership to a relevant professional body; and
  6. Fulfilled the requirements of Chapter Six (6) of the Constitution.


  1. Six (6) years relevant work experience in establishing partnerships with National, Regional and International Legal Networks
  2. At least three (3) years similar work experience at Supervisory Management level.

Job Core Competencies:

  1. Excellent written and oral communication skills;
  2. Leadership & Good interpersonal skills;
  3. Professional and Technical competence
  4. Confidentiality, High Integrity, attention to details and accuracy;
  5. Analytical & Negotiation Skills; and
  6. Organizational, planning skills and Results-oriented.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identifying potential partners and networks to contribute to Judicial Education and professional training activities as well as Legal Research and Policy Advisory;
  • Developing internal institutional linkages related to Judicial Education within the Judiciary and the National Council on the Administration of Justice;
  • Developing and overseeing partnerships with external stakeholders engaged directly or indirectly in Judicial Education and Professional Training activities as well as Legal Research and Policy Advisory;
  • Advising and assisting in documenting and negotiating agreements, protocols and contracts with external partners; and
  • Managing compliance of contractual agreements of various partners.

Method of Application

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