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Claims Assistant

Key responsibilities:

  • Registration of all new claims promptly and acknowledging receipt of the same.
  • Processing and payment of Individual life, Group Life, Retrenchment, Credit Life claims and benefits.
  • Assembling and analyzing claims to establish liability.
  • Monitor and ensure that the key interfaces adhere to the set claims handling standards and escalate non adherence to the management.
  • Advice claimants regarding basic matters about their insurance coverage in relation to the insurance claim.
  • Respond to both internal claims inquiries concerning benefits, claims process, service providers, and the filing/completion of proper forms.
  • Record all claims transactions and maintain accurate claims registers.
  • Continuously review of claim accruals to minimize claim reserves.
  • Audit and reporting on potential Unclaimed Assets set to be registered with UFAA
  • Capture and maintain accurate data to ensure data integrity.
  • Ensure compliance with all regulations.
  • Handling customer queries & correspondence on individual life policies to enhance seamless customer experience.
  • Prepare claims management reports on a monthly basis or as otherwise advised.
  • Facilitating the process of Group & Credit scheme renewals.
  • Follow through to ensure all claims with issues at registration level have been addressed or escalated for action.
  • Ensure that all claim documents received for Group & Credit Life claims are uploaded and indexed to Document Management System
  • Vetting and analyzing Group & Credit claims as per scope of cover whilst ensuring strict adherence to set guidelines and TAT.
  • Monthly tracking of insured reimbursement claims with respective underwriters for payment.
  • Reconciliation of reimbursement claims and ensuring all the claims are paid within the agreed TAT.
  • Perform daily (or weekly) reconciliations and reviews for both financial transactions and LoB Systems.
  • Monthly Quality Assurance assessments.
  • Notify brokers and clients of pended and declined claims within set timelines.
  • Prepare executive presentations and reports to facilitate project evaluation and process improvement.
  • Adhere to claims manual procedures and process.

Knowledge, experience and qualifications required

Knowledge, experience and qualifications required:

  • Bachelors’ degree in Commerce, Insurance option, Statistics or related courses.
  • 0 – 2 years’ experience in claims processing or customer service or financial services.

Technical/ Functional competencies:

  • Knowledge of insurance concepts.
  • Knowledge of Life insurance claims processes and procedures.
  • Knowledge of insurance regulatory requirements.

Leadership category responsibility framework (Core Competencies)

Emerging Leaders in Britam need to:

  • Plan, direct and apply efficiencies and resources in order to optimize output and profitability against time, cost and team targets.
  • Effectively communicate strategic and operational departmental goals and objectives to peers and others in order to ensure proper implementation.
  • Ensure that department priorities are adhered to and effectively communicated.
  • Ensure competent and effective people resources through appropriate coaching, development and people supervision as appropriate.
  • Embody a high performance, proactive culture.
  • Effectively ensure the adherence to key performance areas, deadlines and goals in order to optimize operational effectiveness.
  • Effectively communicate resource needs, possible opportunities and achievements to management in order to aid them in their decision-making.
  • Effectively set and monitor priorities and objectives for more junior staff.
  • Understand and communicate objectives in relation to the larger organisational impact.
  • Effectively disseminate knowledge within the correct context, towards subordinates as well as management.
  • Appropriately model the company values while setting the pace and energy for delivering.
  • Effectively manage and communicate change within the department in order to increase staff and process effectiveness.
  • Provide access to accurate and consistent information and services across all channels.
  • Ensure a seamless experience for clients.
  • Improve service delivery for clients.
  • Engage in continuous brand building to become the trusted partners to clients.


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