Get a job with NGOs, the UN and International Organisations

Are you feeling stuck in your career, overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated…

Get a job with NGOs, The UN and International Organisations

Get a Good-Paying Job with a flexible work arrangementspend time with your family and travel around the world

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During the webinar this I will teach you:

  • This SIMPLE (little know) step by step process to get STARTED right away and start earning a 6 Figure Salary - GUARANTEED
  • The 3 THINGS you need, within the first 3 seconds in an interview to TRIUMPH over “more” qualified and experienced candidates.
  • 3 Simple, Easy to do tips to make you NEGOTIATE a 6 Figure Salary like a PRO (backed by case studies and research).
  • Bonus Tip

  • The 6 Qualities of an individual worth a 6 Figure Salary. Hint BADASS is an acronym of these qualities.

This will lead to a very Successful Career. You will be ADMIRED by your peers, former colleagues and schoolmates.

You will be RESPECTED in society and be a role model to many.


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Daniel Mutuku

Daniel Mutuku
Career Coach at Careerpoint Solutions

With over 11 years of experience in recruitment and placement, I have gathered key insights into what makes people successful in their careers. I will teach you how to get a job with the UN, NGOs and International Organisations.

We have limited space. Book your spot now