Field Office Coordinator at HIAS

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Field Office Coordinator


Managerial Functions

  • Overall planning, directing, and supervising the Kawangware Team, including their day-to-day protocol work, ensuring smooth functioning of operations and administration of the Field office
  • Monitoring the efficient use of the organizations resources, active representation of the organization in sector related meetings and forums as required
  • Developing and maintaining partnerships with external organizations and the government
  • Ensuring the adherence of staff to existing Standard Operating Procedures and policies for all administrative and program activities
  • Developing and implementing HIAS project work plan.
  • Ensuring appropriate scheduling of clients to the respective staff in the field office
  • Ensuring adherence to HIAS policies, procedures, ethics, professional standards and best practices that bring in operational efficiencies and improve service delivery and client satisfaction
  • Organizing regular staff meetings in the field office
  • Conducting performance appraisal your staff under my supervision and provision of timely feedback to staff

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Support Psychosocial Functions

  • Ensure the provision of individual and group counseling services and other short term therapeutic services to refugees referred to the field office and keep continuous counseling notes
  • Ensure appropriate psychosocial assessment and diagnosis of all the psychological cases are in line with the DSM-V and ICD-10, WHO Mental Health Atlas among others
  • Oversee counseling treatment programs and ensure the provision of technical assistance and training for staff in order to establish and maintain appropriate treatment protocols resulting in the increase of the recovery of clients in line with national and international standards and guiding principles by UNHCR, IASC, SPHERE Project WHO among others
  • Maintain trackers for all program activities conducted at the field level.
  • Review all social and psychological assessments reports generated by field staff and ensure they are forwarded to the MHPSS Program manager for further review and submission to UNHCR or others.
  • Coordinate resolution of any crisis in the office that may arise in relation to clients in distress
  • Participate in designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of HIAS projects.


  • Responsible for timely, quality and comprehensive field reports, reviewing and analyzing of all psychosocial assessments, GBV reports and drawing out of emerging trends and issues to inform in program planning and decision making.
  • Provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports and data to the MHPSS Program Manager highlighting office performance, progress against targets and client needs
  • Provide a success story monthly for purposes of web updates and fundraising
  • Ensure up to date record keeping and maintain an impeccable physical filing system of clients’ files
  • Ensure proper and timely accounting of all project activities monies advanced to Field Office Staff.
  • Ensure field office staff have updated their assessment and counselling cases in the HIAS Case Management system and regularly update any actions taken to support clients.
  • Coordination, Partnership and Networking
  • Develop and maintain partnership and network with external organizations and the government and keep a proper database
  • Assessing refugees in need of psychiatric care, referring for needed services and monitoring their progress.
  • Following up and monitoring all referral cases and ensuring timely turnaround of assessment reports and other interventions.
  • Attend sector related forums as required
  • Proactively coordinate with the MHPSS Program Manager and Program Coordinator to ensure active follow ups on accounts receivables
  • Attend all relevant internal and external meetings


  • A minimum of bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology, Community Development or Social Work from a recognized university.
  • A minimum of 5 years Working Experience
  • Ideal candidate should have keen awareness and a good knowledge of psychosocial issues and the complexities of working on these issues with a refugee population
  • Experience in management and supervision of teams.
  • Good team player with excellent cross-cultural interpersonal skills; proactive and able to work under minimal supervision while exercising diplomacy, flexibility, and assertiveness.
  • Ability to confront and discuss sensitive issues with respect and able to uphold high standards of confidentiality.
  • Strong analytical and report writing skills and proven ability to conduct assessments
  • Knowledge in Accountability to Affected Populations
  • Knowledge in PSEA


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