Finish 2021 Strong: Last quarter 12-week Sprint

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We have now cleared ¾ of the year. How far are you in accomplishing your 2021 goals? Irrespective of your progress so far, you can finish the year strong. 


To finish strong, I would like to suggest you prepare a 12-week sprint. Redefine your goals for 2021. Ask yourself, what is the ONE THING if you accomplish this year, you can say 2021 what a great year. Take a few minutes and ponder on this. 

Once you have identified the ONE THING, write down what you are going to DO to accomplish it. Not what you wish you can do. Not what you wish you could have done. Not what someone else can do. What you are going to DO.  

Easy To Do

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Better still, identify what you can do every day. It doesn’t need to be a big, earth-shaking thing. Just one, small easy to do thing. Remember, what is easy to do to, is also easy not to do. If you want to be fit, say you will jog or skip rope 10 minutes a day. If it is a relationship, take 1 minute a day to appreciate your partner. If it is finance, start saving 100 bob per day (you will have 8,400 for your holiday). 

Commitment and Consistency

Commit for the next 12 weeks. Do what you have decided to do every day. Show up for yourself every day.  We need commitment to get started, we need consistency to finish. The more consistent you are the more momentum you build. Once Mr Momentum kicks in, you become unstoppable.  


Track your easy to do action daily using this worksheet. Tracking helps you to re-affirm your commitment, be consistent and provides feedback on your progress. Whatever can be tracked, can be achieved. 

Finish 2021 Strong. Download this FREE one page 12 weeks tracking worksheet here

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Daniel Mutuku

Career Coach, Careerpoint Solutions

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