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Legal Manager

Main Responsibilities

  • Offer Leadership and direction in Legal department
  • Draft and review Company’s and third party contracts;
  • Assist in providing legal opinion on issues affecting the Corporation;
  • Handle litigation and disputes involving the Company effectively;
  • Coordinate searches on titles, drafting transfer documents and registration of the same;
  • Carry out legal due diligence on all the customers, contractors, suppliers before they enter into any dealings with the Corporation;
  • Participate in liaising with the Company’s external lawyers on matters they are handling for the Corporation;
  • Handle all intellectual property issues affecting the Corporation effectively;
  • Enhance good corporate governance by assisting in formulating policies and procedures relevant to the corporation;
  • Coordinate the custody of all legal documents, contracts and security documentation for the corporation
  • Ensure compliance and adherence to statutory requirements and to the corporate policies, procedures and systems; and Coordinating all conveyance matters.
  • Set Departmental Budgets and Targets and monitor and ensure they are kept Ensure Productivity levels /Targets of staff are maintained and achieved Work with the Chief Executive Officer and other managers to map the company’s path for the future, setting targets and goals and working with them to ensure they are achieved.
  • Supervision of staff and ensure all are meeting the set targets Customer service and client relationship building through constant visit to brokers and major clients and discuss claims matters.
  • Staff motivation and training through identification of the necessary initiatives and training to improve staff performance.
  • Appointment of service providers Follow up with service providers to ensure compliance with brand standards Review quality of internal and external reports. Handling recoveries to enhance savings by the company. Ensure timely response to demand letters from external advocates Engaging in negotiations on behalf of the company.
  • Maintaining and updating the court hearing dates. Advice on the report’s findings and give recommendations
  • Evaluate the performance of service providers and give feedback to Legal officer and management.
  • Conduct research on the potential risks Advise the relevant departments on risk exposure.
  • Distribution of work in the units and follow up Provision of weekly work status report in the units Preparation of various reports in the units as per brand standards Any other duty as may be assigned by the Chief Executive Officer.

Knowledge & Experience

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The candidate must demonstrate and possess the following skills and qualifications:

  • Bachelors of Law (LL.B)
  • Diploma in Law
  • CPS (K)
  • 5 years relevant experience
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Leadership skills.
  • Negotiation skills
  • Computer Literacy
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Organizational skills. Time management skills


Main Responsibilities

Responsibility 1: Group Life Administration and Retention

  • Carrying out regular customer and broker visits
  • Follow up on premium payments
  • Ensuring commissions to agents and brokers are settled on time.
  • Issuance of group life policy documents
  • Computation of prorata premium payable and refund premium payable for new entrants and withdrawals respectively
  • New member updates and processing withdrawals
  • Posting new premium debits into finance system
  • Complaints record and management
  • Premium register update and posting into the system

Responsibility 2: Group Life Medical Underwriting 

  • Underwriting medical reports
  • Seeking acceptance terms from reinsurers on underwriting cases exceeding automatic acceptance limit
  • Communication of Acceptance Terms to broker/ and client
  • Ensuring efficient and timely service from hospitals, clinics and doctors undertaking medical tests for our clients · Ensuring medical fees are settled on time 
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Responsibility 3: Group Life Claims Processing 

  • Receipt and acknowledgement of group life and related claims notification
  • Assessment of claims and ensuring approval process follows the laid down authority and treaty limits
  • Ensuring proper investigation is carried out on all death claims
  • Communicating acceptance terms to clients · Maintenance of up to date records on all claims – reported, paid & outstanding

Responsibility 4: Marketing Support 

  • Preparing group life quotation 
  • Supporting marketing officer in tender documents preparation 

Responsibility 5: Retail Life – New Business Underwriting

  • Ensure correctness of all new proposal forms submitted in terms of premium charged and required documentation
  • Determine proposals for medical underwriting
  • Allocation of policy number and subsequent entry of proposal details in policy register
  • Managing the policy document preparation process ie from assembling to dispatch of policy documents
  • Preparing policy endorsements
  • Updating all retail life registers on a daily basis · Creation of client files and ensuring safety and accuracy of documents filed 

Responsibility 6: Retail Life – Premium Administration

  • Ensure receipt of premiums from all checks offs, DDAs, Bankers orders, Cash and Mpesa payments and subsequent filing of the receipts
  • Collection of by products from the various organizations
  • Ensure check off payment schedules tally with the premium paid and correctly allocated to respective policies
  • Confirm Bankers order and DDA payments with bank statement
  • Update all premium registers
  • Post all premium payments in policy master
  •  Prepare lapse advise letters · Check policies under non forfeiture condition and advance loans
  • Seek advice on reinstatement/revival conditions of lapsed cases after premium payment
  • Seek advice on converting policy into paid up status

Knowledge & Experience

  • The candidate must demonstrate and possess the following skills and qualifications:
  • Bachelor degree in Insurance, Finance or related field
  • Diploma in Insurance (AIIK)
  • Atleast 2 years’ experience in group life business administration, retail Life administration
  • Good analytical skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Good Interpersonal skills
  • Good presentation skills
  • Technical skills

Motor Assessor

Main Responsibilities

Motor Valuations

  • Carry out valuation assessments on vehicles
  • Timely submission of valuation reports in line with SLA
  • Review of external valuation reports
  • Advice tClaims & UW department on amount suitability for insurance

Assessment of accident vehicles

  • Assess vehicles tdetermine extent of damage and ascertain repair cost.
  • Cost the accident damage & advice whether repairable or w/off
  • Preparation of timely submission of assessment reports as per our brand standards
  • Recommend repairs for approval by claims manager.
  • Determine reasonability of prices/costs of repairs.
  • Weed out fraudulent and exaggerated claims.

Motor Accident Investigations

  • Attend to Rapid Response assignments in motor accidents
  • Investigate motor accidents within the brand timelines and guidelines 
  • Submit technical/field reports on motor accidents within company guidelines
  • Recommend external investigations in fraudulent matters/breaches within company guidelines

Monitor and follow up on vehicle accident repairs 

  • Visit garages to ensure repair progress is within agreed service levels.
  • Liaise with garages on progress of repairs.
  • Assist in sourcing rare and unobtainable parts.
  • Regularly update & advise claims officer on repair progress.
  • Provide excellent Customer service to client

Review of internal and external assessment reports

  • Review external assessors’ reports and ascertain correctness of assessments & consistent with accident damage and provide recommendations accordingly.
  • Ensure costing’s in line with the company payment structure & make appropriate recommendations. o Re- inspection of accident vehicles
  • Check Quality & Consistency of repairs against assessment report
  • Prepare re-inspection report & Recommend payment in line with the repairs done

Advice Company on technical motor vehicle issues

  • Provide technical advice on management on the company fleet.
  • Advise and liaise with Administration on maintenance of the company fleet. 
  • Collect market intelligence & Advise on emerging trends in the market.

Knowledge & Experience

  • Degree or Diploma in Automotive or Mechanical Engineering
  • Certification in Insurance will be an added advantage
  • 3 years working experience
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Computer Literacy
  • Good oral and written communication skills.
  • Organizational skills.
  • Time management skills

If you are interested in the position and have the required qualifications, please email a detailed CV indicating the current and expected salary and cover letter clearly indicating ‘POSITION APPLIED FOR’ on the subject line to

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