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Paediatric Nurse 

Job Description

We have big ambitions and require a Paediatric Nurse with Maternity experience. Reporting to our nurse-in-charge, we are looking for someone highly motivated, caring, dedicated Paediatric Nurse to be responsible for the medical and health care of children and willing to take up alot of initiative with a passion for providing high quality care to our clients.

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  1. Certification as a Registered Nurse for Paediatric care
  2. Hold a diploma or degree in nursing from a recognized university/ (medical training) college


  1. At least 2-3 years’ experience in clinical work as a licensed Paediatric Nurse and a strong commitment to providing friendly and respectful care to all clients
  2. Position holder should have atleast 5 years experience in maternity
  3. Experience with neonatal resuscitation after birth (Preferred)

Knowledge and Skills Requirements      

  1. Computer literacy, with proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  2. Strong communication and interpersonal skills; empathy and the ability to relate to children
  3. Excellent analytical reasoning skills and meticulous attention to detail                                                                                       

Key competencies

  1. Commitment to providing high quality care and excellence
  2. Ability to work effectively with a team in a culturally diverse environment
  3. Strong leadership and initiative to solve problems
  4. Ability to remain calm under pressure and exercise good judgment
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Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Working with children and asking questions about their health for diagnosis and documenting patients’ symptoms and medical history for the doctor;
  2. Assessing a child’s needs and providing initial care;
  3. Identifying changes in children’s symptoms and intervening in emergency situations;
  4. Participating in pain management for children;
  5. Administering medications, drawing blood, and giving childhood vaccinations following age-appropriate guidelines;
  6. Monitoring temperature, pulse, breathing, and blood pressure and keeping accurate records;
  7. Monitoring and giving care plan for admitted neonates in the NBU.
  8. Dealing with the anxieties and demands of parents, and helping families to deal with their child’s illness or injury;
  9. Remaining up to date on the latest developments, rules and regulations, drug therapies, equipment, and treatment procedures;
  10. Educating general nurses on updated information needed to improve patient outcomes;
  11. Provide comprehensive antenatal care, post natal care and other services for clients at the facility based on Jacaranda’s Maternity’s clinical protocols and processes;
  12. Any other duties as assigned.

Consultant Paediatrician

Business Purpose/Objective      

The job holder will be expected to provide quality Paediatric services to both outpatients and inpatients; and assist in ensuring smooth operations in the clinical department and contribute positively to business strategy.


  1. MMed in Paediatrics and Child Health care from a recognized institution
  2. Specialist Recognition by the Kenya Medical Practitioners’ and Dentists’ Board.
  3. Registered, licenced and retained by the Kenya Medical Practitioners Board.


  1.     At least 2 years’ post graduate working experience in a busy facility.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements      

  1. Should have the desire and ability to enhance the scope of paediatric health services in order to meet and exceed the expectation of the client.
  2. Excellent communication and people skills.
  3. Ability to positively influence and nurture teamwork.
  4. High level of customer-satisfaction orientation.
  5. Expert diagnostic skills.
  6. Trustworthy and compassionate character.

Key competencies         

  1. Commitment to providing high quality care and excellence.
  2. Ability to work effectively with a team in a culturally diverse environment.
  3. Ability to use initiative to solve problems is a key competence.

What You Will Do

  1. Skills and Capacity Building (Initially 70% of your time, but this will be reduced as capacity is built)
  2. Draft protocols in relation to development of our neonatal nursery in accordance with risk specifications of the hospital;
  3. Draft protocols in relation to handling of paediatric patients in relation to outpatient services;
  4. Provide training to our clinical workforce and assist with curriculum development to promote continuous training and monitoring, provided via the Clinical Educator;
  5. Draft drills to assist with upskilling existing clinical workforce.
  6. Clinical Work (initially 30% of your time, but will increase as our hospital network grows)
  7. Conduct regular thorough examinations on newborns and young children to check and record their health and normal physical development;
  8. Examine sick children to determine their condition and ask intuitive questions to gather information about symptoms;
  9. Reach an informed diagnosis based on scientific knowledge and individual medical history;
  10. Prescribe medications and give detailed instructions for administration;
  11. Prescribe and interpret appropriate lab tests to gain more information for possible infections or abnormalities;
  12. Examine and treat injuries and refer the little patients to physicians of other disciplines when necessary (e.g. surgeons, ophthalmologists, orthopaedists etc.);
  13. Advise parents on children’s diet, exercise and disease preventive measures;
  14. Keep updated records of patients’ illnesses, surgeries or other medical episodes (allergic shocks, injuries etc.);
  15. Keep abreast of advancements in paediatrics and best practices by attending seminars and conferences
  16. Medical care will conform to best practice and meet contract target and service specifications;
  17. A preliminary discharge summary will be issued to each patient prior to them leaving hospital, in accordance with service specifications;
  18. Coordinating and managing emergency patients in the inpatient and outpatient and ensuring client referral is effective;
  19. The referring doctor will be kept informed of inpatient and outpatient progress;
  20. Maintain effective interpersonal relationships with all staff and patients and ensure clients have a good customer experience at Jacaranda Maternity;
  21. Ensure that patients are kept fully informed of and understand all procedures and treatments to be undertaken. Informed Consent will be obtained from patients in accordance with Jacaranda policy;
  22. Maintain patient rights, and be aware of cultural differences when dealing with patients.
  23. Should you receive or become aware of complaints relating to the standard of care and/or the treatment of patients, or professional attitudes toward staff, these shall be referred to the Chief Executive Officer and discussed with the Senior Management Team;
  24. Liaise with other medical and non-medical staff in the hospital to ensure quality treatment;
  25. A maximum of 20 min response time for emergencies on scheduled shifts.


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