Job Opening at World Vision

Job Opening at World Vision

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People & Culture Jobs, Director financial Planning, Report &Analysis Opportunity,

Director, Financial Planning, Reporting & Analysis

Closing Date: 5th Oct 2020


The Director, Financial Planning, Reporting & Analysis – Global Centre leads a team that is responsible for the financial aspects of financial planning, reporting and analysis for the WVI Global Centre. This is a critical role that supports the Senior Director, Corporate Accounting, Financial Planning, Reporting and Analysis and works closely with the Chief Financial Officer to ensure the budgeting processes, reporting and analysis for the Global Centre is timely, accurate and supports strategic conversations regarding resource allocation in line with Our Promise.

To achieve this, the position is responsible for:

  • Leading the team.
  • Overseeing timely and accurate financial reporting and analysis to the Chief Financial Officer, the Executive Leadership Team, senior leaders and managers in the Global Centre.
  • Building strategic reporting and analysis capability that facilitates strategic resource allocation decisions of the Global Centre allowing leaders to invest in activities to deliver of Our Promise.
  • Driving a customer focused culture, ensuring staff develop a deep understanding of the business units of the Global Centre from the perspective of Executive Leadership and Partnership Leaders, and cost centre managers.
  • Leading and oversee projects to continuously improve reporting and analytics by utilizing new technology capability and working with the Director, Data, Systems and Services to drive new capabilities.
  • Working closely with peers to understand the end-to-end Support Office/Global Centre/Field Office financial eco-system and ensuring budgeting, financial reporting and analysis is consistent and aligned.
  • Working closely with peers to ensure financial systems and processes are seamless from a customer perspective.
  • Advising on issues related to partnership budgeting, reporting, compliance, internal controls, liquidity, and systems.
  • Initiating and participating in global and departmental initiatives.
  • Being a thought leader on broader Partnership financial management.


Partner with the business to leverage accurate, timely and insightful reporting and analysis and achieve business outcomes.

Design and continuously improve a reporting framework for the Global Centre to ensure reports are streamlined, timely, clear, provide actionable insights, inform decision making and meet customer needs.

The involves:

  • Thinking forward and pre-empting and identifying key decision and reporting needs of stakeholders in future years (possibly before they even ask), driven primarily from the vision articulated in Our Promise and from deep knowledge of stakeholders.
  • Identifying appropriate sources of data that need to be captured and design solutions for capturing data in systems, utilizing systems thinking skills, technology developments, internal controls and quality control.
  • Be the business owner for the Finance systems projects designed and implemented as a result of needing to capture the new data, engaging stakeholders and driving the Finance Data, Systems and Services team and IT to deliver an appropriate technological solution.
  • Design and oversee the implementation of new reporting and analysis that can be created as a result of the new data available.
  • Review the existing reports and analysis to identify their appropriateness of need for update and rebuild as a result of the new data and technology available.
  • Seek feedback from customers and iterate reporting and analysis to be fit for purpose.
  • Oversee the production of regular reports and analysis to stakeholders (monthly, quarterly, annually, key meetings) to ensure decision makers are empowered with accurate and timely information to support their activities, including cost centre reporting.
  • Be a trusted advisor to the Senior Director, Corporate Accounting, Financial Planning, Reporting and Analysis and Chief Financial Officer, ensuring they have appropriate information and insights for decision making.
  • Manage a team of trusted Finance Business Partners to work closely with Executive Leaders, Partnership Leaders and cost centre managers on business cases and other financial analysis to support their decisions.
  • Ensure integration and alignment with the activities of peers to build a seamless customer experience.

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Lead the Global Centre annual cycle from planning through to year end.

Collaborate with peers to ensure alignment and integration of processes and activity of the annual financial cycle from planning to year-end close, in particular:

  • Lead the Global Centre annual and multi-year planning and budgeting process, by:
  • Designing the process for the upcoming fiscal year, ensuring alignment with all aspects of the global planning process;
  • Leading the preparation of financial information for the Chief Financial Officer as they facilitate high-level resource negotiations and planning parameters with the Executive Leadership Team at the start of the process;
  • Overseeing the production of tools, templates and communications to execute the process;
  • Leading the execution of the process across all Global Centre departments, supported by a team of Finance Business Partners and analysts;
  • Being an escalation point for issues identified by Finance Business Partners during the process and negotiating resource allocation with Executive Leaders, Partnership Leaders and cost centre managers to ensure compliance with approved budget parameters;
  • Preparing reports and analysis of the submitted budget for review and approval by the Senior Director, Corporate Accounting, Financial Planning, Reporting & Analysis and the Chief Financial Officer, identifying opportunities and issues for consideration;
  • Preparing Board pre-reads and presentations regarding the Global Centre budget for the WVI Stewardship Committee and WVI Board for their approval;
  • Ensuring stakeholders from across the Global Centre are appropriately engaged during and after the process and that decisions are clearly communicated;

Leading a post implementation review with stakeholders, identifying opportunities for improvement.

Lead the annual Chargeback setting process, by:

  • Designing the process for the upcoming fiscal planning period, ensuring that it connects appropriate to the timelines for the Field Office and Support Office planning processes.
  • Overseeing the production of tools, templates and communications to execute the process.
  • Convening the Chargeback Committee, delivering a process that has clear recommendations to the Chief Financial Officer for approval that are in line with principles.
  • Ensuring stakeholders from across the Partnership (including Field Offices and Support Offices) are appropriately engaged during and after the process and that decisions are clearly communicated.
  • Leading a post implementation review with stakeholders, identifying opportunities for improvement.

Lead the Global Centre forecast process throughout the fiscal year, by:

  • Designing the process.
  • Overseeing the production of tools, templates and communications to execute the process.
  • Executing the process at key points during the year through a team of Finance Business Partners and Financial Analysts.
  • Overseeing the review of business cases submitted by departments seeking redistribution of resources and negotiating resource allocation with Executive Leaders, Partnership Leaders and cost centre managers to ensure compliance with approved budget parameters.
  • Identifying opportunities for strategic realignment of resources to ensure key organizational priorities have appropriate resources for delivery and presenting this information to the Senor Director, Corporate Accounting, Financial Planning, Reporting & Analysis and the Chief Financial Officer for consideration and approval.
  • Communicating outcomes of the process to stakeholders.

Lead a component of the Global Centre year-end processes, by:

  • Ensuring that costs are recorded in the appropriate period and cost centre.
  • Reviewing actual expenditure against budget and identifying issues and ensuring corrections prior to the general ledger close.
  • Negotiating carry forward of savings from the current year to the next fiscal year (with approval from the Chief Financial Officer).
  • Working with the Director of Corporate Accounting to ensure year-end adjustments are minimized through effective monitoring and identification of issues and corrections well prior to the end of the fiscal year.

Leadership and Management:

  • Management responsibilities, including cost centre management, people management and strategic planning for the team.
  • Oversee continuous improvement initiatives that will support the Group’s business plan and objectives.

Other duties as requested:

  • Perform other duties as requested by Senior Director, Corporate Accounting, Financial Planning, Reporting and Analysis, including, but not limited to, participation in organizational projects as a representative of GC Finance and the interests of the Global Centre and broader team leadership and management responsibilities.


  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Accounting / Finance.
  • Extensive knowledge in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and audit and/or internal controls.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial analysis and performance management in large, global organizations.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in managing teams, projects and performing finance functions in a corporation, financial institution or non-profit organization.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and implementing financial best practices, work-flow, and procedures for a large global organization.
  • Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Accountant or equivalent.
  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • MBA preferred.
  • Superior organization, prioritization, and self-motivation skills.
  • Strong computer skills and knowledge in MS Office Suite, SunSystems and PowerBI.
  • High level of working knowledge related to automated accounting / financial systems.
  • Excellent stakeholder management skills.
  • Excellent project management skills.
  • Ability to translate technical information into common language so that non-financial individuals can readily understand the information.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience leading large global team of financial analysts across multiple countries and regions.
  • Ability to translate or communicate complex finance and accounting principles into common language so that non-finance people or finance staff with very basic knowledge in finance can readily understand the information.
  • Experience working with senior leadership teams, with demonstrable ability to communicate and engage effectively.
  • Experience in developing and implementing process improvement initiatives.
  • Cost centre management.
  • Experience managing and developing people, including hiring, talent and succession planning and performance management.

Work Environment/Travel:

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 25% of the year.

People & Culture Coordinator

Closing Date: 20th September 2020

You will be required to produce a current (within 3 months) Original Police Clearance Certificate or waiting receipt during interview In case you are shortlisted

Job Title : People & Culture Coordinator

Reporting to : People & Culture Director

Grade Level : 14

Work Location : Nairobi

Purpose of Position

Provide timely coordination of staff onboarding, total rewards administration, staff care and performance management initiatives for WVK to promote child wellbeing outcomes.

Major Responsibilities

Total Rewards Administration, 40%

  • Ensure that compensation and benefits programs are aligned to the WVK Total Rewards Philosophy and are competitively positioned within the local and international labour markets.
  • Administer compensation and benefit programmes for all staff (national staff, International staff, contract employees, temporary, casuals, volunteers etc) in accordance to WVK Policies
  • Facilitate the understanding of Compensation and benefits programmes through on-going communication, policy, and process development.
  • Facilitate the conducting of regular targeted compensation and benefits surveys and benchmarking and prepare reports and recommendations to management for review and decision making to ensure WVK is positioned as an attractive employer
  • Ensure proper management of service contracts relating to compensation and benefits including procurement, contracting and conducting regular performance reviews to ensure services are offered in accordance to the Service Level Agreements and achievement of cost effectiveness and value for money for WVK.
  • Ensure timely enrollment and termination of staff and their dependents into all benefits programs as appropriate.
  • Ensure timely and accurate payroll and out of payroll payment of employees every month
  • Ensure timely preparation and payment of final dues to separating employees and t processing of gratuities and leave allowances for staff.
  • Ensure timely remittance of all staff deductions to all statutory bodies.
  • Prepare a monthly reconciliation report on payroll data with data from HRIS(OP) to ensure data accuracy and integrity.

Staff Orientation, 20%

  • Facilitate effective induction and orientation for new hires at all levels in line with WVK policies on Staff Orientation.
  • Conduct orientation session for new staff to ensure that new staff understand all World Vision Policies and sign all requisite documents
  • Review all new staff documents to ensure completeness ahead of forwarding them for employee files creation

Performance Management, 20%

  • Support staff during the probation period to ensure timely setting of probationary goals, assessments and confirmations.
  • Coordinate the implementation of the annual performance management cycle to ensure timely performance planning, performance reviews and conducting of performance appraisals
  • Collate information from performance appraisals processes to guide management in decision making including consideration for PIPS, awards of merit increases, Recognition etc)
  • Ensure timely uploading of appraisal information & Scores to the Human Resources Information system

Staff Care, 10%

  • Coordination the provision of staff care & Support for World Vision Kenya
  • Ensure timely deployments of interventions to build capacity for staff well-being across the National Office so that employees can achieve balance in work responsibilities and other aspects of life.
  • Ensure peer support activities in the organization are available and well-coordinated and provide peer support as and when required.
  • Provide regular updates to staff on the Staff Wellness Programs to encourage uptake for increased staff wellness
  • Conduct regular review of the staff wellness programs and interventions deployed to inform usage and or provide information to management for decisions making

Collaboration and networks 5%

  • Actively participate in roll out of P & C initiatives
  • Participate in committees and taskforces, as assigned
  • Participation in Inter agency workgroups and other Networks

Any other Duty assigned by supervisor or designee 5%

  • Participate in Trans teams and support other initiatives by partners in the spirit of integration
  • Any other duties as might be assigned from time to time

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Must have a university degree in Human Resource Management or related
  • A professional diploma in Human Resources Management is required if the first degree is not in HRM
  • A minimum of four years’ experience in human resources
  • Must be a member of a recognized member of IHRM with a practicing license
  • Experienced as a HR Generalist is required with greater focus on administration of compensation, benefits, staff care and performance management
  • Knowledge and experience in administration of staff benefits including medical insurances, Pension schemes, insurance covers including GPA, WIBA, Group Life etc, NHIF, NSSF, NITA,
  • Training as a Pension Trustee is an added advantage
  • Experience in payroll processing in a large organization
  • Knowledge and experience of managing payroll deductions and their remittances
  • Experience in use of Human Resources Information system
  • Proficiency in computer applications.
  • Experienced in cross-cultural environment.
  • Must be conversant with the local and international labor legislations

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