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Pharmacist – CPSB 07 (3 Posts)

Reporting to the medical superintendent in charge, the specialist will: –

  • Screening prescriptions for legal validity, drug contraindications, drug interactions, appropriateness of dose, frequency and duration of dosing and patience convenience;
  • Preparing and dispensing medicines according to Good Dispensing Practices and counselling patients on use of medicines;
  • Making extemporaneous preparations; participating in ward rounds; 
  • Identifying medicinal gaps and challenges; 
  • Maintaining a daily activity log book for recording all activities undertaken; 
  • Recommending Over the Counter (OTC) medicines to patients/clients with simple medical conditions and making necessary referrals;
  • And making entries into the relevant inventory management records and registers. 


  • Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree (B Pharm) from an institution recognized by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board;
  • Successfully completed one (1) year Internship from a recognized institution;
  • Registration Certificate by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board; 
  • Certificate in Computer Application Skills from a recognized institution

Dental Officer – CPSB 07 (2 Posts)

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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Providing dental care including: diagnosing common oral conditions, treating, prescribing and referring;
  • Carrying out minor oral and maxillofacial surgery; 
  • Prosthetics, and conservative dentistry; 
  • Facilitating admission, disease investigations of patients, report writing and assisting in theatre activities; 
  • Collecting information on dental health information system; 
  • Organizing discharge summaries and follow-up of patients;
  • Acting as the first on call on duty.

For appointment to this job, a candidate should:

  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery (DS) degree or any other equivalent qualification from an institution recognized by Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board;
  • Successfully completed one (1) year Internship from a recognized institution;
  • Certificate of Registration by the Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board; 
  • Certificate in computer application skills from a recognized institution.

Medical Laboratory Technician III – CPSB 12 (4 Posts)

Reporting to the Nursing Officer in-Charge the officer will be: –

  • Prepare cultures of tissue samples 
  • Provide laboratory diagnostic services to ensure there is provision of quality health services in the County and sub-County health facilities. 
  • Establish and monitor programs that ensure data accuracy 
  • Microscopically examine slides of bodily fluids 
  • Cross-match blood for transfusions 
  • Chemically analyse blood or urine for toxic components 
  • Analyse lab reports for accuracy 
  • Operate and calibrate equipment 
  • Deliver test results to physicians, researchers or patients 
  • Collect and study blood samples to determine morphology 


  • Certificate in medical laboratory sciences or any other equivalent qualifications from an institution recognized by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians and Technologist Board. 
  • Have a Registration certificate issued by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technician & Technologist Board. 
  • Have a valid practicing license issued by the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technician & Technologist Board. 
  • Certificate in computer application skills from a recognized institution.

Registered Clinical Officer III – CPSB 11 (27 posts)

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Reporting to the Facility –in- charge, the officer will: –

  • Examining, diagnosing and treating patient’s common ailments at an outpatient or inpatient health facility; 
  • Implementing community health care activities and liaison with other health workers; 
  • Guiding and counselling patients, clients and staff on Health issues; 
  • Sensitizing patients and clients on preventive promotional health services; 
  • Carrying out minor surgical procedures as per training skill; 
  • Collecting and compiling clinical data; 
  • Referring patients and clients to appropriate health facility. 


  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine & Surgery or Clinical Medicine and Community Health from a recognized institution; 
  • Certificate of Registration from the Clinical Officer’s Council; 
  • A valid practicing license 
  • Certificate in computer application skills from a recognized institution

Pharmaceutical Technologist III – CPSB 11 (10 Posts)

Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Ensure that there is an efficient supply of essential commodities and rational use of medicines in the county & Sub-county Health facilities. 
  • Receive written prescription or refill requests and verify that information is complete and accurate. 
  • Maintain proper storage and security conditions for drugs. 
  • Answer telephones, responding to questions or requests. 
  • Fill bottles with prescribed medications and type and affix labels. 
  • Assist customers by answering simple questions, locating items or referring them to the pharmacist for medication information.

Requirements for Appointment 
For appointment to this grade candidate must have-: 

  • Be a holder of a Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology from a recognized training institution 
  • Be registered and licensed by Pharmacy & Poisons Board. 
  • A valid practicing license 
  • Certificate in computer application skills from a recognized institution

Nutrition and Dietetics Technician III- CPSB 12 (2 Posts)

Reporting for day to day nursing services in the county and sub county health facilities: –

  • Assessing community nutrition needs 
  • Following-up on discharged casas from hospitals;
  • Screening for deficiency diseases and chronic illnesses related to nutrition in a community setting and referring them to existing programs;
  • Collecting data on nutrition and dietetics;
  • Promoting baby friendly community initiatives;
  • Conducting community growth, monitoring and promotion activities;
  • Assisting in community interventions on diet and lifestyle disease prevention and control;
  • Promoting optimal infant and young child feeding Programs;
  • Assisting in running outpatient supplementary feeding programs and outpatient therapeutic feeding programs;
  • Following-up and counselling of patients in home-based disease management;
  • and carrying out nutrition health education

Requirements for Appointment 
For appointment to this grade, a candidate must have: –

  • Certificate in Community Nutrition from a recognized institution 
  • Registration by the council of the Kenya Institute of Nutritionists and Dieticians (CIND) 
  • Competence in computer applications.

Caterer/Cateress – CPSB 11 (1 Post)

Reporting to the Medical Superintendent, the officer will be: – 

  • Prepare and serve food and drink, in accordance with the health and hygiene regulations to meet the daily needs of the patients.
  • Serve food, clean tables, and perform general cleaning duties as required,
  • Maintain the kitchens, bins, dining areas, floor areas, tables and all other catering related areas to high standard of cleanliness.
  • iReport to the Catering Manager/Catering Supervisor any matters of concern which affects the day-to-day operations of the department.
  • Perform any other duty that may be assign to her/him

Requirements for Appointment
For appointment to this grade a candidate must have: –

  • Diploma in Food and Beverage from a recognized Institution
  • Competence in computer applications
  • Working experience of 3 years and above
  • Able to work under pressure and to a tight schedule.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Must be a team player with the ability to multi-task.
  • Ability to communicate effectively at all le vels

Medical Social Worker III – CPSB 11 (3 Posts)

Reporting to the Ophthalmologist in charge, the specialist will: – 

  • This will be the entry and training grade. An officer at this level will be a member of a health team addressing the psychosocial effects as related to patients’ diagnosis, prognosis and future resettlement, and counselling of patients especially in cases associated with pandemic diseases, Mental illness, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy etc.


  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade C (plain) or its equivalent qualification;
  • Diploma in any of the following disciplines: Social Work, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Mental health or its equivalent qualification from a recognized institution. 
  • Competence in computer applications

Assistant Occupational Therapist III – CPSB 11 (2 Posts)

Reporting to the Lab-Officer in-Charge/ Facility- In – charge, the officer will:- 

  • Initiate appropriate therapy intervention programs for patients & clients with disabilities in the Hospital and in the community. 
  • Advise on specialist equipment to assist with daily activities; 
  • Develop a rehabilitation programme to help rebuild lost skills and restore lost confidence;
  • Advise on home and workplace environmental alterations, such as adjustments for wheelchair access; 
  • Teach anxiety management techniques; 
  • Assist people to return to work; 
  • Coach people with learning difficulties or poor social skills, e.g. in handling money and social interaction; mentoring people on how to control their own behaviour; 
  • Liaising with other professionals, such as doctors, physiotherapists, social workers, equipment suppliers and architects, as well as patients’ families, caregivers and employers; 
  • writing reports and attending multidisciplinary case meetings to plan and review ongoing treatment; 
  • Organize support and rehabilitation groups for caregivers and clients;
  • Train students and supervise the work of occupational therapy assistants; 
  • Manage caseload, prioritize needs, and complete administrative tasks such as patient and budgetary records.


  • Be a holder of Diploma in Occupational Therapy from a recognized training institution. 
  • A registration Certificate from Kenya Occupational Therapists Association
  • Certificate in Computer Application Skills from a recognized institution.

Mortician III (Mortuary Attendant) – CPSB 12 (2 Posts)

Reporting to the Lab-Technologist in-Charge/ Facility- In – charge, the officer will: – 

  • Receiving of dead bodies from wards, public and police and delivering same to relatives/parents/police;
  • Wrapping in mortuary sheets, labelling and storing of dead bodies in the Cold room of the mortuary;
  • Keeping of appropriate registers for receipt and delivery of dead bodies at the mortuary;
  • Washing, cleaning and disinfecting of mortuary equipment and instruments after post-mortem examinations;
  • Embalming of bodies whenever required;
  • Delivering of dead bodies after autopsies to relatives/parents/police
  • Placing of dead bodies from wards and after autopsies in appropriate coffins whenever required.
  • Assisting in post-mortems
  • Proper cleanliness and upkeep of the Mortuary, cold room equipment, instrument;
  • Performing any other duties as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor

Be a Kenyan citizen.

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with at least mean grade D plain or its equivalent.
  • Must have attended a minimum of three months training in embalming, mortuary science or funeral education from a recognized institution.
  • Member of a registered funeral professional association
  • Proficiency in Computer
  • Minimum experience of 1 year.

Method of Application

Terms of Service for All the Above Positions:
Permanent and Pensionable
Salaries, Remuneration and Allowances:
Salaries and allowances for all the positions is as prescribed by Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC)

Applications can only be submitted online on or before 18th December, 2022 through Bomet County Public Service Board recruitment portal, Manual applications will not be accepted. 
Clearance documents for purposes of complying with the provisions of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 will be required from those shortlisted 
Only Shortlisted and successful candidates will be contacted. 

Please Note:
Bomet County Public Service Board does not charge ANY FEE at any stage of the recruitment. Our official email is or info@

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