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Corporate Document and Data Operations Associate

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure client details/ instructions are accurately and timely processed in line with the requisite processes
  • Process all reimbursements as per SLA
  • Process all endorsements as per SLA
  • Process all policies new and renewal as per SLA
  • Process all claims from service providers as per SLA
  • Process all reconciliation service provider invoices are reviewed and shared as per SLA
  • Co-ordinate any out-sourced services of document storage and retrieval
  • Accurate and timely processing of client requests
  • Manage escalation reports of recurrent issues vis-à-vis agreed Service Level Agreements.
  • Escalate quality issues to the Operations manager for management.
  • Implement the customer experience strategy in the respective business divisions
  • Investigate and respond to all internal and external customer inquiries promptly.
  • Process all approved underwriting policies and claims processing within the provided SLAs
  • Escalate complex queries to the appropriate functional area
  • Maintain regular internal (to staff) and external (to customers) communication on Customer Service matters.
  • Investigate and respond to all customer inquiries promptly.
  • Respond to customer queries in a professional manner
  • Make customers’ experiences better by ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Ensure high standards of Customer Service are maintained all at levels
  • Carry out customer and product-related document processing

Knowledge, experience and qualifications required

Leadership category responsibility framework (Core Competencies) Emerging Leaders in Britam need to:

  • Plan, direct and apply efficiencies and resources in order to optimize output and profitability against time, cost, team targets;
  • Effectively communicate strategic and operational departmental goals and objectives to peers and others in order to ensure proper implementation;
  • Ensure that department priorities are adhered to and effectively communicated;
  • Ensure competent and effective people resources through appropriate coaching, development, and people supervision as appropriate;
  • Embody a high-performance proactive culture;
  • Effectively ensure the adherence to key performance areas, deadlines and goals in order to optimize operational  effectiveness
  • Effectively communicate resource needs, possible opportunities, and achievements to management in order to aid them in their decision-making
  • Effectively set and monitor priorities and objectives for more junior staff;
  • Understand and communicate objectives in relation to the larger organizational impact;
  • Effectively disseminate knowledge within the correct context, towards subordinates as well as management; Appropriately model the company values while setting the pace and energy for delivering;
  • Effectively manage and communicate change within the department in order to increase staff and process effectiveness;
  • Provide access to accurate and consistent information and services across all channels;
  • Ensure a seamless experience for clients; Improve service delivery for clients;
  • Engage in continuous brand building to become trusted partners to clients.

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Knowledge, experience, and qualifications required

  • Bachelor’s degree in a business-related field
  • At least 2- 4 years experience in a similar position Computer Literate; emphasis on Microsoft Office and EDMS

Corporate Team Leader Motor Underwriting

Key Responsibilities

  1. Drive progress towards the goal to reduce UW costs and loss ratio of the motor business.
  2. Coordinate with Manager ICT Infra and Service on driving increased use of analytics and automation in Underwriting
  3. Review all applications for insurance –determine the profiles of risks presented to the company for insurance and assess their acceptability or otherwise.
  4. Ensure all related activities to underwriting are properly coordinated and enforced
  5. Prepare certificates and cover notes where necessary
  6. Preparing policy documents, debit & credit notes & endorsements and authorizing them within authority limits
  7. Lead in ensuring 100% compliance on motor vehicle valuations
  8. Monitor and ensure compliance on pricing as per our underwriting manual and reinsurance treaties
  9. Ensure 100% compliance on certificate management
  10. Ensuring premiums are settled as per company policy
  11. Assess the loss ratios and ensuring that only quality business in invited for renewal
  12. Reviewing renewal terms, ensuring renewal notices go out on time and following up renewals to ensure high retention rate
  13. Ensure timely preparation and dispatch of policy documents
  14. Review of suspense items and follow up on outstanding requirements with a view to reconciling them on time
  15. Timely processing of quotations and tender documents, credits and refunds.
  16. Maintain a high standard level of customer service – responding to general underwriting inquiries (walk-in clients, telephone, and emails)
  17. Liaise with intermediaries and direct clients on issues relating to their policies
  18. Implement a credit control policy and ensure that premiums are debited and collected as required
  19. Ensure regulatory compliance
  20. Enforce compliance of underwriting guidelines
  21. Delegated Authority:As per the approved Delegated Authority Matrix
  22. Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time

Key Performance Measures

  • Drive reduction in loss ratio, especially through increased automation where applicable
  • Drive increase in UW efficiency
  • Prevention of fraud
  • Drive compliance with underwriting and reinsurance guidelines
  • Drive periodic review of binder arrangements

Knowledge, experience and qualifications required

Knowledge, experience, and qualifications required

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Business Related field
  2. Professional qualification in Insurance (ACII or IIK)
  3. 5-7 years’ experience in the insurance industry of which two must have been in a supervisory role
  4. Knowledge and experience in the insurance sector
  5. Good data analysis knowledge
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