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Director General (DG)


  • Overall responsibility to execute the Centre’s business strategies and for the achievement of the Centre’s operating goals and objectives and minimization of risks to the Centre while ensuring that the Centre continues to balance its budget and grow its reserves.

Vision and strategic planning

  • Develop high-quality business strategies and plans and ensure the alignment of strategy with objectives.
  • Lead in the development and execution of the icipe’s long- and short-term vision and strategy to solve global issues of food and nutrition security, public health, poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

Research leadership and management

  • The DG delivers highest-quality scientific research for development (R4D) for solving complex problems according to the remit of icipe vision and strategy (V&S) as well as significantly increases financial resources to advance the R4D agenda. S/he provides intellectual and specific scientific leadership of the highest order that generates high-quality, client focused, integrated outcomes. S/he forges and maintains complex yet strategic partnerships with both traditional and non-traditional partners to maintain and build relationships that advance icipe’s R4D agenda. S/he plans cost-effective operations and R4D activities and ensures continuous improvement in the quality and value of services and products provided by the Centre.

Research agenda

  • The DG, together with icipe’s management team, identifies research opportunities that are aligned with the objectives and policies of the Centre to ensure excellent science for impact. S/he negotiates alliances and partnerships with clients and investors, other providers, and private sector interests to further the business of the Centre. S/he and the management team define, prioritize, and clarify icipe’s role in cooperative activities and manage the Centre’s Intellectual Property. They develop plans to maximize R4D impact, identify opportunities, and keep abreast of the markets and industry trends.

Resource mobilization and business development

  • The DG leads the resource mobilization efforts of icipe to secure adequate financial resources from both traditional and non-traditional donors to implement the Centre’s R4D agenda. S/he builds long-term trusting relationships with funders and key partners and aligns icipe with donor priorities to guarantee the sustainability of the Centre.


  • The DG provides leadership in stakeholder management and utilizes tact and diplomacy to forge strong, sustainable alliances and partnerships internally and externally, often involving multinational, multidisciplinary public and private sector groups. S/he engages in facilitating interactions with all R4D partners and host governments to ensure the partnerships and alliances meet the strategic objectives of the Centre.


  • The DG serves as the spokesperson of the Centre on all matters and leads the icipe management team in communicating the Centre’s vision, mission, overall direction, scientific purpose, research outputs, applications, relevance and impact to the science community, funders, external experts, agencies, stakeholder, and end-users. S/he executes public speaking and representational appearances through seminars, conferences and professional networking in a professional manner and uses a range of communication tools to ensure that icipe’s R4D agenda remains visible on the global R4D arena.

Administrative leadership and management

  • The DG oversees the management of human, financial and physical resources to achieve defined R4D outputs and other institutional objectives. S/he oversees the Centre’s financial performance, investments and other income-generating ventures. S/he supervises the development of annual plans and budgets and ensures the establishment of proper internal monitoring and control systems and procedures, tracks the progress of business initiatives, and provides solutions to ensure the Centre’s survival and growth. S/he directs the establishment, updating and alignment of the Centre’s policies and legal guidelines and negotiates and approves agreements and contracts for the Centre.


  • The DG is responsible for providing leadership and direction to the Centre and for instilling team attitudes and cooperative partnership approaches in senior management and other staff. S/he motivates and provides leadership to key staff and maintains a conducive work environment for attracting, retaining, and motivating employees. S/he manages the Centre’s organizational structure, hires key staff to guide Centre employees in all areas of operations. S/he supervises and evaluates the work of key staff and stimulates career development incentives to attain desired results. S/he manages performance issues affecting the Centre, resolves conflicts promptly and ensures that icipe’s work remains cohesive and makes certain that responsibility and accountability are actively reinforced.
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Corporate responsibility

  • The DG advises the Governing Council (GC), governments and other stakeholders on all matters relating to the implementation of icipe’s mandate, and ensures the provision of regular, thorough, and prompt communication to the GC on key technical, financial and administrative matters. S/he coordinates and prepares reports and other submissions for consideration by the GC while ensuring that there is effective communication between the management and the GC as well as between various levels of management.
  • The DG fosters a corporate culture that promotes the Centre’s complicity with legal and ethical practices, good corporate citizenship and maintenance of high social responsibility wherever the Centre does business.


  • The DG performs any other duties as may be necessary to achieve the Centre’s objectives as set out in the Charter.


  •  A PhD in Life Sciences or related areas.
  •  A superior creative research record and excellent quantitative and qualitative analytical skills.
  •  20 years of professional experience with sustained evidence of transformation and accumulation of responsibilities in science and its administration as applied to developing countries.
  •  In depth knowledge of the funding market, changes, and forces that influence the research industry matched with proven record in successful resource mobilization.
  •  Excellent communication and presentation skills and the ability to translate and communicate complex subjects.
  •  Excellent organisational and time management skills, ability to multi-task, mentor, and work in a multicultural environment.
  •  Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills.
  •  Experience in developing strategic and business plans.
  •  Familiarity with R4D industry laws and management best practices.
  •  Working knowledge of corporate governance, finance and people management principles.
  •  A proven record in executive leadership of a complex institution.

Application Deadline – 14th July 2023

Director of Finance and Administration

Overall purpose of the job

  • The Director of Finance and administration (DFA) provides leadership to the Finance and Administration functions of the Centre, incorporating responsibility for a large mixed workforce of professional and nonprofessional staff operating under various Units and in various locations. These Units include Finance,
  • Budget, People Resources, Procurement and Liaison, Facilities and Assets, ICT, Transport, Hospitality,
  • Research Station Offices, and Security. The DFA sets the strategic direction for the Unit managers, ensures alignment of resources with the functions, prepares the Units for change and motivates and inspires the teams, leading to maximization of the value of the resources deployed and the achievement of the objectives of the Centre.

Specific Duties
The successful candidate will be expected to:

  •  Ensure ongoing risk analysis and establish and coordinate the financial systems; oversee existence of a robust internal controls system and the maintenance of sound accounting practices, policies and procedures for the Centre that track operations and ensure protection of the Centre’s assets.
  •  Ensure financial stability and viability of the Centre through proper finance planning and management.
  • Direct and monitor the Centre’s institutional and project budgetary procedures and the Centre’s medium-term financial projections. Contribute to the development of key and complex project initiatives and guide vote-holders in developing, amending and monitoring project and institutional budgets within established financial guidelines.
  •  Oversee and develop procedures to ensure the timely, accurate and complete preparation of all financial and operational reports for Management, Donors, and the Governing Council. Manage relationship with auditors and follow-up on matters arising from the audit of the entity and from project audits and ensure that they are dealt with in a timely and complete manner.
  •  Lead, manage, coach, mentor and support managers directly supervised in furtherance of the objective of delivering quality services to internal/external customers. Assure adequate placement, training, and evaluation of personnel within an atmosphere that encourages motivation, innovation, teamwork, and high performance. Set performance objectives, monitor progress, and manage and evaluate performance of personnel to ensure the Units provide effective and efficient client focused services and solutions.
  •  Keep up to date with new rules and regulations and new concepts, techniques and technologies.
  • Review, analyze, recommend and implement system and technological enhancements which contribute positively to the efficient and effective operations of the Centre and position icipe in line with best standards in global practice in support of the Centre’s world class research work.
  •  Maintain thorough knowledge and understanding of the Centre’s business and its agreements and ensure that the Centre is supported by an efficient and effective operations platform, and that a strong culture of compliance is adopted in accordance with organizational/donor/investment policies and procedures. Handle relevant legal and institutional activities and ensure financial compliance as outlined in agreements.
  •  Coordinate, develop and maintain business plans for the Finance and Administration Units at the Centre. Assess the financial, material, people and informational requirements implicit in the plans and continuously adopt them to ways in which financial, material, people, and informational requirements can be achieved. Promote good stewardship, values and accountability through effective innovative systems, policies, procedures and capacity enhancement processes and methods that improve efficiency, productivity, preservation and security of people and assets.
  •  Support other leaders and managers to handle complexity and to control and solve problems through the provision of information and advice and development and administration of policies and procedures. Proactively support other leaders and managers, the Director General and the Governing
  • Council in developing and implementing business plans, in strategic analysis and advice on the optimal use of the Centre’s resources.


  •  An advanced degree in Management (MBA/MA) and an internationally recognized professional accounting qualification.
  •  Twenty years of work experience, ten of which would have been gained in a financial management leadership position within international development organizations, research institutions, or multiple grants receiving organizations.

Core Competencies

  •  Advanced analytical skills, including ability to solve problems efficiently and effectively and respond productively to change.
  •  Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with ability to effectively present information and communicate visions and directives to personnel at all levels of the organization.
  •  Excellent leadership and management skills, including ability to motivate staff to meet goals and objectives.
  •  A trust and relationship builder with excellent interpersonal skills, including ability to interact effectively with stakeholders at all levels and individuals with diversified backgrounds and nationalities.
  •  High level of organizational and planning skills with attention to detail that enables one to work effectively under pressure, meet deadlines, maintain a high degree of judgment and deliver accurate and complete results.

Application Deadline – 17th July 2023

Research Assistant I (Human Health Theme)

Overall Purpose of the Job

  • Mass rearing of mosquitoes for promotion icipe 4Hs Theme.

Specific Duties

  •  Mass rearing of several species of mosquitoes for research work on specific demand.
  •  Sorting and supplying all stages of mosquitoes to users.
  •  Data recording.
  •  Cleaning and disinfecting rearing facilities.
  •  To provide any other services directed by the supervisor.


  •  KCSE
  •  Certificate in Laboratory Science Technology.
  •  Minimum of 1 year in maintenance of research insect colonies.

Other Desirable Attributes

  •  Experience in mosquito rearing.
  •  Expected to make decisions for his/her job with approval from the supervisor.
  •  May assist other employees in their work.


  • This position reports to the Research Scientist

Applications will be accepted up to 29th June 2023


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