Job Opportunities at Kenya Methodist University

Job  Opportunities at Kenya Methodist University

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Administrative Positions

  • KeMU/APF/CFO/1/1/2020 Chief Finance Officer
  • KeMU/ASA/DoS/1/1/2020 Dean of students
  • KeMU/VC/DUAM/1/1/2020 University Advancement & Marketing Director
  • KeMU/ADM/RGAP/1/1/2020 Senior Assistant Registrar Administration
  • KeMU/HR/HRO/1/1/2020 Human Resource Office
  • KeMU/IAT/AAS/1/1/2020 Audit Assistant

Academic Positions

  • KeMU/AA/ED/I/I/2020 Education Senior Lecturer
  • KeMU/AA/CJ/I/I/2020 Journalism Senior Lecturer
  • KeMU /AA/IS/1/1/2020 Information science Senior Lecturer
  • KeMU/AA/HT/1/1/2020 Hospitality Senior Lecturer
  • KeMU/AA/CJ/2/I/2020 Journalism Lecturer
  • KeMU/AA/IL/1/1/2020 International relations Lecturer
  • KeMU/AA/ED/2/1/2020 Education Lecturer (English/ literature)
  • KeMU/AA/SMHS/1/1/2020 Clinical Medicine and Surgery Lecturer
  • KeMU/AA/SMHS/2/1/2020 Anatomy Lecturer
  • KeMU/AA/SMHS/ 3/I/2020 General Surgery Lecturer
  • KeMU/AA/SMHS/4/I/2020 Orthopedics Lecturer

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