Job Opportunities at Nova Poineer

Job Opportunities at Nova Poineer

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Position: Systems and Analytics Associate

About Nova Pioneer

Imagine a world in which every young person across Africa attends a school that truly sets them up for success in the 21st century. A school that cares about individual students and allows them to explore the world around them. A school that focuses more on developing skills than on memorizing content. At Nova Pioneer, we have done more than just imagine this future, we are bringing it to life. Nova Pioneer is a pan-African, independent network of schools offering high quality, accessible education from pre-primary through secondary school. Nova Pioneer uses a unique, enquiry-based learning approach that encourages students to ask “why” instead of telling them the “what”. It allows them to form their own thinking through exploration, investigation and collaboration. Nova Pioneer currently has 10 schools in South Africa and Kenya with a vision to launch 100 schools and reach tens of thousands of students across the African continent in the next decade. To learn more visit www.novapioneer.com.

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About the Role:

  • Design processes and systems for gathering (e.g. dashboards), analysing and reporting student academic performance data across all grades, schools, functions and regions.
  • Analyse and produce in-depth analysis of student academic data (including NWEA MAP data) and then report on these insights to the Academic Leadership Team in actionable ways that will allow them to adjust existing methodologies or develop new ones.
  • Coordinate the distribution of bi-yearly student culture surveys which assesses student happiness.
  • Work alongside the Academic Support Associate to coordinate technology needs and manage project planning for testing sessions (MAP, surveys etc). 
  • In partnership with the Global Systems & Analytics Associate Manager provide training and support in the form of PDs (professional development) for Teachers, School Leaders and Central team teammates in understanding and being able to action the insights developed through your analyses.
  • Build and maintain strong information databases, systems and analytic tools (e.g. Business intelligence tools) across various organizational functions.
  • Create high quality professional and easily digestible reports and be able to tailor these to a specific audience.
  • Develop a system to clean student academic data for downstream analyses.
  • Build in best practice for various analytics, making sure to maintain data integrity, security (by tracking access privileges) and quality.
  • Update various management tracking dashboards on a monthly basis as needed.
  • Support in the maintenance, validation and cleaning of the data housed within our student information system (SIS—EdAdmin).

About You

  • Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in an analytical (science, business, mathematics or statistics) field required.
  • At least 2 years experience in a fast-paced, data/systems analytics role or in business intelligence reporting.
  • You have excellent verbal and written communication skills both in one-on-one settings and digitally.
  • You are able to build strong relationships with those who you provide data pieces to.
  • You strive for excellence in yourself and in others, and hold high expectations for all people.
  • You are detail-oriented, goal-focused and a team player who is excited about organisational culture and is committed to deepening culture within the team.
  • High analytical ability, able to review / assess / make recommendations as a result of analysis.
  • You are flexible and able to adapt to changing circumstances, evolving requests and are naturally someone who is a strong problem-solver.
  • You have a growth mindset and are eager to always be learning. 
  • You deal well with ambiguity, holding a Solutions First (one of Nova Pioneer’s culture principles!) mindset when coming across something you don’t immediately understand.
  • You are highly proficient in microsoft excel/google sheets (required) and may have some prior statistical coding experience in e.g., R or Python (advantageous).

Position: Founding Primary School Principle

About Your Role

We are looking for an exceptional individual to lead the Primary School in Nairobi that will open in January of 2021. This school will be our seventh in Kenya and will enroll more than 1,000 students as it grows over the years.

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As the founding School Principal, you will play a critical role in shaping the culture and student experience within an institution that will play a critical role in the community for decades. You will also actively collaborate with other academic leaders and school leaders across both Kenya and South Africa, including through regular travel, to use the experience in your school to improve the overall Nova Pioneer education model.

We will invest heavily in your professional growth in this important role. You will receive significant training prior to assuming the position, including by spending time shadowing current school leaders in the network and participating in other aspects of our academic system. Once you are in the position you will receive consistent coaching from our academic leaders who have worked in top schools around the world among other professional development activities.  You will report directly to our Director of Schools, who will invest deeply in your development. 

As School Principal, you will be responsible for ensuring the realization of Nova Pioneer’s vision in your school. This will include a heavy focus on developing and leading an exceptional school culture. You will also spend a large portion of your time developing your teaching team into world-class educators who deliver great inquiry-based education for your students and who are ready to quickly move into leadership within the Nova network.

Specific key responsibilities for the role include:

  • Act as an effective leader and ambassador for the organization
  • Articulate a compelling short- and long-term vision for the development of the school’s culture and student program;
  • Craft and action a yearly strategic plan;
  • Drive the development of an exceptional leadership and teaching teams including through coaching, observation and feedback;
  • Have a strong understanding and be able to coach on inquiry based instructional models;
  • Understand how to lead through data driven instruction and drive professional development through data driven instruction;
  • Set and model a consistent tone of highest expectations, joy, and growth mindset among staff and students alike;
  • Collaborate with fellow School Leaders in the network to continuously develop and improve the Nova education model across schools;
  • Develop and strengthen partnerships with other schools and organizations to provide enriching academic and extracurricular opportunities for students;
  • Lead key school rituals as needed to model and ingrain culture;
  • Quickly identify and respond to classroom/school culture or behavior issues;
  • Partner with parents and other key community stakeholders to build the Nova Pioneer brand;
  • Plan and lead school staff meetings and short and long term professional development experience;
  • Work in partnership with the functional teams to manage the operations and budget of the school;

About You

  • You are registered under the Teachers Service Commission(TSC)  and possess a valid TSC certificate.
  • You have 7+ years of experience in a rigorous, high-expectations school setting including instructional leadership roles (e.g., deputy headteacher, teacher coach, etc.). Experience as a headteacher is highly valued but not a prerequisite.
  • You are widely recognized as a highly effective teacher and can model what great, inquiry-based teaching looks like. If you don’t have teaching experience, you are instructionally passionate and have a desire to learn and entrench yourself in the Nova approach to teaching and learning.
  • You are excited about your own professional development, always seeking out opportunities to grow, whether by asking others for feedback, forming communities of learning with other school leaders, or seeking out training
  • You have a track record of improving other people’s performance through coaching, building uncommonly strong relationships, developing creative training sessions and sharing feedback
  • You have an exceptional ability to think strategically and yet you sweat the small stuff—people see you as unusually detail-oriented and conscientious
  • You are excited about our organizational culture—and in particular, you are fired up to challenge yourself by embracing mutual vulnerability and a firehose of feedback
  • You have a desire to further develop your leadership skills and apply them to transform the lives of African youth

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