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Product Manager – Logistics Management System

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Create and own the product roadmap planning processes for Wasoko last mile operations e.g. Logistics optimization, route planning, delivery process execution, returns management
  • Formulate and execute a rolling product roadmap in support of portfolio plans. Identify, marshal and organize resources to meet required goals
  • Lead new product introduction efforts within specific goals for team leadership, customer delivery processes and designs, schedule, cost, quality, availability and order cycle time goals
  • Engage with internal vendor partners to create, implement and maintain product change management processes within the logistic systems
  • Align matrices with team members from across all functions to develop new product plans and sustain change management processes. Typical functions include Planning, technical project management, reducing transport cost per order, optimizing the current product, Reporting etc.
  • Represent delivery product and design team. Use production expertise to influence and negotiate for last-mile operations.
  • Communicate project status updates to various project stakeholders, including team members and executives. Synthesize a multitude of issues into a clear, concise and focused message. Present with confidence and brevity.
  • Always push the leading edge of innovation and excellence and program management practices.
  • Stay abreast of the latest advancements in technology, competition, industry developments, and regulatory environment.
  • Help implement best industry standards and best practices in the last leg of supply chain processes and systems


  • 4 – 8 years of experience working with logistics and/or field force for multi-location teams
  • General manager/owner mentality, entrepreneurial drive, and proven ability to take ownership and influence others
  • Proven ability to drive cohesion and collaboration among many different people & functions
  • Confidence, presence, and credibility to command the respect of colleagues and senior stakeholders, especially within Sales, Operations and Engineering
  • Extensive knowledge of product lifecycle management, product strategies, product requirements and roadmap planning, and product requirements decision making
  • Exceptional communication skills which include clear written and verbal communication as well as the ability to listen effectively
  • Excellent creative thinking skills with an emphasis on developing innovative solutions to solve complex problems that may not have one clear answer
  • Demonstrable capability to negotiate requirements and decisions effectively across a diverse range of teams and to lead through influence
  • Ability to create, formalize, and implement, a product portfolio strategy
  • Ability to influence cross-culturally across a range of global stakeholders in the engineering, operations, and marketing organizations
  • Proven ability to execute in all phases of the product development life cycle, resulting in high-quality software or IoT hardware products, delivered on time
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a self-directed manner, seeking out areas that need attention, rather than being asked to look at specific problem areas
  • Outstanding technical problem-solving skills and a passion to solve hard problems
  • Strong program management skill set with the ability to lead cross-functional teams

Senior Engineer, Backend Developer

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Build stable, documented and encapsulated API clients for the Wasoko API
  • Work with internal innovation clients and our Wasoko API to explore new innovative business models and user experiences that build on top of our data and our physical sensors, agent and vehicle infrastructure.
  • Choose the right automation tool for the lifecycle of the project, whether experimentation tools, data scripting, open-source prototypes & more, where maintenance is minimal and building is D.R.Y
  • Inspire teams to think more ambitiously through demo-first experiences leveraging your experience i.e.. incorporating assumptions you expect to be challenged after the demo towards the final product
  • Incubate and hand over low-maintenance technology to the core product development team once product-market fit is established or on-track


  • 6+ years of experience in the software development cycle
  • Strong knowledge of cloud technologies like AWS/Google Cloud/Azure
  • Naturally curious and constantly improving, has a make-myself-obsolete mentality
  • Demonstrable portfolio & heavy involvement in end-to-end platforms
  • Experience going from zero to very usable technology prototypes (including data mining) to settle debates while there is attention and momentum is still there
  • Comfortable working with front-end, back-end & DevOps with good enough functionality, but where one area stands out from the market average.
  • Comfortable reusing, improving and troubleshooting someone else’s code, including open-source platforms and frameworks in newer/older languages
  • Established a set of tools to allow you to work quickly with new technology & user personas e.g. Docker for deployment, VWO for browsing playback
  • Epic communication skills and empathy for users, junior engineers and product teams, including not taking yourself and your suggestions too seriously
  • Passion and drive for solving problems, hacking processes and sharing your successes to inspire a hacking culture that seeks & celebrates automation
  • Demonstrable creativity with an emphasis on developing innovative solutions that leapfrog complex root problems with multiple symptoms and no clear answer.

Technical Program Management Associate

Wasoko is aggressively staffing up its Product and Engineering teams to take our mission of revolutionizing retail in Africa with the help of sophisticated tech to the next level. With this growth, the amount of complex, Cross-Functional Projects and work streams that need to meet rigorous deadlines is growing exponentially.
As the TPM, your job will be to usher technology projects through the entire life cycle from inception to completion.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Plan and research efforts and requirements creation with Product and Engineering Managers, Tech Support and UX Design and ensure that all documentation is comprehensive, well structured and up to date at all times.
  • Draft project schedules and milestones, identify and spell out key priorities, manage dependencies, map out critical paths to success and keep schedules current at all times.
  • Lead alignment meetings while providing visibility on necessary trade-offs and facilitating timely decisions between cross-functional teams.
  • Ensure meticulous project minutes are recorded and available to key audiences at all times.
  • Align internal and external stakeholders and follow up on individual review and approval responsibilities.
  • Measure and report on project progress on a regular basis for executive leadership visibility.
  • Identify team and project needs with regards to processes, tools, documentation and assets.
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How To Apply For a Job By Email

  • Bachelor’s degree in business, project management, IT, Computer Science or similar
  • Min of 2 years of relevant experience in tech project management
  • Outstanding tech project management skills:
    • Fully proficient in using state-of-the-art web-based project management tools (such as JIRA and Clickup)
    • Obsessive attention to detail
    • 100% reliable and delivers when items are due – with no exception
    • Highly proactive attitude towards moving projects forward
    • Highly process-driven to continuously improve the status quo.
  • Excellent Written & Verbal Comms
  • Flexible, hard worker with a positive attitude