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Project Manager

Job mission

  • Drive transformation (optimisation) projects or system developments initiated by the group or subsidiaries to meet the need for productivity, profitability or compliance to regulations and Group standards.
  • Monitor regulatory as well as best practice developements in terms of management, monitoring and control of banking operations and participate in their promotion dissemination by the Organisation Unit.
  • Promote a culture of quality in the BOA subsidiaries through the dissemination of best practice and assistance in certification projects.

Main responsibilities

  • Implementation of projects initiated by the Group and/or by the Bank
  • Participate in the creation of new entities (BOA, services, …), in the implementation or change of processes and banking applications through diagnosis, reengineering, documentation or adaptation of procedures,
  • documentation of specifications, follow-up, testing, deployment of tools, training of users.
  • Liaison with the different internal or external partners and confirming that each one of them takes technical specifications into account.
  • Play the part of Project Manager, Project owner internally and externally.
  • Lead every taskforce required for the smooth running of allocated tasks
  • Carry out further research to ensure the business needs are taken into account in the information system and the contributing Business Units.
  • Ensure communication with the users and global user support, through management of anomalies and user requests.

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Change management and training

  • Participate in change management by putting in place customised communication and user training action plans in all new projects.
  • Participate in the preparation of training material and communication with the Human Resources and Training Department,
  • Carry out training,
  • Plan and participate in the training activities required before deployment.
  • Plan and participate in the documentation/ updating of procedures related to the project.

Project Coordination & Steering

  • Coordinate allocated projects in collaboration with the different business lines and where applicable, with the group or other Group subsidiaries (Business Case, costing, planning, etc)
  • Monitor the progress of projects carried out by the technical teams and other related Business Units

Project Management

  • Support the business lines in the documentation of their needs and participate in the documentation of functional specifications.
  • In the undertaken projects, the Project Manager is required to:
    • Participate in collaboration with technical experts, to elaborate and validate the project and testing plan.
    • Organise the testings together with subject experts and developers/ system provides, where applicable.
    • Mobilise the subject experts to carry out the testings
    • Lead the testing exercises with experts
  • In case of a major migration project, the Organisation Project Manager should also :
    • Define, together with Group and the Bank contact persons, the deployment plan (allocation of pilot sites, organisation of the movement from previous to new system, definition of replication modalities in case of an incident duringthe migration)
    • Prepare for the migration trial runs and the migration itself.
    • Participate in the migration activities
    • Participate in the post migration support

Monitoring of industry and best practice developments

  • Regularly carry out benchmarking excersises within the Groupe and outside in order to identify, adopt if necessary, the best practise observed elsewhere so as to intergrate them in BOA procedures.
  • Analyse the feasibility and modalities for implementation of possible or obligatory developments.
  • Participate in the documentation and dissemination of Group opinion and communication to subsidiaries and other entities.
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Promotion of service quality

  • Ensure the adherence to quality, performance and security standards of processes and of the information system.
  • Identify the needs of users by putting inplace tools for incident notifications, customer complaints database, documentation of specifications.
  • Participate in all projects of standardisation and/ optimisation of services and products of the bank or in domains considered as priority by BOA subsidiaries (documentation of the service charter, certification, implementation of circle of quality)

Education and experience required

  • High school diploma plus 4 to 5 years in Business, project management, organisation, audit studies
  • A minimum of 4 years of experience in banking especially in Control units, permanent control, compliance, accounting/ Finance IT/ E banking/ Digital

Compliance Officer

Job Purpose

  • Responsible for monitoring the bank’s compliance with external and internal regulations, laws, rules, policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for controlling and managing all risks related to money laundering, financing of terrorism and compliance with financial embargoes/sanctions.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • Regulatory and Statutory Compliance; Ensure reports to the regulators are submitted within required timelines by;
    • Ensuring Compliance with due diligence and KYC requirements as per regulatory requirements and international best practice.
    • Monitoring banks implementation of CBK prudential guidelines.
    • Ensure timely submission of CBK, FRC, FATCA, UFAA, Group reports and other regulatory reporting requirements.
    • Ensuring that any new and amendments to the relevant laws and regulations are communicated and implemented
    • Correspondent banking; Compliance with internal and external requirements on correspondent banking KYC;
      • Annual review of KYC documentation with correspondent Banks and other counterparties.
      • Facilitate responses to correspondent Bank AML and KYC queries.
  • Screening and Monitoring ; Ensure daily monitoring, screening and blacklisting of alerts as appropriate by ;
    • Reviewing and treatment of alerts triggered by the Various screening and monitoring systems put in place including Core Banking system and triggers from other manual processes.
    • Managing the various blacklists.
    • Identifying and reporting of suspicious transactions/activities.
  • Research on compliance related matters; Participating in research of compliance related matters.
  • Participate in Training and development of compliance related matters to stakeholders:
    • Carrying out training and awareness actions related to compliance areas for the Bank staff.

Minimum Requirements

Work Experience

  • Minimum 3 years’ banking experience in compliance or risk department with a good understanding of Bank policies, procedures, and external regulations.
  • Demonstrated expertise and in-depth knowledge in Banking Operations and Controls.
  • Demonstrated expertise and in-depth knowledge in AML/CFT and KYC Controls
  • Good understanding of Central Bank Prudential guidelines, Basel Rules, Banking Act, IFRS and other relevant statutes in Banking.
  • Evidenced knowledge and understanding of the current banking and financial services operating environment, trends, and practice, related regulatory and governance guidelines and requirement, and applicable laws.

Academic & Professional Qualifications

  • University Degree in Business or related field such as Economics from a recognized institution.
  • Certifications in ACAMS, CPA, CFE or any relevant profession is added advantage.

Application deadline is 30th September 2022.

Application Process

Send your current CV and brief application letter to

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