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Job Summary

  • Evaluating patients’ vital signs, medical histories, allergies, current medication use, and other risk factors;
  • Administering pain relief before, during, and after medical procedures;
  • Monitoring patient’s vital signs during procedures;
  • Approving general, sedative, regional, or local anesthetics;
  • Reviewing medical files and lab results;
  • Continuing care after surgery to control the level of pain relief and consciousness
  • Communicating continuing care instructions to specialists and nurses
  • Supervising anesthesia assistants and certified registered nurse anesthetists;
  • Informing patients of risks associated with anesthesia;
  • Complying with medical and hospital procedure policy.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience

  • Expertise in cardiopulmonary resuscitation, airway management, invasive monitoring, renal therapy and mechanical ventilation;
  • Competent with Tracheal intubations, intravenous and central line cannulation, defibrillation and cardioversion, providing emergency medication, providing resuscitation inclusive of pacing and pericardiocentesis and care for the patient post resuscitation;
  • Compassion, self-motivation and the ability to work under pressure for long hours;
  • Good communication (written and verbal) skills;
  • Post Graduate Degree in Anesthesiology from a recognized institution;
  • MBChB or its equivalent holding a valid practicing license and retention certificate from the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Council;
  • Valid certification in at least either ATLS, ACLS or BLS certification as applicable;
  • Sound Clinical knowledge, critical thinking, attention to detail;
  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience in a busy hospital.

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