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Corporate Pension Operations Associate (Contract)   (2100007B)

Key responsibilities

  1. Updating and reconciling pension collections from all channels ( Banks, M-pesa, DDA).
  2. Posting member contributions
  3. Suspense management in all pension collections and payments accounts.
  4. Data cleaning and verification for new schemes loading and monthly updates
  5. Administering and management of the Managed Retirement Funds [MRF]
  6. Constantly liaising with service providers such as scheme custodians, Finance department and investment managers to ensure that set timelines are achieved in relation to compensation of member benefits,
  7. Carrying out statutory compliance of pension schemes with both the Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)
  8. Maintaining records of contributing members, deferred and current pensioners, provision of annual statements, registration of Scheme with Retirement Benefits Authority (RBA) and Income Tax (KRA)
  9. Process withdrawals on the Administration system(Fund Master)
  10. Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time
  11. Key Performance Measures
  12. As described in your Personal Score Card

 Knowledge, experience and qualifications required

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in business related field
  2. At least one year experience in a  similar position 2-4 years’ relevant experience in the insurance industry
  3. Technical/ Functional competencies
  4. Knowledge of insurance regulatory requirements
  5. Knowledge of insurance products
  6. Understanding of the pension industry and administrative skills

Job Posting: 10-02-2022

Unposting Date: 17-02-2022

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