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Blender (Re-Advertisement)


  1. Wine making-fermentation, fining, racking, filtration.
  2. Co-lead temporary and machine operators to attain set goals.
  3. Monitor Winery jobs in progress and provide leadership in execution.
  4. System generation of Works orders as per production plan, Material issuance and system completion.
  5. Plan and avail raw materials for blending.
  6. Lead in blending of bulk for packaging at the desired quality, time and cost effectively.
  7. Review and approve blended bulk for packaging.
  8. Review and approve material reconciliation for completed Works orders.
  9. Review processing equipment logs.
  10. Taste and evaluate the final product to ensure the desired quality is achieved.
  11. Work with warehousing department to ensure required inputs are available in good time and the reorder levels adhered to avoid stock outs.
  12. Ensure all raw materials returned to inventory have the right quantity and containers are in good condition in line with the internal policies and procedures.
  13. Perform weekly, monthly and quarterly stock takes and order consumables timeously to ensure continuity in winemaking practices.


  1. A Diploma in food science and technology
  2. Certificate in winemaking is an added advantage
  3. At least five (5) years’ experience in a manufacturing company, three of which must be in a winery department.
  4. Practical experience in use of MS packages and ERP systems

Machine Operator (Re-advertisement)

(NOTE:2023 UN Jobs - Ongoing Recruitment. Get More Details Here.)


  1. Perform the adjustments and setting of the assigned machine to ensure quality output at their station and reduction of product wastage while upholding safety and product quality standards.
  2. Prepare all necessary tools, equipment and materials required for the assigned machine in compliance with the approved processes and procedures.
  3. Operate the assigned machine in accordance with the operating procedures to ensure proper operation of the machine and safe working environment.
  4. Inspect inputs and outputs for quality to identify causes of defects and rectify to ensure product quality and minimise wastage.
  5. Comply with all applicable quality, safety, health and environmental standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC, IFS, HACCP, Organic, ISO 17025, SANS 1841) where applicable
  6. Carry out minor/routine maintenance of the respective machine, ensure that cleaning is done before and after every production run, and comply with plant/equipment scheduled maintenance.
  7. Liaise with maintenance for major breakdown and to ensure that the machines are serviced on time and routinely to reduce plant down time.
  8. Participate in the actual change over process to ensure the product quality is upheld in the next shift.
  9. Prepare and submit reports to the Line Controller of downtime and the product quality index at their station with the aim of driving enhanced performance.
  10. Inspect the quality of dry goods to ensure conformance to the established standards for a high quality product index.
  11. Minimize waste
  12. Responsible for volume control on the process control (filler)
  13. Record all breakdown
  14. Inspect Quality of dry goods


  1. A Certificate in Electrical, Mechanical or Production Engineering
  2. At least two (2) years’ experience in a production setting in a similar organization.
  3. Working technical knowledge on basic machine operations and maintenance is an added advantage.
  4. Practical experience in use of MS packages.

Quality Safety Health & Environment (QSHE) Intern


  1. Microbial analysis of Raw materials, intermediate and finished products
  2. Develop hygiene standards based on the environmental microbial analysis
  3. Mitigating loss and waste through microbial analysis on contract packers raw materials and finished products
  4. Daily water microbiological analysis
  5. Contract packaging – Tetra Pak juice and wine routine microbiological analysis
  6. On – line quality inspections
  7. Relieve QATs to take leave


  1. Degree in:
  2. Food science and technology/ Food Microbiology/ Industrial chemistry
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