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Akili Dada seeks the services of a qualified consultant or consultancy firm for graphic design services on a hybrid Economic Empowerment Workbook for Young Social Entrepreneurs of our Dadas Ignite Project that targets young women in the social enterprise and social change sectors. Participants of the project are spread across Kilifi, Kisumu, and Tharaka Nithi counties.

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About Dadas Ignite Project

Through the Dadas Ignite project, Akili Dada initiated long-term interventions anchored on

personal behavioral change and agency. The project objective is to nurture a cadre of young

women who have a strong belief in themselves to change the status quo. The project facilitates individual and collective activism and leadership among young women to progressively work towards overcoming discriminatory practices that perpetuate their exclusion. We believe that effective social change starts from the individuals and builds bottom-up, from grassroots to national levels igniting collective action. As such, we work with young women in universities and those engaged in community development to equip them with skills to be transformative leaders, actively seek and secure gainful employment, and champion for change.

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The project seeks to increase the visibility of young women in leadership, therefore, normalizing the concept and practice of women holding power at the university and community level. Akili dada works to strengthen the capacity of 180 young women; 150 student leaders and 30 young women social entrepreneurs; strengthening their capacity to lead at different levels and offering them opportunities that enhance their employability skills / entrepreneurial skills with a focus on community investments so that they can be economically empowered

Result Areas

Overall Project Objective: Women engage in economic and leadership processes and structures.

  • Outcome 1: Increase young women representation in leadership positions
  • Outcome 2: Reduced Unemployment rates among young women
  • Outcome 3: Contribute to growth and strengthening of young women-led social
  • enterprises

1.3 Purpose and Scope of the hybrid Economic Empowerment Workbook

The purpose of the workbook is to provide a comprehensive guide to young women social

enterprises on development of a social enterprise business model, by providing tools, knowledge and inspiration.

The Dada’s Ignite 101 workbook is a hybrid and compact, easy-to-use workbook comprising two comprehensive curriculums developed by experts in the field of Youth Entrepreneurs. It will contain 5 topmost crucial chapters. This workbook will be useful for social innovation and transformation in various fields, including education, health, environment, and enterprise development for young, upcoming entrepreneurs to ensure they are reaching their maximum social impact.

Project outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Increase accessibility of knowledge for young women on economic empowerment
  • Outcome 2: Contribute to the growth and strengthening of young women-led social enterprises


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