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Laboratory Manager

Core Functions / Responsibilities:

  • Organize laboratory services and its structure for efficient and optimal service deliveryadapting to prevailing local conditions, levels of expertise and available technology.
  • Certify that facilities and bio-safety measures in the laboratory/lies meet internationalstandards and country requirements; by actively participating in planning and designing of newor upgrading existing facilities.
  • Guarantee that standards of laboratory services correspond to HAPs and other programmesor project requirements via keeping Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) up to date andannual review.
  • Ensure high quality with regards to international standards in all aspects of service deliveryvia internal quality control and organizing and facilitating in external quality assessment.
  • Verify optimum staffing levels for planned workload. Recruit, train, supervise and assesslaboratory staff. Ensure staff development and continuous training needs for staff.
  • Contribute in annual HAP activities planning and budget preparation related to laboratoryservices.
  • Guarantee that the equipment and consumables are sufficient for the anticipated workload.Plan and organize procurement, delivery, installation, servicing and operation of all laboratoryequipment and optimal expenditure of consumables.
  • Validate system of organized record keeping and information management for timely deliveryof results, data collection, analysis and reporting for laboratory monitoring and facilitation to operational research.
  • Liaise on laboratory related topics with national laboratories and laboratories in othercountries, IOM Departments and national relevant entities.
  • Implement and maintain the system of service improvement with available long-term work plan addressing at least laboratory assessment, facilities and safety, process control,information management and customer service.
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Master’s degree from an accredited academic institution in Medical (Clinical) Laboratory Sciences, Microbiology or a related discipline with two years’ relevant experience, or;
  • University degree from an accredited academic institution in Medical (Clinical) Laboratory Sciences, Microbiology or a related discipline with four years’ relevant experience.


  • Four years of relevant laboratory experience in a busy institution, preferably in a laboratory.
  • Proven management and/or Supervisory, or organizational and planning skills.
  • Demonstrated experience in clinical laboratory techniques including for TB;
  • Demonstrated ability to implement a laboratory quality management system;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the principles and practices laboratory biosafety including for a TB containment laboratory;
  • Demonstrate effective managerial and leadership skills in the provision of quality laboratory services;
  • Computer literate with understanding of data collection and analysis for monitoring and continuous improvement of laboratory services and performance.
  • Awareness of the laboratory role in health systems, optimal use of resources for quality and efficient services delivery.


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