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Project Officer – Tobacco


To support the tobacco control programme in the WHO Country Office for Kenya in its work on various activities such as:

  • Coordinate stakeholder engagement for the alternative livelihoods to tobacco growing project in Kenya, including UN Agencies, Government Agencies, private sector players and other Non-State Actors, as well as scoping for new partners to engage in the initiative.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of activities in all target counties, including workplans, budgets and donor reports.
  • Support monitoring and evaluation of the initiative, including finalizing the project document and development of M&E tools to evaluate and report on the impact of the initiative and
  • Lead the development of long-term vision and strategy for the initiative, including transition strategy and exit plans.

Requirements – Work to be performed

Output 1: Coordinate stakeholder engagement with new and existing partners to the initiative.

  • Deliverable 1.1: support the expansion of the initiative in additional sub-counties in Migori and new counties in Kenya through engagement of relevant government officials and implementing partners on the ground;
  • Deliverable 1.2: facilitate smooth collaboration between all partnering agencies, including through convening of bi-monthly technical calls, workshops and high-level forum meetings as needed;
  • Deliverable 1.3: coordinate quarterly Steering Committee and Technical Committee meetings with relevant members in all target counties; and
  • Deliverable 1.4: conduct scoping of potential new partners for resource mobilization (in-kind or funding), including private sector market players, impact investors, microfinance institutes, etc.

Output 2: Oversee the development and implementation of activities in all target counties.

  • Deliverable 2.1: develop semester workplans for WHO, and coordinate the review and monitoring of semester workplans for implementing partners
  • Deliverable 2.2: develop semester budgets for WHO, and coordinate the review and monitoring of semester budgets for implementing partners
  • Deliverable 2.3: provide operational support to implementing partners, including frequent visits to field sites to engage with teams on the ground and weekly virtual consultations to monitor activity implementation
  • Deliverable 2.4: supervise project staff from WHO, including SSA at WHO Kenya Country Office and WHO Field Consultants in all target counties
  • Deliverable 2.5: coordinate with WHO HQ and AFRO, including development of donor, technical and financial report
  • Deliverable 2.6: coordinate all project documentation, including technical reports, donor reports, annual reports, and implementation guidance document for future Tobacco-Free Farms target countries; and
  • Deliverable 2.7: commission the development of relevant multi-media communications materials throughout the various stages of project implementation.

Output 3: Support monitoring and evaluation of the initiative.

  • Deliverable 3.1: develop a comprehensive project document in collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including coordination of a workshop with all implementing partners;
  • Deliverable 3.2: coordinate the development of a monitoring and evaluation framework to assess the impact of the Tobacco-Free Farms project on health, economics and the environment; and
  • Deliverable 3.3: support the seasonal analysis of cost-benefit (ROI) from growing tobacco to switching to select alternative crops in all target counties and other relevant analyses.

Output 4: Lead the development of long-term vision and strategy for the initiative.

  • Deliverable 4.1: coordinate the development of a transition/exit strategy for the donor agencies by end of 2024 in collaboration with implementing partners; and
  • Deliverable 4.2: identify and engage relevant stakeholders to support the implementation of transition/exit strategy, including through development and integration of funding proposals at National and County level government

Qualifications required: 

  • Essential: Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture.
  • Desirable: Advanced degree in Agriculture, Agriculture Economics, Management or another related field.

Experience required:

  • At least 5 years of experience working in agriculture economics. Practical experience in public health and/or tobacco control desired. Demonstrated experience in project management, coordination with stakeholders and partners, monitoring & evaluation and report writing. Demonstrated experience working with the national and/or county government.
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Technical skills and knowledge:

  • Engagement of high-level officials
  • Project management
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Organized and action-oriented
  • Ability to manage multiple tasks at once.


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