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Journalist (Somali)

Job Introduction

  • At BBC Monitoring, we track, translate, summarise and analyse local media sources to make sense of what is happening on the ground around the world. Our international perspective means we keep across broadcast, press, online and social media sources in multiple languages, especially where reliable news and information are in short supply. Our extensive operation enables us to provide insightful and reliable coverage of political, economic, security and media news. Our round-the-clock monitoring of TV, radio, press, digital media and news agencies is also provided to a wide range of users, including commercial clients.

Main Responsibilities and Accountabilities

  • To produce engaging and insightful content in English in a variety of formats, based on the monitoring of Somali-language sources – TV, radio, newspapers, online and social media.
  •  Maintain a thorough understanding of African news and current affairs, as well as the continent’s digital and media scene
  • Act as a point of reference on Africa both internally and for all BBCM’s users
  • Continually develop expert knowledge of all media types, ensuring this source context features in output
  • Ensure all output is consistent with the BBC editorial guidelines
  • To come up with original ideas and creative treatments for ongoing and emerging narratives, including data-driven products and multimedia elements
  •  To feed into the global news agenda, leading shifts as required

Are you the right candidate?

  • Complete fluency in Somali.
  • Ability to write about news developments in excellent idiomatic English.
  • Experience as a journalist with demonstrable news judgement. 
  • A thorough knowledge and understanding of the news and current affairs of sub-Saharan Africa, in particular the Horn of Africa and Somali-speaking areas. 
  • In-depth subject matter expertise on Africa’s media environment, including tracking breaking news and emerging trends on social media. 
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to embrace new ways of working and an ability to share/communicate what you know or have learnt with others in the team.

Job Impact

  • Decision making High level of responsibility and decision making; able to operate alone. No managerial responsibility. May be informally supported by junior staff i.e. Researchers, Coordinators and Assistants. Scope Covers a wide range of journalism activity, producing news content and supporting the production and presentation of programming.


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