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Blue Nature Alliance Capacity Development and Learning (CDL) Manager


CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT: With guidance from the Blue Nature Alliance Technical Advisor, the Alliance Network Team, and the CDL Delivery Team, the CDL Manager will be responsible for:

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Supporting and in some cases leading aspects of the implementation of the Blue Nature Alliance Framework and Workplan for Capacity Development and Learning. This will include the following key tasks:

  • Assisting in the coordination of the CDL Delivery Team.
  • Working across the Alliance Network Team to develop and deploy tools and approaches to understand the capacity development needs of Alliance sites and of the field of ocean conservation at scale overall.
  • Providing direct capacity development support to Alliance sites including organizing and/or delivering training and mentoring on key ocean conservation topics.
  • Collaborating with existing and future Alliance partners on capacity development, learning, collaboration, and knowledge management. These partners include the Big Ocean learning network as well as regional capacity development hubs, such as the Western Indian Ocean Science Association (WIOMSA) that are supported by the Alliance. Additional partnerships will be developed over time. Collaboration with these partners may include:
    • Supporting the delivery of key capacity development assistance to Alliance sites.
    • Developing capacity development tools and approaches to fill gaps in major capacity needs.
    • Organizing learning exchanges with Alliance sites and partners.
    • Assisting in identifying needed curriculum to improve capacity development outcomes and in some cases contributing to the development of key curricula.
    • Facilitating linkages, mentoring, and collaboration between practitioners of ocean conservation at scale.
  • Helping to inventory capacity-building tools, approaches, and practitioners that can help to advance ocean conservation at scale.
  • Participating in and in some cases leading development and delivery of key capacity development tools and approaches.
  • Identifying and leading key elements of the Capacity Development program where the Manager’s expertise and interest will allow them to play a leadership role.

Other relevant duties as assigned.

LEARNING:  With guidance from the Blue Nature Alliance Technical Advisor and the Alliance Network Team, and the CDL Delivery Team the CDL Manager will be responsible for:

  • Working with site partners to identify, document, and share lessons learned on effective approaches in ocean conservation at scale
  • Collaborating with the Alliance GEF Manager to engage with GEF learning networks (including IW and LME Learn Networks) on behalf of the Blue Nature Alliance,
  • Drafting and disseminating lessons learned from across the Alliance implementation including sites and Growing the Field.
  • Supporting key learning mechanisms including learning networks such as the Big Ocean network and other regional hubs for capacity building and learning.
  • Collaborating with other Alliance Delivery Teams to develop and maintain a knowledge management system to share key lessons from the Alliance for internal and external audiences.
  • Other relevant duties as assigned


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  • Bachelor’s degree and demonstrated technical proficiency in international environmental policy, marine science, or related field.
  • 4 to 6 years of experience in conservation capacity building and learning for marine conservation projects.
  • Experience with development of capacity development and learning tools.
  • Experience in managing and/or supporting complex conservation and/or international development projects.
  • Technical understanding of marine conservation and specifically Marine Protected Areas.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Solid attention to detail.


  • Master’s degree in Conservation or a related field.
  • Passion for nature and the ocean.    
  • Experience working or living internationally.
  • Experience in Knowledge Management.
  • Proficiency and experience working with Microsoft Office collaboration tools.
  • Fluency in Spanish, French, Portuguese, or other languages.
  • Experience in document layout and design.  


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