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Administration & Secretarial jobs,

Branch Manager

Purpose of this function:

  • Sound leadership in the Nairobi branch of Kenfreight East Africa Limited
  • Full responsibility and acting as the Local Import Manager
  • Coordinating the human resource and administrative activities in the branch
  • Ensuring that best global practices are applied in clearing, forwarding and transportation of sea-freight, airfreight, and inland depots in liaison with other departments for profitable and client satisfaction results within the company and subsidiaries
  • Interfacing with external 3rd parties (e.g., Shipping lines, Airlines, subcontractors etc.) and government authorities in matters of customs clearance and any other related matter for the company


  1. Day to day running of the branch office.
  2. Being responsible for the operational and financial performance of the branch and the respective departments (mainly: Airfreight, local Import)
  3. Reviewing internal process and procedures and make necessary amendments if needed
  4. Ensuring that staff are using operating and financial systems in the proper manner
  5. Building and maintaining highest level of professional relationships with clients
  6. Engaging in sales strategy and execution
  7. Identifying potential new clients and develop these clients to become active clients of the company
  8. Keeping abreast with emerging issues in the industry and advising the management and clients accordingly
  9. Following up issues arising with government agencies
  10. Preparation of monthly reports

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  • Knowledge of KENTRADE, SIMBA TRADEX & ICMS system
  • Knowledge in EAC customs legislations, Tariff code guidelines
  • Proficient understanding of bond management, customs declaration & clearance for domestic import & exports, transit and trans-shipment cargo
  • Essential computer literacy fluency in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint


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