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Job Description/Requirements

a. Background

Pact Inc. has been operating in the Horn of Africa for over 25 years, implementing several projects with local CSOs across a variety of sectors. These projects, implemented in partnership with local CSOs, have included but are not limited to governance and cross-border peacebuilding, community conservation, health, and HIV/AIDS, women’s empowerment, artisanal gold mining, and natural resource management.

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RASMI II project is a EUTF funded project that is being implemented by Pact Kenya and its consortium partners with the goal of preventing conflicts and mitigating their impacts. This is a cross-border project that span the border of Kenya – Ethiopia- Somalia, commonly known as the Mandera Triangle. The project works through change agents at the community level with the objective of building capacities for peace across grassroot structures, enhancing social capital and cohesion and promoting conflict sensitive development.

One of the key community level peace structures the project works with is the Women for Change forum which comprises 45 women drawn from across the project operation areas of Mandera, Kenya, BeletHawa, Somalia, and Suftu & Dollo Ado, Ethiopia. The project has worked with these women for over three years addressing issues of CVE in the project areas. In Mandera county RASMI II has worked with the Women for Change forum to create trust between the non-local women (women from other parts of Kenya and especially non-Somalis) and the local Somali women. RASMI trained the 45 women on CVE and conflict prevention, management, and response (CPMR) and groomed them to be effective change agents that could outlast the project’s implementation period. The project also facilitated them to create their plans and strategies for dealing with the threat of radicalization and provided financial and logistical support to enable them hold dialogues with other women and peace actors such as elders, religious leaders, local authorities, and youth leaders in the project areas. The network has created a movement of women who advocate for inclusivity to reduce the mistrust created by the extremist groups in Mandera County. The network also disseminated CVE messages to youths discouraging them from violent conflict and other practices that make them vulnerable (e.g. drug abuse and dropping out of school). These and other key achievements of working with the W4C forum has necessitated the extension of this approach to other project areas which these 45 women leaders are championing.

A second approach towards sustainability that the project has embraced is to design, implement and monitor progress through local community change agents also known as project boundary partners. These include traditional elders, women leaders, youth leaders, peace committee members, local government officials and religious leaders. In Mandera triangle, the project has in the past 3 years worked consistently with 125 boundary partners who now play an active role in the prevention and management of conflicts in the Triangle. The ceasefire monitoring committee who are part of the peace committees and elders boundary partners have been instrumental in negotiating and disseminating the Banisa Peace Agreement that provides for peaceful co-existence between the Garre and Degodia communities across the Kenya-Ethiopia border. In Mandera, Suftu and BeletHawa the youth boundary partners are actively advocating for youth inclusion in peace and security and are now creating awareness among youth on the dangers of radicalization, drugs and substance abuse and of being embroiled in clan militia.

RASMI II project is seeking the short term services of a communication specialist to document the work of the women for change forum and some boundary partners through videos and photos.

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b. Objectives & Scope of Work

1. To document project experiences and learnings from working with the Women for Change forum with the donor, civil society organizations, local authorities and communities.**

2. To document project experiences and learnings from working with Boundary partners with the donor, civil society organizations, local authorities and communities.**

c. Methodology

The consultant will work with RASMI II’s Project Manager and Communications Assistant who will manage scheduling of the interviews, review interview questions and provide information on project context to inform the footage.

Working to an agreed schedule the consultant will be required to:

o Attend a planning meeting prior to traveling to Mandera (to be held virtually) to begin developing a story board.

o Develop draft story boards for two videos.

o Travel to Mandera county. Meet in person with RASMI II consortium staff to review and finalize the two video storyboards.

o Interview and film Women for Change members and Boundary Partners (youth boundary partners from Mandera/BeletHawa/Suftu and elders and peace committee boundary partners at Banisa/Mubarak who double up as ceasefire monitoring committee members) and attend project activities for the opportunity to interview project participants. The actual number to be interviewed will be agreed upon during the above-mentioned planning meeting with RASMI consortium.

o Film short interviews with event participants and collect the context video footage from the project locations.

o Take a range of photos of both interviewees and activity participants. The videos will include interviews with participants of the events attended (women for change and boundary partners) – exploring issues, approaches, interventions, successes and challenges faced working as women for change and as boundary partners.

d. Deliverables

o Raw footage of all video interviews sent to RASMI II project immediately following the events.

o Two final edited 5-minute videos with a story board, one for the women for change and the other for boundary partners.

o Produce 20-30 high resolution photos from the events attended as well as from the interviewees. The photos should be well captioned in complete sentences in English. The captions should describe the who, what, when and where of the photo and must be accompanied with a signed photo consent.

e. Consultancy period

The consultancy period will be a total of 15 days in November 2021; however, the exact dates will be confirmed later. The deliverables to be submitted within 30days after conclusion of the field visit.

f. Competencies.

o Experience in filming, editing, photography and production.

o Demonstrable experience and production of short films and videos made for the purposes of communicating project results, community perspectives and policy recommendations.

o Provide references to demonstrate experience in conducting work ethically in a culturally sensitive environment.

o Demonstrated understanding of peace and conflict issues in the Mandera triangle.

g. Travels Expenses

RASMI II project will pay for travel and perdiem expenses of the consultant as per Pact’s local travel policy.

h. Payments

All invoices shall be paid on completion of agreed upon milestones and completion of required deliverables.
How to apply

Interested candidates should submit a proposal, including a breakdown of costs, list of references from recent similar assignments completed, list indicating the scope and magnitude of similar assignments, and other relevant statutory documents, sample works of videos and photos of similar work to indicating “Communications Specialist/Videographer Mandera” on the subject line.

Deadline for applications: November 15th, 2021.

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