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Temporary Finance Assistant -SSC

Reports to – Senior Finance and Grants Coordinator

Key relationships

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  • Senior Finance and Grants Coordinator
  • Finance and Grants Manager
  • Shared Service Centre Team
  • Program team members
  • Country Office Operations teams
  • Human Resources team
  • Risk and Compliance team


  • External auditors
  • Bank officials
  • Service providers
  • Partners organizations

Level of contact with children

Low contact: No contact or very low frequency of interaction

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Physical Environment

  • Typical office environment with periodic travel (10%) to program units and Partners organizations.

Accountabilities and MAIN WORK ACTIVITIES

  • Support audits in the retrieval of sampled documents.
  • Ensure that all financial documents are properly filed for easy retrieval.
  • Any other duty assigned

Safeguarding Children and Young People (Safeguarding) and Gender Equality and Inclusion (GEI)

  • Understands and puts into practice the responsibilities under Safeguarding and GEI policies and Plan International’s Code of Conduct (CoC), ensuring that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures.


  • Courageous, taking a lead, challenging myself and others to achieve purpose, safeguard others and role model values, inside and outside work. Responsible for my work and learning, striving to improve. Self-aware, resilient and constructive in embracing change. Striving to achieve significant and lasting impact on the lives of children and young people, and to secure equality for girls. Challenging myself to be bold, courageous, responsive, focused and innovative.
  • Creating a climate of trust inside and outside the organization by being open, honest, and transparent. Holding myself and others to account for decisions and impact on others. Doing what I say I will do. Working effectively with others, inside and outside the organization, including sponsors and donors. Actively supporting colleagues, helping them to achieve their goals. Coming together with others to create and implement solutions in teams, across Plan International, with children, girls, young people, communities, and our partners.
  • Respecting all people, appreciating differences, and challenging inequality in programmes and the workplace. Supporting children, girls, and young people to increase their confidence and to change their own lives. Empowering other staff to give their best and develop their potential.
  • Understanding Plan International’s purpose, priorities, values, and approaches in our work context. Adhering to relevant policies, processes, practices, and standards, and being pro-active in continuing technical and professional development

Business Management competencies

  1. Understands relevant sectoral context including how the sector operates in terms of funding and governance and awareness of Plan’spurpose, values, and global strategy
  2. Manages legal and reputational risk including risk assessment, communication, risk management, and reporting in full compliance with risk-related standards, including in areas such as Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection, Gender equality and inclusion, Counter Fraud, Safety, and Security.
  3. Managing activities and resources including skills in planning and organizing, financial and project management.
  4. Managing people and information including skills in communication skills, both speaking and writing and digital working, including personal digital skills.

Technical expertise, skills and knowledge

Qualifications/ experience essential:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finance/Accounting related courses.
  • CPA II or other professional qualification in accounting
  • 1-year relevant accounting experience preferably in an INGO
  • Knowledge of finance processes, systems and principles.
  • Experience in computerised accounting applications.

Qualifications/ experience desirable: 

  • Previous experience in SAP or ERP
  • Analytical skills
  • Facilitation and training skills
  • Administration and effective communication skills
  • Ability to work and interact with others at all levels
  • Planning and organizational skills

Languages required

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.


  • In-depth knowledge of finance processes, systems and principles.
  • Good Knowledge of major donors’ compliance requirements
  • Proven ability to support program teams during budgeting and reporting


  • Ability to work and interact with others at all levels
  • Hands on experience and skilled in usage of SAP or Major ERP system
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Excellent planning, management and coordination skills
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively


  • Role model our values and behaviors both internally and externally.
  • Engages sensitively with community members on issues of gender equality and inclusion, demonstrating an understanding of the local culture and context.
  • Promotes equality, including gender equality, inclusion and girls’ empowerment in Plan’s work and in its work with partners
  • The ability to build collaborative working relationships
  • Uses creativity to challenge the norm and promote innovation and thinks and acts for the wider organization – linking partnership opportunities with the context of the wider organizational strategy
  • Communicates effectively at and with a range of appropriate styles for different audiences
  • Builds capability through knowledge sharing, networking, mentoring, coaching and advocates the importance of knowledge management


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