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Consultant – Ear And Hearing Care

Purpose of consultancy

To contribute to the work of the WHO programme on the ear and hearing care through:

  • Conduct of surveys for assessment of capacity for hearing care in WHO Member States;
  • Development of materials for World Hearing Day 2023 and 2024; 
  • Development of technical resources

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Deliverable 1: Report of situation assessment for ear and hearing care in two WHO regions.

  • Activity 1.1: Develop survey questionnaire based on EHCSAT. 

Expected by 15 March 2023.

  • Activity 1.2: Analyze and compile survey results.

Expected by 30 April 2023.

  • Activity 1.3: Prepare a report based on survey results.
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Expected  by 15 June 2023.

Deliverable 2: Finalized package of World Hearing Day resources for 2023.

  • Activity 2.1: Compile WHO materials for launch on World Hearing Day 2023, in line with theme.

Expected by 20 February 2023.

  • Activity 2.2: Develop a social media toolkit for World Hearing day 2023.

Expected by 3 March 2023.

Deliverable 3: Package of World Hearing Day resources for 2024.

  • Activity 3.1: Develop concept note based on theme of World Hearing Day 2024.

Expected  by 15 July 2023.

  • Activity 3.2: Contribute to and monitor the design process for World Hearing Day 2024 materials.

Expected  by 31 October 2023.

  • Activity 3.3: Develop a social media toolkit for World Hearing day 2024.

Expected  by 31 December 2023.

Deliverable 4: Develop a Guide For Action for ear and hearing care.

  • Activity 4.1: Develop concept note.

Expected  by 15 June 2023.

  • Activity 4.2: Draft the Guide for action.

Expected  by 15 September 2023.

  • Activity 4.3: Contribute to and monitor the design process for the Guide for action.

Expected  by 30 November 2023.

Qualifications, experience, skills and languages

Educational Qualifications:


  • University degree in public health. 


  • Doctoral degree in International Politics, Public health or related field.
  • Training in qualitative research.



  • 2 to 5 years of experience with development of technical and communication documents; literature review and data analysis.
  • At least 2 years of experience in the field of public health.
  • Experience in undertaking scoping literature reviews.


  • Experience of managing a global alliance.


  • Knowledge of literature reviews methodologies.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English; and 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills. 


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