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Regional Supply Chain Coordinator ECA


  • Technical leadership, guidance, Supply chain technical leadership, guidance, advice, and support to COs
  • Provide subject matter expertise in supply chain and other key strategies/ resources/documents to ensure our work is guided by the most updated policies, procedures, and templates.
  • Review and interpret in simple terms procurement requirements for specific donors and provide guidance to country office teams to ensure full compliance with donor requirements.
  • Promote a culture of planning in CO by ensuring that all COs have consolidated procurement plans that are reviewed and updated on regular basis (at least quarterly).
  • Promote learning, identify and share the best practices in supply chain management and areas requiring business process improvements.
  • In consultation with AMS provide advisory solutions to ensure adherence to donor regulations in supply chain management with an emphasis on maximizing resources and obtaining overall best value
  • Keep up to date with CARE’s emerging supply chain trends, strategies and approaches and contribute proactively towards the Supply Chain Transformation Project and high quality implementation and organizational change processes.
  • Support country office to identify and develop sourcing strategies including mapping of local and international suppliers; ensure due diligence process is conducted before engaging the vendors through framework agreements.
  • Support the development of global policies and procedures and ensure that country specific logistics (warehousing, inventory management, distribution and asset management) and fleet management policies that fit for purpose for all COs in the region, customizing where this may be required in specific exceptional circumstances
  • Support country teams develop vehicle disposal and replacement plans.
  • Participate in new program kick off meetings when required.
  • Country Office teams Capacity Building, Mentorship, and Development
  • Provide support to CO supply chain teams to ensure all staff understand and able to perform their roles.
  • CO Support in recruitment, onboarding of new staff in supply chain (deployment may be required in exceptional cases)
  • As may be required carry out staff orientation and training for all staff involved in procurement including program staff, Procurement Committees and CO senior management.
  • Humanitarian Scale-up Supply chain support
  • Develop and maintain regional supply chain talent pool that serves immediate surge needs and offer opportunity for continuous growth and professional development. (deployment may be required in exceptional cases)
  • Link as appropriate external resource partners with COs to enhance CARE’s surge support if required.
  • Risk Management, Performance Management and Reporting
  • Implement and tracking of supply chain KPIs, taking remedial action on performance when required.
  • Management of supply chain related risks; ensure mitigation measures and recommendations are fully implemented.
  • Review Country vehicle monthly reports and management cost analysis to support Country teams in strategic decision-making process.
  • Coordinate that CO annual vendor review process, annual property review and reconciliation, review reports submitted by COs on quarterly and annual basis
  • Escalate program support bottleneck issues as identified and need attention from other parts of the organization during the response that cannot be managed within the CO.
  • Other Duties
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time.


  • Master’s degree in Supply Chain / Business Administration/ Finance, or similar fields or relevant practical experience in similar role
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in CO and / or regional field in program support areas (procurement, administration, and logistics)
  • Strong public relations and teamwork skills and network building; good communication and facilitation skills; excellent written and spoken English; proven forward planning and strategic skills; good training and facilitation skills, good analysis, and negotiation skills.
  • Decisiveness – the skill and ability to arrive at a disaster site, quickly assess the situation, and make decisions that will move CARE operation forward with little or no guidance from headquarters.
  • Ability to work independently as well as in a team setting; set priorities for self and team, and ensure these priorities are addressed.
  • Ability to envision the broader macro picture of emergency operations when developing strategic policies, procedures, and guidelines and yet able to maintain a handle on the specific micro detail of operational setup when deployed to the field.
  • Ability to keep focused on the overall CARE strategy while developing actions that are sensitive to cultural, gender and political realities of the workplace.
  • Ability to work under stressful and sometimes risky conditions.

Regional Security Manager – ECA & SA


  • Team Leadership, Staff Management, Coaching, Mentoring and Capacity Building
  • Build and maintain a cohesive professional team focused on the safety and security of staff and the delivery of CSU goals.
  • Lead the development of team annual goals and activities.
  • Coach, mentor and professionally develop ECA’s and SA’s safety and security stakeholders. This will require a significant portion of the RSM’s time as the two regions operate with a range of safety and security personnel; from Sub-Regional Security Officers (SRSOs) and professional safety and security managers.
  • Develop Strategies, Procedures and Protocols and assess Country Office Security Management
  • Develop activities and goals in line with the Regional and CSU roadmaps. Ensure that the planned annual activities for the RSM and SRSOs contribute to the realization of the CSU roadmap.
  • Advise the two Regional leadership and 14 Country Directors and work with regional safety and security stakeholders so that best practice models and approaches to safety and security can be developed.
  • Based on the findings of the threat and risk assessments, oversee the development of relevant procedures
  • Assessments, Planning and Information Management
  • Conduct strategic regional assessments and/or specific assessments as prioritized in collaboration with the RD and CDs. Develop and maintain a robust contextual understanding of our areas of operations, in consultation with program, safety and security stakeholders, staff and peer security advisors.
  • Oversee country or presence specific security assessments and, through SRSOs, assist Country Offices to prepare and maintain comprehensive Threat and Risk assessments of CARE vulnerabilities.
  • Administrative and Financial Management Responsibilities
  • Ensure that the administration and logistical requirements of reporting staff are completed in a timely, and regular fashion.
  • Develop, manage, monitor and report on the RSM ECA/SA budget (includes all RSM and reporting staff expenses).
  • Ensure that the country office operational security budgets are completed, updated, and reflect the operational needs of the operational environment.
  • Complete and participate in a personal annual performance assessment, and conduct similar appraisal activities.


  • A bachelor’s degree in a field related to humanitarian work or security risk management.
  • Formal safety and security qualifications and/or formal training certification.
  • Fluency in French and English.
  • Five years’ experience in assisting international organizations in developing security Strategies for their operations in multicultural contexts
  • Five years’ experience in managing security professionals and mentoring security focal points
  • Three years’ experience working living in developing countries/contexts with at least two years operations in complex/post-conflict environments.


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