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County Manager

Role Description And Key Responsibilities

The County Manager represents BRAVE at the county level leading all activities across civil society, local government, donors, and other coordinating bodies in the designated/selected communities within the county. They are responsible for identifying priorities within communities, stakeholder engagement with local government, community participation in country engagement forums and other dialogue platforms, contributing to the learning agenda, and supporting grantees in fulfilling activities within their respective work plans. In close collaboration with the Team Lead, Stabilisation Advisor/Deputy Team Lead, and grants team, the program manager is responsible for making key decisions and solving programmatic problems in short periods of time for their respective location. They are responsible for reporting on program progress and quality of performance, grant activity design, sub-award activity compliance and evaluation. The County Managers will sit within one of the following locations: Garissa, Lamu, Madera and Wajir Counties.

  • Serves as the focal person for the specific geographic area and leads the design, development, and implementation of Output 2 and 3 activities, community mobilization/dialogue efforts in formal and informal mechanism, and small grants awards 
  • Establish relationships and liaise with local authorities, community members, and delivery network; manage localized community engagement relevant for successful delivery
  • Advise on evolving local political, legal and economic situation and share feedback on how to continuously adapt activities to ensure their relevance and efficacy. 
  • Ensure effective liaison between project staff and grant recipients; provide project grant recipients with technical advice and assistance as needed in areas such as financial management, procurement requirements, and implementation planning 

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Experience, Skills And Qualifications

  • Strong leadership, organisational and project management skills
  • Extensive experience working with government officials and/or community-led organisations in Kenya or similar contexts.
  • Technical expertise in local governance and institutional capacity building, and demonstrated leadership skills necessary to develop, articulate and carry out a vision for the Programme.
  • A degree or relevant professional experience in local governance, international relations, conflict/post-conflict studies, peace-building or similar.
  • Culturally sensitive and aware of East African countries, customs and ways of working.
  • Fluent written and spoken English is required, Swahili or other local languages would be advantageous.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Manager

The M EL Manager will support the development of an M&E methodology and framework that enables effective monitoring of the Programme. This role will also work with other programme Technical Experts to improve regional and county-level reporting mechanisms. The M EL Manager will also be responsible for liaising closely with international standards and thought leaders with regards to indicator development. In addition to working with other Technical Experts to provide advice on the development of locally-owned indicators to drive performance improvement 

Duties and Responsibilities:

Oversee the implementation of the monitoring and evaluation plan, including data collection, storage, analysis  and use , and the periodic review and refinement of the program’s theory of change and logframe

  • Develop tools and guidance necessary to implement the monitoring and evaluation plan , including award-level MEL plans and logframes , working with downstream partners
  • Liaise with partners (including grantees) to ensure effective implementation of the monitoring and evaluation plan and coordination of key activities
  • Create and deliver a plan to train staff and partners on M R EL system operations, collection methods, and tools to ensure a high level of data quality 
  • Perform data analyses, generate reports of findings, and create graphics to contribute to reporting requirements , program deliverables, and project communications products 
  • Plan for and supervise intermittent performance evaluations, collect and disseminate lessons learned, and share successes during project implementation
  • Support the development and use of theories of change and theories of action for the project and interventions
  • Carry out periodic review and revision of the monitoring and evaluation plan, theory of change and capacity building plan for partners as appropriate
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of targeted research activities
  • Prepare reports, case studies and other synthesis documents drawing monitoring, evaluation and research data as needed
  • Facilitate or support the facilitation of reflection sessions with team leadership and/or partners to review drawing on findings from monitoring and evaluation data
  • Work closely with the Team Leader and Deputy Team Lead to ensure a consistent approach across all activities
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Experience, Skills And Qualifications

  • An advanced degree in social sciences or a related field , or relevant equivalent experience
  • Significant experience in designing  M E L programmes
  • Familiarity with Home Office and/or UK government reporting and data quality requirements preferred 
  • Fluency in English (speaking, writing, and reading)
  • Necessary computer, database, statistical software, and analytical skills, particularly in issues related to monitoring and evaluation.  
  • Direct experience in a multi-country regional  programme  platform i ncluding compiling research and indicator data from multiple sources in multiple languages preferred

Deputy Team Lead

The Deputy Team Lead is r esponsible for managing the programmatic aspects of the programme , working with staff and partners to develop, implement, and monitor and evaluate activities. Th e Deputy Team Lead will maintain strategic awareness of the challenges and opportunities for programmatic activities, and continuously refines processes to ensure effective program implementation. 

Key Responsibilities :

  • Support TL in providing programmatic leadership, technical direction, and quality assurance for the activity. 
  • Manage all programmatic elements, collaborating closely with senior leadership and relevant stakeholders to continuously reflecting on activity progress, refining strategy, and applying evidence-based lessons to effectively implement workplans and achieve technical objectives. 
  • Maintain strategic awareness of challenges and opportunities for the activity
  • Supervise staff all satellite office staff , ensuring technical harmonization among offices. Implement programmatic elements of the activity
  • Develop/supervise/ conceptuali s e delivery of activities under Outputs 2 and 3

Experience, Skills And Qualifications

  • Experience in peace and conflict, international development, or other relevant field is required.
  • Demonstrable e xperience in project design and management, preferably with respect to peacebuilding, stability and transition, or social cohesion
  • A post-graduate degree or relevant professional experience in local governance, international relations, conflict/post-conflict studies, peace-building or similar.
  • Culturally sensitive and aware of East African countries, customs and ways of working.
  • Fluent written and spoken English required, Swahili or other local languages would be advantageous.

Gender, Equality and Social Inclusion Advisor (Part time)

The Gender, Equality and Social Inclusion Advisor will provide leadership on recommendations to ensure that the BRAVE integrates inclusivity of women, minority groups and those with disabilities. They will be able to lead the analysis of gendered dynamics that influence the social norms, behaviors, and expected roles of men and women within the political, clan, and conflict dynamics and gendered inequalities and drivers of conflict. They will advise on, and provide training at a local level to ensure that stakeholders and partners are ensuring the inclusivity of women, men and underrepresented groups within the programme. This role will also include the monitoring of statistics on gender both in terms of programme outcomes, but also in terms of beneficiaries of interventions and programme delivery to ensure compliance with the International Development (Gender Equality) Act. In addition, the identifying of interventions to actively improve disability inclusion within will be a key deliverable of this role.

Experience, Skills And Qualifications

  • Degree or relevant professional experience in international development, economics, gender studies or a similar field
  • Experience with gender and social inclusion mainstreaming in FCAS, conflict areas, conflict analysis and/or research/think tank or government sectors
  • Experience of addressing systemic gender barriers and norms in understanding the dynamics of conflict and terrorism in the region
  • Knowledge of and strategies for ensuring minorities are represented
  • Experience working with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) or any of its predecessors would be preferred
  • Experience delivering GESI integration training.
  • Demonstrable experience of working within the region, across multiple locations preferred.
  • Culturally sensitive and aware of local customs and ways of working.
  • Previous experience working as a Gender, Inclusion, Diversity officer, or variations of these, would be expected
  • Fluency in English is required, and an additional language spoken within the region would be advantageous but not necessary.


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