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Director, Programme Development & Grants Acquisition


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Strategy and Leadership:

  • Provide day to day leadership and management to the Regional Resource Development Function in supporting NOs grants acquisition and management.
  • In conjunction with Regional Office of Strategy Management and the Regional Leader (RL), and NDs, provide strategic direction for grants acquisition (both public and private) in the region in alignment with NO needs, strategic initiatives and contribution to CWB targets.
  • In accordance with Global GAM processes and the NO Business Planning and annual targeting Cycle, assist the RL and NDs in setting annual grant income projections to be used in the NDs Performance Agreements.
  • Lead team planning, ensuring efficient and effective deployment of time and talent to effectively support NOs.
  • Lead capacity development planning with RO, NO, SO. Lead efficient issue resolution across NO/SO as needed.
  • Collaborate across teams to leverage regional resource opportunities that drive income, influence, and impact.
  • Ensure that all EAR NOs follow World Vision’s related policies, minimum standards, protocols and guidelines for the acquisition and management of grants.

End Results Expected

  • RDU strategy implemented, and report annually on achievements (RDU annual Report in October)
  • Key targets adjusted as requested by EAR Strategy or GC GAM strategy processes
  • NOs annual target and achievements agreed, monitored and reported
  • Leadership to RDU team members provided and mentorship to NOs GAM leads. Capacity building plan agreed, budgeted and implemented


Grants Acquisition:

  • Assist NOs in setting up vibrant GAM teams and structures and ensure that competent staff are recruited by NO GAM teams.
  • Enable NOs to manage opportunity pipeline tracking planning (i.e. regional/country level donors mapping, strategic direction and areas of alignment, etc) maintaining an overview of regional grant funding and resource development in alignment with NO strategic directions, regional frameworks, and Our Promise 2030.
  • Ensure in coordination with SOs and the RO, cross functional team support to NOs for proposals development and pre-positioning with current and potential donors.
  • Support the NOs in the development of consortia whenever necessary in preparation for upcoming opportunities
  • In collaboration with the global center and SO technical and ministry specialists, support the prepositioning of unsolicited proposals and the development of a pipeline of innovative products.
  • In line with Global GAM facilitate and ensure the use of a key grants database for performance monitoring and portfolio management in EAR region in place. This database includes past grant performance (All grants – US, EU, DFID, JICA, Global Fund etc.)
  • Provide background information to facilitate readiness for concept/proposal development
  • Support NOs to understand and use the Grants Risk Assessment Form to facilitate the Go/No Go Decision.
  • Depending on size of grant, profile and donor requirement, work with P&C and relevant SOs to hire high performing staff (i.e. chief of party, etc).
  • To stimulate and provide strategic direction for NOs to pursue non-traditional funding sources, identifying emerging or untapped high potential donors and new emerging models.
  • Lead engagement with Learning Centers and SOs to build shared ownership and engagement in Resource acquisition.
  • Support local Resource Development and branding, in conjunction with Communications.

End Results Expected

  • Annual targets established, monitors and reported
  • Mentored NO GAM leads in development NO GAM Business Plans, and leading their NO efforts successfully
  • Donor mapping reviewed annually, highlights raised with SOs
  • SOs and RDs regularly updated on trends, opportunities and challenges (quarterly RDU report).
  • RDU team and NOs understand the GAM tracking systems, objectives, and process. Point persons to manage these in place and act as per agreed time table
  • Chief of Parties hired in time, Support to JD and job placement provided to Nos and P&C.


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Pre-positioning & Donor Engagement:

  • Identify key relationships to strengthen national and regional positioning and elevate WV’s profile with peer agencies, government, foundations, multilateral, private sector and donors.
  • Work with and through National Offices and in collaboration with SOs IPG colleagues, to cultivate and maintain strong donor relationships at regional and country level, developing engagement strategies for each donor or a group of donors.
  • Monitor the donor competitive landscape, and circulate funding forecasts to NOs to enable them to organize prepositioning meetings with donors.
  • Provide support and guidance to NOs in development of capacity statements to be utilized during prepositioning meetings with donors.
  • Maintain an up-to-date record of the requirements of current potential regional donors and be proactive in the lookout for opportunities for regional donors etc.
  • Research, analyze, develop, and track relationships with new and current donors at regional level and share information with NOs.
  • In conjunction with Regional Communications department, develop key marketing material and external audience mapping to assist RO/NOs to preposition WV in East Africa
  • Participate in strategic regional donor meetings with foundations, bilateral and multilateral institutions etc.

End Results Expected

  • Regional donor landscape analyzed at strategy design and evaluation stages. Highlights and trends communicated to NOs and SOs, and integrated in NOs and RDU work.
  • Participate/initiate NO and SO calls; through GC GAM collaborate with SOGG. 
  • RO and NOs learned on new funding models’ best practices, process and due diligence obligations. NOs actively provided with support to participate in the GC pilots of new funding mechanisms. 
  • Support Local Marketing Community of Practice in the region. Connection among 5 NOs established, products and best practices exchanged regularly, KPS agreed and reported on.
  • On NRD development collaborated with FSD and NOs during strategy design.
  • Supported SOs to identify best financial and evidence-based products that benefit FC and emergency grant funded offices.


Grants Management & Compliance

  • Mobilize cross-RO functional support to NOs for GAM performance (RL, finance, operations, P&C, strategy, technical, QA)
  • Ensure significant Grant audit / implementation issue are brought to the attention of NDs, RL/ SDO. Coordinate with SOs, NOs and the ARFDG to ensure key grant document as per the agreement are tracked. (semi & annual reports, mid-term and final evaluation reports, quarterly financial report etc.) and a successful close out of large-scale grants
  • In conjunction with finance ensure compliance in key grant areas (e.g. eligibility, CAL, match, grant decision making powers, etc). Flag critical policy or systems issues needing resolution by GC.
  • In close coordination with Ops Dir oversight the implementation of the Grants Health Tracker (GHT) to ensure risk management on grant projects implementation.

End Results Expected

  • Grant health tracking and performance tool (or equal) available in NOs used regularly (monthly)
  • GAM and NO Ops units jointly review Grant performance, and addressed the issues of concern.
  • RDU sporadic testing of issues and concerns addressed lead to improved efficiency
  • As appropriate or requested, RDU supported Audit team in ongoing internal and external reviews. Lessons learned communicated to other NOs.
  • Finance department supported in NO burn rate monitoring and actions to improve followed up.


Collaboration and Learning

  • Support capacity building of GAM units at RO/NO level, including technical staff and LCs to build their GAM capacity. Prioritize NOs to support
  • Strengthen capacities in grants-related and resource mobilization areas at regional and country level through capacity building, mentoring, coaching etc.
  • Lead, manage and provide capacity building support to employees in the RDU department, & seconded staff by ensuring clear goals and accountabilities are established and achieved.
  • Ensure individuals’ performance and development needs are met, and employees are high performing and engaged.
  • Engage in NO GAM staff hiring processes. Depending on size of grant, profile and donor requirement, work with P&C to hire high performing staff (i.e. chief of party, etc.)
  • Identify capacity gaps at NOs in grants acquisition and management and other factors leading to poor win rates and grants implementation and work with SOs and the RGM to address them
  • Lead capacity development planning with RO, NOs & SOs (i.e. identification of capacity gaps at NOs in GAM, capacity building initiatives for National Directors in Grants acquisition, grants management training in various government and multilateral donors’ regulations, training in common areas leading to poor grant implementation, as well as partnering and innovative programme design)
  • Lead with the SOs, the roll out of the partnership grants acquisition training software (i.e. Proposal Pro) and the use of Horizon for opportunity tracking.
  • Support/initiative innovative funding streams, e.g. work with global capacities to enhance Local Marketing and fundraising, International contracting and tendering, grants leveraging trough foundations, match (cash or in kind).
  • Engage in respective working groups to support:
    • NRDs in planning a sustainable funding base;
    • FC, Response offices identify and develop new products to match or bridge grants.

End Results Expected

  • Led regional GAM CoP, issues of CoP incorporated with annual work plans and monthly webexes, or leadership dialogue.
  • Annual GAM forum managed and facilitated, and actions /issues followed through
  • Regular check-ins with NO GAM teams and RHEA organized, trends communicated and risks announced. Cross learning facilitated.
  • New hired (GAM) staff introduced to available training (HORIZON, Proposal Pro/G2G, EUREP, ECHO etc.) and to WVI core grant standards, policies, database and tools and networks.
  • Proposal Pro or G2G training facilitates as per capacity building needs. (e.g. one training in the region annually)
  • Capacity building training needs with NOs pre-agreed and RDU team delivered as per budget and agreement.
  • Facilitated webexes and dialogues across the region on GAM news, trends, highlights and supported other departments have understood their connection and role in GAM
  • All NO are using Horizon for tracking and managing grant opportunities.


Regional representation at various fora:

  • To ensure appropriate representation of the region at strategic fora that could lead to resource acquisition and enhanced programming collaboration.
  • Represent the region in the grants community fora (internal and external to WV)
  • Participate in WV internal grant communities – GAM Hubs and Global Grants Compliance Unit

End Results Expected

  • Participated in annual GAM forum, EPRG Forum, NGOs forum and webexes,
  • Facilitated donor and NGO meetings during field trips in cooperation with NOs and SOs



  • Carry out additional responsibilities as assigned by the SDO/RL 
  • Attend and participate in devotional meetings.


Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:

  • Master’s Degree  in Development, Social Science, Management or other field applicable to developing country context preferred
  • Bachelor Degree in International Development, International Relations, Rural Development or any related field. 
  • Leadership capabilities that include coaching staff to high level of performance & engaging in effective cross cultural & cross functional working to achieve shared goals and effective indirect line management
  • Experienced networker with an ability to maintain a good up to date knowledge of the grant opportunities and trends in the humanitarian sector
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of project management with government and multilateral agencies grant funded projects and experience of grant compliance procedures for major bilateral and multilateral donors.
  • Demonstrated track record in proposal development, funding acquisitions and grant management for major government donors preferred
  • Strong organization and delegation abilities; high performance and quality standards; negotiation skills; ability to motivate teams and inspire teamwork;
  • Track record of successfully training, developing/mentoring and supervising grant staff Ability to engage at a strategic level with bilateral and multilateral donors, IO and INGO etc
  • Ability to manage donor expectations Strong budgetary and financial management skills Strong understanding of systems design and implementation protocols Strong inter-personal skills, and proven team-player
  • Excellent written and spoken English Proven ability to manage competing priorities Able to solve complex problems and to exercise independent judgment
  • Able to work in a cross-cultural environment with a multi-national staff
  • Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.
  • Perform other duties as required.

Additional work experience required as a minimum qualification for this position.

  • Working knowledge of the WV Partnership preferred and ability to interface sensitively with people from various departments in both field and support offices
  • Proven experience in development work with a thorough understanding of sustainable development and sectoral interventions.
  • At least 5 years of team management experience, preferably from a National Office.

Work Environment

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 35% of the time.  

Global Operations Advisor


  • Advise and recommend appropriate courses of action to Senior Director, on operational issues.  Has authority to act on behalf of Senior Director in certain circumstances.  Member of operational leadership team, proving analysis, counsel, advice and monitoring, coordination on operational issues to the team/Senior Director,
  • Works directly with Regions, Support Offices and the Global Centre leaders to fulfil GFO operations plan and Partnership Core Initiatives.
  • Responsible for diversified operational duties for Senior Director involving exposure to sensitive information necessitating considerable use of tact, diplomacy, discretion and judgment.
  • Supports ROs and NOs performance towards maximizing impact and minimizing risk, with special focus on metrics, strategy alignment and coordination across entities
  • Contributes to the coordinated partnership wide effort of NOs and ROs to align with Our Promise Going Further by managing Partnership metrics, collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and integrating various NO & RO performance metrics in order to recommend course correction. 
  • Also supports Senior Director in managing operational risks within Global Field Operations in coordination with functional areas of support (Security, Finance, Audit, P&C). Relationship management of matrixed relationships with SDOs
  • Manage projects and on-going activities within GFO to contribute to the fulfilment of Our Promise Going Further


  • Manage reporting including the administration, coordination and analysis of NO alignment with Our Promise Going Further and progress towards strategy targets
  • Working with SREI and MI to track and support scale up of CPM, shift to most fragile, focus on the MVC etc.
  • Manage the roll out and implementation of the Strategy Scorecard at field level.
  • Communications: prepare executive briefings for Senior Director and Partnership Leader, identify critical issues and trends; prepares pre reads and  presentations for SRSC and ExL that communicates the narrative behind the analysis that reflect the progress and challenges of the field in fulfilling Our Promise  Going Further.
  • Work with the ROs to guide and support the appropriate use of this data to make informed decisions to shifts in geographic locations and programming focus to fulfil Our Promise Going Further  and ensure mutual accountability for programme qualityManagement of Global Performance Metrics: Global National Office Dashboard (GNOD), Annual Strategy Review (ASR), SST performance program support team, FO Strategy Scorecards, etc. Lead and manage the process to change SST mandate, including the of annual SST self-reviews, PQSRT reflections, annual strategy reviews, etc.
  • Review and revise and recommend enhancements to current GFO managed metrics to ensure learning, agility and alignment to Our Promise Going Further
  • Selects, develops and recommends to Senior Director new metrics and data that will enhance Global Field Operations in  decision making
  • Analyze and interpret data, provide recommendations to Senior Director based on performance trends, gaps, risks and potential action plans. Work directly with RLs and SDOs on plans to improve metrics
  • Provide end to end project management of specific Global Field Operations Initiatives, such as Operations Portal, the F&D Gap Funding, field simplification, etc.
  • Coordinates and integrates plans, dependencies and schedules across multiple projects.
  • Ensures process and project management standards application consistency across multi-regional projects.
  • Resolves or escalates resource and schedule conflicts between projects.
  • Assesses risk on project and programme level and ensures proactive risk mitigation strategies are in place
  • Support implementation of the Partnership priority initiatives including: LEAP 3, Horizon, Provision, shared services, ERM, etc
  • Interface with SDOs to drive progress towards project deliverables
  • Lead the Horizons Operations Core Committee (HOpsC) supporting strategic decisions made by the Ministry GTD Steering Group
  • Escalate major risks and concerns to the Ministry GTD SG
  • Prioritize Programmatic system change requests to enhance user experience, simplify and enhance business continuity and improve World Vision’s ability to evidence impact
  • Review and monitor change management processes related to Horizon change requests per agreed scope within HOpsC
  • Supports Senior Director in the follow-up of sensitive issues that require correction and compliance with regard to significant audit, security and risk findings.
  • Any other support to the Senior Director, Field Operations in fulfilling her role as required.
  • Relationship management with Regions to resolve operational issues
  • Lead GFO engagement with SOMI (Support Office Ministry Impact group) as and when required to ensure the right level of feedback and engagement with SO programmers.
  • Represent GFO and the field in select working groups/initiatives to ensure GFO alignment in the delivery of Our Promise Going Further, such as Child Sponsorship Funding Model Advisory Group, Environmental Stewardship Advisory Group, COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force, etc.
  • Provide support to Regional offices to fulfil their mandate as and when required
  • Lead and coordinate monthly Regional Programme Quality call with each region to discuss and share key initiatives and updates linked to GFO’s priorities and Our Promise Going Further


  • Minimum 5 years operations, programme/project management roles working with multiple projects in international organisations.
  • Recent experience working in an Operations, Programming, Grant or Strategy role in a World Vision Field or Regional Office Extensive international experience in working across cultures and within complex organizational structures
  • Broad knowledge and deep understanding of different aspects of operations and its associated business processes within World Vision Field and Regional Offices 
  • Excellent analytical, creative, and innovative approach to solving problems.
  • Critical thinking and capability of generating consistently accurate and useful information to inform strategic planning and decisions.
  • Strong analytical, organizational, problem solving, collaborative, facilitation and time management skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage teams and consultants through effectively
  • A broad understanding of nonprofit operations and commitment to World Vision´s objectives, ethos, core ministries, Mission Statement and Core Values is mandatory.
  • Critical thinking and capability of generating consistently accurate and useful information to inform strategic planning and decisions.
  • Must be highly self-motivated and driven to succeed in a fast-paced working environment with a bias for action.
  • Strength in building and managing effective work relationships with both local and dispersed colleagues.
  • Ability to effectively communicate with many different functions, cultures and levels in the organization


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