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Senior Manager – Disaster Management

Key Responsibilities:

Program Management and Reporting,

  • Provide operational oversight in the implementation of all field projects and programs under Disaster Management for the National office.
  • Provide Supervision to DM Field Project Managers
  • Ensure that all projects and programs meet the generally accepted standards as clearly stipulated in the Sphere book.
  • Review and approve all the project and program reports prepared from the field.
  • Prepare and produce program reports for dissemination to various stakeholders.
  • Develop practical tools in monitoring and evaluation of the programs.
  • Develop operating business plan for the projects and programs in collaboration with the other technical leads and departments.
  • Ensure that advocacy is integrated in the Disaster Management projects and programs
  • Work closely with the DME team to ensure that the child wellbeing report is done to meet the standards.

Program Development and Grants acquisition,

  • Support development and execution in collaboration with grants accusation team, a strategy to increase funding portfolio for Disaster Management projects and programs
  • Provide support in funding negotiations with support offices and coordination with GAM and in alignment with Regional Grants Acquisition & management Strategy & the Regional Working Group Decisions.
  • Manage donor concerns (government/private donors and support offices) ensuring proper resolutions for both parties have been reached
  • Provide support to GAM including pre-positioning of World Vision with in-country donor representatives, responding to appropriate request for applications for bilateral and multilateral sources in coordination with relevant SOs and management of grant funded program.

Accountability, learning and innovation,

  • Ensure quality programming, innovative designs, monitoring, evaluation, reflection, learning and reporting of all projects in the Disaster Management projects and Programs that leads to sustainable livelihood for children and their communities.
  • Ensure that findings and recommendations from various accountability mechanisms such as Peer Review, Operational and Finance Audits, Programme evaluations, Programme Capability Review, are acted upon in a timely and effective manner.
  • In close collaboration with P&C, ensure right staff are recruited, retained, and provided with intentional opportunities, mentoring and coaching for development.
  • Ensure that the Program staffs based in remote locations receive care and support.

Networking and Coordination,

  • Maintain effective communications and pro-active relationships with Support Office partners, including visits by donors.
  • Support development and maintenance of pro-active relationships with bilateral and multilateral representatives in country.
  • Support development and maintenance of good relationships with national government ministries, other NGOs and the development sector in general.
  • Support implementation of Partnership initiatives, capacity building of national office staff and knowledge sharing within EARO region.
  • In coordination with the Senior Management Team and other Technical Staff, participate in national level coalitions on specific advocacy issues.
  • In the spirit of twin citizenship, contribute to knowledge sharing and collaborative learning through internal avenues such as the Cash and Voucher and Livelihood and Resilience communities of practice.

Any other duty

  • Carry out any other lawful duties as may be assigned by Disaster Management Director/ Supervisor.

Knowledge, Skills & Qualifications for the role

  • The position holder should have a Master’s degree in any of the fields of Food security, development economics, Project Management, Development studies, Disaster Management, Agriculture or related field in Disaster Management
  •  Minimum of 10 years’ experience with a thorough understanding of all areas of project management cycles in a complex, international development organization especially in development and Relief Projects.  5 years should have been at a managerial level.
  • Training or certification in Portfolio and/or Programme Management with accredited institutions.
  • Ability to engage at a strategic level with senior government, UN and INGO officials.
  • Ability to lead a multi-cultural team with an empowering and outcome-oriented approach.
  • Strong budgetary and financial management skills.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English.
  • The person must be results oriented, able to handle public relations, able to satisfy donor and a team player
  • Demonstrated track record in proposal development, funding acquisitions and grant management for major government donors preferred.
  • The position holder must be results oriented and team a player.
  • Knowledge of WVI working systems, policies and standards will be an advantage
  • Good interpersonal, organizational and management skills.
  • Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts, and physical hardship conditions.
  • Ability to solve complex problems and to exercise independent judgment.
  • Computer literate

Project Officer – L&R (Livestock)

Key Responsibilities:

Project Implementation

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  • Responsible for the implementation of the all Humanitarian Cash & Markets activities in the County with focus on Food Assistance
  • Contribute to effective and timely community-led identification and registration of Cash Transfer beneficiaries.
  • Mobilize and sensitize representatives from line Government ministries, County Government and other stakeholders to proactively take part in strengthening community Structures.
  • Identify/map out all existing players in Cash/Food Assistance programs in the project areas. 
  • Develop and impart necessary trainings for staff, community members and partners related to Cash & Voucher strategies.
  • Jointly with partners take part in participatory assessments to inform best Cash & Voucher programming approaches.
  • Support the implementation of Cash & Markets Initiatives through cash-based programming and or through other applicable approaches.
  • Develop and maintain networks with partners and other stakeholders in the County and Sub County where the project is domiciled in order to maximize the impact of Cash & Markets efforts.
  • Liaise with the Cash & Markets Technical Lead, Project Manager, and the DRR/DM Coordinator to effectively support the project to carry out all Cash & Markets Initiatives – assessments, designs, monitoring and evaluations – in accordance with WV established standards, policies and procedures.
  • Monitor and support the timely and appropriate utilization of budgeted resources for all Cash & Markets interventions.
  • Ensure Adherence to the CVP Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) in rolling out the Cash & Markets Initiatives. 
  • Timely and quality project implementation
  • Budget utilization to acceptable thresholds
  • Effective project monitoring and documentation

Accountability Monitoring & Evaluation and Reporting


  • Compile the necessary monthly, quarterly and annual reports for forwarding to the Project Manager and to the National Office capturing the progress against approved work plans and budgets.
  • Attend the regular weekly and monthly planning meetings as called upon.
  • Set up and build capacity of the Community Based Feedback Structures across the project sites
  • Regularly document success stories, key learnings/innovation for sharing across the partnership.
  • Adapt context specific digital processes on Cash & Markets activities
  • Set up monitoring, accountability and learning systems to CVP programs: CHD, CRM among others
  • In Collaboration with the Cash & Markets Technical lead and the M&E, to facilitate market monitoring and document lessons for sharing internally and with key partners
  • Coordinate with the Project Manager and Project M & E Officer to ensure that appropriate controls, monitoring and evaluation tools are in place and being utilized in a timely manner in the Cash & Markets component
  • Promote the use of digital systems (LMMS) for Activity tracking, Beneficiaries registration, Cash Distribution/Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) monitoring and humanitarian accountability and document lessons and share best practices to different stakeholders.
  • Ensure regular program reports are generated and shared internally: Activity reports, Monthly reports, Semi Annual and Annual Reports.
  • Ensure internal control systems are in placed to identify and manage potential risks associated with cash Transfer at the community level.  
  • Timely and Quality reports
  • Documented learning and actions
  • Innovations and new practices adopted and implemented
  • Success stories, best practices & Lessons learnt well documented

Capacity Building


  • Capacity assessment and training facilitation on the identified gaps to project staff and partners
  • Develop and impart necessary trainings for staff, community members and partners related to Cash & Voucher Interventions, to enable them effectively implement innovative digital solutions.
  • Ensure ongoing coaching and mentoring of Community structures and project staff  to ensure delivery of the desired results.
  • Technical review and support the key project design documents and reports within DMT and across the WVK TPs
  • Staff, Partners and Community capacity enhanced

Other Duties


  • Carry out any other duties as may be assigned by the Cluster Manager, and Project Manager or designees.
  • Identify and recommend opportunities for WVK to strengthen Cash & Markets initiatives in the County
  • Sustained positive relationship

Knowledge, Skills & Qualifications

  • Minimum of a Bachelor Degree in Animal Health Management, Livestock husbandry, Livestock Production, Veterinary Medicine or any other related discipline from a recognized university/institution. 
  • Experience in implementing livestock drought response projects is an added advantage
  • Minimum two years of work experience in livestock development projects.
  • Experience in Project Management including program design, implementation, monitoring & evaluation and reporting
  • Knowledge of and experience working with the Government and community structures  
  • Experience in implementation of integrated development programs with a focus on livestock management in ASAL areas
  • Must have ability to develop good working relationships/partnership developed with all stakeholders (GoK, INGOs)
  • Excellent communication, Networking and advocacy skills
  • Excellent English communication skills (both oral and written).
  • A team player, capable of building staff and community capacity in entrepreneurship sector through training.
  • Ability to take initiative, a team leader able to work with minimum supervision
  • Cross-cultural sensitivity and emotional maturity
  • Must be a committed Christian who is able to stand above denominational diversity challenges
  • Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts
  • Good analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Computer literacy particularly in Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Working knowledge on Gender and Social Inclusion with additional training or skills in gender mainstreaming/integration is desirable

Program Director, Kenya Big Dream

Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Leadership and management

  • Responsible for the overall planning, implementation and management of the program as well as the achievement of the goals and objectives of the program in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Ensure strong communication and coordination with all teams technical and operations to effectively achieve program objectives.
  • Lead the planning of program activities and set high quality performance targets ensuring adherence to technical standards, World Vision (WV) regulations, best practices and donor guidelines/agreed commitments.
  • Design strategies, partnerships and interventions to guarantee the program takes gender and inclusion principles into consideration and that WV and implementing partners/stakeholders are accountable to participants.
  • Primary point of contact and collaboration for the team, support office and in-country stakeholders, including government partners and other key stakeholders.
  • The Director should embrace the shared Kenyan vision for the program and effectively manage available financial and human resources to make that vision a reality.
  • Oversee a communication plan that ensures clear and consistent messaging on program impact.

Strategic Engagement, Donor and External Relations

  • Direct and oversee grant implementation, ensuring that all strategic objectives are met through proper design, staffing, implementation and quality assurance
  • Represent the program and World Vision to donors, Government of Kenya, UN agencies, implementing, technical partners and other appropriate bodies.
  • Ensure effective liaison with local government officials, local communities, donor representatives and other stakeholders as appropriate
  • Constantly look for more effective and efficient implementation and opportunities to increase impact.

Monitoring, Reporting, Documentation & Knowledge Management

  • Establish and maintain effective program reporting, evaluation, and communication systems.
  • Submit timely accurate and quality reports that meet support office and donor requirements
  • Document and disseminate program best practices, lessons learnt and success stories; capturing program impact.
  • Oversee program evaluations working to ensure consultants are providing quality products

Budget Management

  • Manage grant/program budget within approved spending levels and ensure accurate and timely financial reports to donors and World Vision.
  • Ensure grant/program expenses are reasonable, allocated as per assigned budget, prudent and spent in accordance with donor/SO rules and regulations to ensure low risk audits.
  • Any other duties as assigned by supervisor or designee from time to time


  • Master’s degree in social sciences, social work, management, business administration, or a related field
  • 7 years of experience in a senior role leading a complex technical service delivery program of similar scope and dollar value.
  • 7 years of demonstrated experience in partnership building, especially with government representatives, donors, the private sector, and local community organizations.
  • Experience in an integrated child protection program or multi-sectoral programs
  • Proven ability to manage and integrate teams of professionals around common goals
  • Experience working with diverse teams across varying time zones.
  • Demonstrated experience in working with sector professionals, ministries and other key in country players in country.
  • Ability to multi-task and efficiently manage multiple competing priorities.
  • Ability to maintain poise and professionalism under pressure.
  • Past experience of working with large grants and knowledge of financial rules and regulations at a senior level.
  • Experience in developing program work-plans, budgets, managing implementation, staff and short-term technical assistance.
  • Excellent performance track record
  • Experience in integrating teams of professionals around common goals and motivating through visionary leadership.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver results and meet all donor deliverables. Ability to mentor staff
  • Excellent Oral and written communication skills,
  • Excellent Relational skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office including TEAMS
  • Keen understanding of the unique political dynamics of the country and ability to work carefully and collaboratively to support the various political entities in Kenya

Gender & Social Inlcusion Advisor

Key Responsibilities:

Gender, Equality Disability and Social Inclusion Technical Expertise

  • Develop and review WVK gender, Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion national approaches/plans regularly to ensure compliance with the World Vision Partnership, donor, national and international standards.
  • Develop and review assessment tools in line with World Vision Partnership, donor, national and international standards
  • Ensure assessment in gender and disability adequately done for all projects and grants as per partnership, donor, national and international standards.
  • Ensure well planned strategic interventions to address disability and gender issues in all programs and projects
  • Ensure Gender, Equality, disability and Social inclusion issues well mainstreamed in all technical programmes with clear indicators
  • Coordinate the planning and designing of programs and projects.
  • Support effective mainstreaming of gender Equality, disability and social Inclusion in all technical programs and grants.
  • Ensure skills and capacity development for staff and partners in, Gender, Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion approaches. 
  • Provide timely technical programming support to project staff at the national and field level
  • Lead and guide innovations to ensure effective mainstreaming 
  • Ensure Gender, Equality, Disability and social inclusion integration in organizational processes, structures and systems
  • Ensure staff and community partners are aware of expectations and standards regarding gender sensitive behavior, recognizing or reporting gender discrimination to appropriate channels.
  • Work with Senior Leadership Team to ensure the organizations, systems, structures, processes are gender, equality disability and social inclusion friendly.
  • Continuously identify Gender and disability programming gaps from ongoing projects and programs.

Fund raising and increased resource acquisition for Gender Equality, Disability and projects

  • Actively participate in Program Development and Grants Acquisition
  • Ensure well mainstreamed gender and disability issues in all proposals as per donor requirement.
  • Ensure that Gender and Disability proposals/concepts prepositioned, developed and marketed
  • Support Resource Acquisition & Management in start-up and handing-over processes of relevant projects.

Quality assurance of gender and disability across all sectors in projects implementation

  • Ensure accountability, learning and innovation in gender and disability programming
  • Ensure that Gender and Disability issues captured in baselines and evaluations of Programs and grant projects
  • Ensure Good practices in gender and disability programming profiled and shared to unsure adaptation/up scaling of promising practices.
  • Analyze and interpret Gender and disability monitoring data ad ensure the data is utilized in programming and decision making
  • Support staff with relevant Gender and Disability training (ensuring that staff, community and partners have an understanding of gender sensitivity and explain gender in terms of normative, transformative concepts.

Collaboration, partnering and policy Influencing

  • Ensure adequate engagement, networking and advocacy at all levels in the gender and disability space
  • Identifying policy gaps and inconsistencies in the polices and providing recommendations
  • Document and disseminate gender and disability best practices/evidence for use in compiling key advocacy messages for policy influencing.
  • Lead in development and utilization of MOUs / working agreements with partners.
  • Lead WVK into Participation in key National/ International Days such as International Women’s day and international disability day is ensured.Any other duty assigned by the supervisor


  • Bachelor’s degree in Gender /Special needs education, Social Sciences or related degree in a recognized university
  • Relevant Post graduate qualification(s) will be an added advantage
  • At least 7 years’ experience in Gender, Equality and Disability and Social Inclusion programming with evidence of successful implementation of program
  • A good understanding of the international gender mainstreaming approaches
  • He/ she should have demonstrated track record in proposal development, funding acquisitions and grant management.
  • Proven track record in engaging with government ministries and other stakeholders
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of WV working systems, policies and standards will be an added advantage
  • Membership to national/international social workers professional body will be an added advantage
  • Effective in written and verbal communication in English and Kiswahili.
  • Ability to build capacity of staff on gender and disability programming
  • Strong budgetary and financial management skills.
  • Ability to collect and analyze community level data for gender and disability
  • Ability to deliver results
  • Good interpersonal, organizational and management skills
  • Ability to solve complex problems and to exercise independent judgment


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