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Medical Officer – Critical Care

Key Responsibilities

  • Accurate and clear documentation of patient history, physical examination, investigations, and management. 
  • Initiate and maintain proper management and treatment of patients 
  • Appropriate and early consultation and referral of patients to specialists. 
  • Daily updates of the patients progress to the patient and the next of kin. 
  • Facilitates patient admissions, necessary consents and discharges. 
  • Undertake clinical procedures per training. 
  • Conducting CMEs and research. 
  • Participate in morbidity and mortality meetings as required. 
  • Participation in incident reporting, root cause analysis and Quality Improvement Plan 
  • To champion evidence based practice and continuous skill improvement 
  • Rotation in various departments as and when required 
  • Review of medical reports and provision of patient updates to insurance companies. 
  • Participation in daily/weekly/monthly staff meetings. 
  • Conduct timely ward rounds and patient reviews 
  • Ensure that the resources needed to provide quality care are available for each patient in the unit (required HR, equipment, supplies, services).Report and escalate any deficiencies to the HOD/Hospital Manager. 
  • Maintain a positive work attitude and foster team work. 
  • Maintain patient privacy and confidentiality at all times. 
  • Ensure patient satisfaction through quality of care, communication, feedback and escalation through the standardized tool for patient satisfaction measurement and demonstrate follow-up and improvement. Ensure the facility is financially viable and demonstrate growth; 
  • a. Increase the quality and diversity of services offered in the facility. Support marketing activities to ensure growth in client numbers. 
  • b. Ensure financial objectives are met by managing costs within budget, timely and accurate billing of drugs and services, enforcing exclusions, seeking pre-authorizations, proper documentation and timely delivery of invoices. 
  • c. Work closely with the credit controller to monitor patient limits. 
  • Ensure that avenue corporate governance policies are adhered to. 
  • d. Prevent, detect and report any fraud or criminal activity 
  • e. Implement audit recommendations 
  • Ensure adequate knowledge of all Avenue policies, procedures and systems as outlined in the HRMIS.  21. Any other duty as assigned by your immediate supervisor in line with the job description

Personal Specifications

  • Medical degree
  • A valid Kenya Medical Practitioners’ and Dentists Council Licence (KMPDC)
  • Updated BLS, ACLS/ATLS Certificate
  • Post graduate training in a relevant medical field
  • Not less than 1 year post internship experience
  • At least 1 year of inpatient practice
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Empathetic and Emotionally Intelligent
  • Teamwork and Result Oriented
  • Ethical, Reliable, Customer focus.

Unit Manager – Special Clinic

Key Responsibilities

1. The Unit Manager will perform the following people management duties as guided by Avenue HR policies and in coordination with the HR Department; 

a. Efficient staffing – Liaise with the Nursing Services Manager/HR to ensure optimal staff levels including reallocation of staff depending on staffing needs, as well as efficient use of overtimes and locums. 

b. Identify training gaps and liaise with the Nursing Services Manager/HR to facilitate training. 

c. Regular staff engagement and monthly staff meetings with documented evidence of attendance eg. minutes 

d. Reward, recognition and discipline – Ensure that deserving staff are recognized/rewarded and disciplinary action (with proper cause) is undertaken without undue delay and per defined policies 

e. Ensure staff are well groomed; have their respective uniform, name tags etc 

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2. Ensure that the unit has the following required resources; 

a. Collaborate with the NSM/HR to ensure that there is an updated locum pool 

b. Ensure proper inventory of the available equipment on a daily basis and ensure that they are in good working condition. Report any malfunction to Bio-Medical Technician/NSM. 

3. Ensure the unit is financially viable and demonstrate growth through; 

a. Offering quality care to patients and ensuring good relationship with stakeholders 

b. Ensure financial objectives are met by managing costs within budget, timely and accurate billing of drugs and services. Ensure an invoice rejection rate of < 3% by ensuring that proper pre-authorisations and documentation has been done. 

4. Ensure that Avenue corporate governance policies are adhered to. 

a. Prevent, detect and report any fraud or criminal activity 

b. Fully implement internal audit recommendations and attain satisfactory ratings in subsequent audits. 

5. Read, understand and be conversant with all systems, policies and procedures as outlined in the Hospital Manual especially policies pertaining to provision of medical services i.e. Admission & discharge procedures, nurses’ reports, ward equipment and supplies, emergency protocols etc. 

6. Review and act on quality indicator reports 

7. Ensure all sentinel incidents/events are recorded and reported within 24 hours using the provided tools 

8. Maintain and enforce infection control standards per the hospital manual and observe the infection control bundles (SSI, VAP, CAUTI and CLABSI) where applicable. 

9. Supervise and offer mentorship to patient attendants and nurses per their job description 

10. Engaging the multi disciplinary team actively during ward rounds and receive handover reports from the outgoing nurse on shift 

11. Ensure proper and detailed documentation of patient notes and review; consulting with fellow clinicians, consultants when need be. 

12. Ensure that all diagnostic requests (lab and radiology) have patient’s clinical information. 

13. Ensure patients safety following the 6 International Patient Safety Goals (IPSGs) (patient identification, effective communication, safety of high alert medication, ensure correct site procedure and surgery, reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections, reduce the risk of patient harm resulting from falls) 

14. Provides patient and family education/teaching applicable to the patients medical condition. Discusses patient concerns and answers questions relevant to care. 

15. Ensure prioritization of patient needs in a documented nursing care plan. 

16. Keep emergency trolley organized for easy use during resuscitation, drugs and supplies are well stocked, damaged equipment is removed promptly. A checklist should be kept and updated on the 1st and 16th of every month. 

17. Ensure that doctors/consultants are updated on patient’s progress and critical values in a timely manner 

18. Provides leadership in improving patient care, maintaining standards of care, directing and teaching personnel in a variety of setting. 

19. Ensure that all invasive nursing procedures are done under aseptic technique 20. Compiling monthly unit reports by 1st of every month. 

21. Compiling government reports and submitting them by 2nd of every month 

22. Ensure all the relevant consultants have explained procedures and have obtained consent 

23. Ensure patient privacy and confidentiality is maintained at all times 24. Participate in emergency response 

a. Drug administration; 

b. Ensure adherence to the 10 rights of drug administration (right patient, medication, dosage, route, time, documentation, client education, assessment, evaluation and client refusal of treatment) 

c. Ensure that all new drug orders are submitted to pharmacy promptly and STAT doses given within 30 minutes 

d. Ensure D.D.A. drugs are safe and register is kept properly per unit requirements 

e. Ensure all unused drugs are refunded immediately 

f. Ensure all verbal prescriptions should be signed within 24 hours by the respective doctor. 

g. Ensure all treatment sheets have information on drug allergies 

25. Client satisfaction (patient, consultants and others)- ensure client satisfaction through optimal quality of care, effective communication, timely feedback and escalation of unresolved complaints/concerns, and demonstrate follow-up and improvement. 

26. Covering the hospital as and when required. 

27. Any other duty as assigned by your immediate supervisor in line with the job description

Personal Specifications
  • A BSN in nursing and administrative training
  • A valid nursing council of Kenya license
  • 2 years experience in a related position
  • COHSASA or other Accreditation experience
  • Updated BLS, ACLS/ATLS certificate
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Should be ethical
  • Result Oriented
  • Team Work
  • Empathetic
  • Attention to detail.

General Nurse – Special Clinic

Credit Control Assistant

Laundry Attendant




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