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Volunteer Pharmaceutical Technician

Key Responsibilities

  • Receive, verify and record all incoming items in the Hospital drug store.
  • Issue and record all items duly requested by the consumption units in the prescribed format.
  • Ensure proper filling and storage of all the documents in the hospital drug store.
  • Monitor consumptions of items in the consumption units.
  • Ensure proper storage of all items in the Hospital drug store.
  • Regularly monitor expiry dates of all items.
  • Monitor on poor utilized and slow moving items and in consultation with the supervisor advice the prescribers/users accordingly.
  • Monitor the stock levels and in consultation with the supervisor to avoid unnecessary stock outs.
  • Record twice daily the temperatures in the cold room and the fridge.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of cold chain in the drug store.
  • Offer pharmaceutical advice when required.
  • With the supervisor assist in preparation of consumption reports.
  • Conduct regular physical inventory to ensure compliance of records.
  • Creation of picking slips.
  • Do any other duty as assigned to you by your supervisor or designate.

Key Result Areas

  • Accurate and timely documentation of all issues and received drugs and medical items.
  • Daily recording and tracking of temperatures in the cold room and the fridge
  • Timely issue orders to the various units in the prescribed forms on their ordering days.
  • Proper storage of drugs and medical items.
  • Tracking of expiries and slow moving items.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • A Diploma in pharmacy from a recognized institution.
  • He/She must be enrolled by the pharmacy and poisons board
  • At least three years hospital pharmacy experience.
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Computer literate
  • A good team player
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Ability to work ethically in demanding environment.
  • Good customer care skills.

Volunteer Laboratory Technologist

The laboratory technologist will actively contribute in the improvement of quality of care by ensuring quality laboratory services are delivered to the beneficiaries. He/she will be supervising all laboratory assistants and will capacity build them through laboratory assistants training and on bench training. He/She will be answerable to Senior Laboratory Technologist.

Program Management:

  • Perform Laboratory investigations as per clinician’s request and ensure accurate, reliable and timely results.
  • Maintain order and smooth flow of patients.
  • Participate in in-service training and regular on bench refresher courses for Kenyan and refugee staff.
  • Ensure that all relevant records are updated and maintained.
  • Monitor and supervise proper usage of laboratory reagents.
  • Maintain Laboratory machines in good order- cleaning and covering after use.
  • Ensure general laboratory cleanliness is maintained.
  • Report any unusual statistics or observations to the laboratory in-charge.
  • Ensure SOPS are used at all times.
  • Ensuring safety procedures in the laboratory are maintained.
  • Preparing stains, reagents and solutions necessary for all lab tests.
  • Participate in the department planning and forecasting of laboratory supplies.
  • Monitor proper safety standards in the laboratory.
  • Organize biological samples for shipment.
  • Writing and reviewing Sops.
  • Timely submission of weekly, Monthly, and quarterly reports.
  • Keeping up to date with technical developments, especially those which can save time and improve reliability.
  • Performing laboratory tests in order to produce reliable and precise data to support scientific investigations.

Human Resource:

  • Supervise laboratory incentive staff in collaboration with the senior lab technologist to ensure work is done properly.
  • Countercheck all work done by incentive staff.

Program Activities:

  • Ensure laboratory tests are performed accurately and timely.
  • Ensure revised SOPs are used in all testing procedures.
  • Ensure proper collection, packaging and transportation of laboratory samples to Nairobi hospital and/or other outsourced centre.
  • Ensure proper storage of laboratory reagents and cold chain system to avoid compromised reagents that may lead to false reporting.

Reporting and Coordination:

  • Ensure all laboratory reports are done on time and sent to Supervisor, HIS, HM and other offices as may be indicated.
  • Notify your supervisor of all investigations above the normal threshold.
  • Report any laboratory incidents to the senior lab technologist.


  • Carry out any other duty assigned by your supervisor.
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Key Result Areas

  • Quality of lab services- reliable and timely.
  • Cleaning and orderliness of the workplace
  • FIFO and FEFO application in stock management
  • Training of lab assistant’s course and other CME
  • Timely reporting.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Diploma in medical laboratory sciences.
  • MUST be registered by KMLTTB.
  • 3 years’ experience in clinical laboratories.
  • Experience working with non-profitable organization.
  • Flexibility at work.
  • Cultural sensitivity.
  • Team player.

Method of Application

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