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Regional Services Officer – North Rift Regional Office

Job purpose

This position is responsible for the implementation of region specific best practices that contribute to the realization of Human Rights within the same. This role is to pursue redress for human rights violations in the commission’s regional offices to reinforce programs and practices that support the advancement of Human Rights programs inclusive of access to justice, devolution, land, citizenship, security, business human rights, minority groups, environmental rights, labour rights, public sector accountability and engaging cultural and traditional institutions to mainstream human rights laws

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Operational Responsibilities:

  1. Undertake client screening and complaints handling for victims seeking redress for human rights violations to facilitate the justice process and seek favorable outcomes for them
  2.  Promote proactive resolution of complaints on human rights violations to avoid recurrence of similar situation from arising. This includes the application of ADR mechanisms.
  3. Undertake investigations on human rights violations to ensure that the complaints are resolved promptly as per the mandate of the Commission
  4. Refer complaints that fall outside the mandate of the Commission to appropriate agencies for resolution
  5. Prepare reports on complaints received and the remedial action taken by the Commission
  6. Organize, plan and implement programme activities such as human rights clinics, radio talk shows and public forums to create awareness amongst members of the public
  7. Attend court in matters where the Commission is a party or has an interest
  8. Assist in preparing training content and facilitating trainings for civil society organizations, state actors and other stakeholders.
  9. Assist in monitoring compliance with human rights standards in prisons and other detention facilities.
  10. Assist in the preparation of quarterly, annual and activity reports
  11. Assist in the management and enhancement of partnerships with human rights actors in the region in order to enhance the Commission’s effectiveness.
  12. Represent the Commission in various meetings and forums organized by the Commission’s partners and whose agenda touch on the Commission’s mandate

Skills, Experience and Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, law or an equivalent from a recognized university
  • Be admitted as an  Advocate of the High Court of Kenya (for lawyers)
  • At least 1 year of relevant service in a comparable position from a reputable organization
  • Good understanding of human rights and other relevant laws
  • Good research skills.
  • Good communication, listening and client management skills.
  • Computer literacy

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