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Relationship Manager – Commercial Banking -North Rift

Job Summary

  • To manage and sustain a portfolio of Commercial customers, building long term relationships founded on efficient and reliable support for their business. This is achieved particularly through quick risk decisions and managing consistency and quality of operational service.
  • The primary objective is to maximize risk-adjusted portfolio contribution.
  • The jobholder will be responsible for business development both with new customers and with existing customers where they are expected to increase “wallet share”.
  • Executing sales growth tactics and targets in collaboration with the key business partners (Transactional Banking, Global Markets, Asset Based Finance, Commercial Property Finance, Ecosystem, Bancassurance, Agribusiness, and any other product / solution functions).

Job Description

Key accountabilities / Deliverables / Outcomes:

Sales and Service – Time split 65%

  • Principal point of contact with bank customers in the assigned portfolio.
  • Achievement of the portfolio’s annual financial targets: –
  • Balance Sheet Growth,
  • Revenue and Profitability,
  • Growth in share of market, and
  • Portfolio At Risk kept within set limits to minimize potential NPL.
  • Driving customer satisfaction (NPS score), developing and growing relationships with existing and potential customers, identifying opportunities for business development and guiding product development.
  • Maintain Customer Account Plans for all customers in the portfolio such that contact with customers is prioritized.
  • Conduct Annual and, if appropriate, Interim Reviews of Borrowing customers facilities.
  • Where applicable, conduct Annual and/or Interim Reviews of Non-borrowing customers.
  • Determine the key messages, e.g., agreed service standards, negotiated pricing, relationship team contact points, and new product changes, deciding upon the most appropriate communication method.
  • Deal with and find solutions to customer complaints.
  • Determine the products that are most effective in meeting customers’ needs and be able to sell these at short notice both reactively and proactively.
  • Research, create, and follow up a target list for potential new business.

Business Management – Time split 30%

  • Research, create, and follow up on a target list for potential new business.
  • Identify priority customers using the relationship Customer Account Planning templates to assess their present and potential contributions.
  • Gather all the required information that is needed to prepare and assess credit applications. The role holder will be expected to input certain key information such as judgmental information. (They will work with Assistant Relationship Manager, Business Development Manager for relevant product, and the Corporate Credit Manager resources to construct credit applications).
  • Adherence to approved policies and procedures and providing feedback on the same so as to keep them competitive;
  • Audit issues closed with Nil repeat findings, and
  • 100% SLA Adherence to agreed turnaround times.
  • Control and quality of the portfolio, using available triggers and adherence to Risk management guidelines and policies.

Staff Management – Time split 05%

  • Day-to-day coaching and development of the portfolio Assistant Relationship Manager(s).
  • Performance tracking and periodic reviews of the supporting ARM.
  • Making the bank a great place to work (360o feedback).

Regional Sales Manager

Job Summary

  • To drive and deliver exceptional sales business performance, through the provision of efficient business management, powerful leadership, team development and achievement of operational rigour excellence through the management of Area Sales Managers in the Cluster.
  • At least 85% of the time of the Regional Sales Manager should be spent in the field opening up sales opportunities and people management to enhance productivity

Job Description

Key accountabilities/Deliverables/Outcomes

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Accountability:  PEOPLE MANAGEMENT; Time split: 40%

  • Working with the team to achieve sales targets in the respective business area through business development activities and providing feedback on performance. Ensuring a proper sales discipline is in place i.e. each Area Sales Manager submits daily/weekly sales plans, and reports on realisation of the same.
  • Ensure full use of the sales management tools – Ensure a proper sales discipline is in place i.e. each Area Sales Manager submits daily/weekly sales plans, and reports on realisation of the same.
  • Sales planning – determining where each team will sell, the best market approach, sales logistics including transport, brochures, fliers etc.
  • Build and develop a high performing team through embedding performance development and coaching. Ensure that Area Sales managers in the cluster provide regular coaching and feedback to their teams in order to develop them.
  • Discuss and finalise Performance Development Plans and ratings for all Area Sales managers in the area. Review patterns of staff performance based on the sales dashboard statistics compiled by Area Sales Managers.
  • Determine and manage Training Needs Analysis and Succession plans for Area Sales Managers and also carry out relevant training for the Area Sales Managers.
  • Effective resource management/planning that reflects current and future business requirements, ensuring that the correct balance of numbers, skills and experience, by playing an active role in recruitment and exits. This includes evaluating requests from Area Sales managers for additional staff, and reallocating headcount between sales areas within cluster/Region headcount budget.
  • Sign off leave requests received from Area Sales managers.
  • Initiates discipline charges for Area Sales managers when required, follows discipline process, together with HR. Also acts as first level escalation point for grievance
  • Act as the escalation point for their unresolved queries and complaints received by Area Sales Managers.
  • Motivate staff to deliver, and ensure they are recognized through recognition schemes.
  • Manage retention by reducing  attrition of lgs from the current 47% to below 20%

Accountability:  BUSINESS MANAGEMENT; Time split: 40%

  • Agree targets and take accountability for the overall achievement of Sales Performance objectives for the cluster under management in terms of:
  • Cascading targets to direct reports and teams, and ensuring buy-in
  • Be accountable for the productivity of Area Sales Managers of both the Branches and the Central Team by reviewing them on a monthly basis.  Discuss progress with Area Sales managers and ensure that exceptional performance is recognized. Also agree action plans with Area Sales managers that are not meeting targets, review progress towards such action plans or initiate performance exits where necessary.
  • Sales growth and income contribution – ensure sales numbers are submitted to the Country Sales Manager daily.
  • Risk and rigour management  including managing RTS levels
  • Accountable for achieving annual sales targets as agreed with the Country Sales Manager. Monitoring of progress towards achieving targets is done on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Cost performance.
  • Customer experience

Brand, product and business proposition:

  • Provide clear direction to Area Sales Managers on the Absa’s business objectives, translating and prioritizing into business performance measures at Sales level.
  • Analyse local area consumer trends, competitor analysis, business development opportunities based on detailed analysis received from Area Sales managers in the area. Guide Area Sales managers on how to conduct market analysis.
  • Occasionally contact key business influencers, mostly on request from the Area Sales manager, to support product sales initiatives or complaint resolution.

Business Expansion:

  • Work with BAW RMs to unlock sales in companies through visibility, sales activations, and financial trainings and work with the sales teams to bring leads on new company sign ups
  • Ensure that clusters are operating in full capacity as per the signed off capacity plan by recruiting Area Sales Managers and ensure that Area Sales Manager’s capability levels are such that they can recruit their Sales teams.

Accountability: RIGOUR/COMPLIANCE; Time split: 10%


  • Enhance compliance with operations risk and rigour requirements e.g. KYC and anti-money laundering measures through regular communication with Area Sales Managers and directly with Sales staff on the importance and contents of such policies.
  • Undertake planned visits to branches and the Central Team within the allocated area to check that processes are being followed.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that all staff in the area are trained on compliance requirements

Accountability: CUSTOMER SERVICE; Time split: 5%


  • Review monthly query and complaint trend analysis compiled by Area Sales Managers.
  • Review Sales action plans and provide advice on how to improve the sales service delivery.
  • Ensure that all Absa’s Values are embedded in the cluster of operation in customer service.
  • Interact with internal service providers to ensure a high level of customer service.
  • Embed TCF Principles across the cluster under responsibility and managing cases of miss-selling

Accountability: CONTRIBUTION TO THE TEAM; Time split: 5%


  • Pursue your own career development to increase personal effectiveness and acknowledge strengths and areas of development.
  • Set annual performance development objectives with the Regional Sales Managers.

Area Sales Manager

Job Description

Key accountabilities/Deliverables/Outcomes


  • Act as enabler to the Lead Generators under supervision by providing them with the tools and information to optimize sales
  • Through delegation to the Lead Generators, achieve set annual sales targets.  Monitor the performance of the Lead Generators on a daily, weekly, quarterly and annual basis and provide coaching and feedback on how to improve performance
  • Agree individual targets with the team members for products, assets, liabilities and campaigns.
  • Manage daily attendance levels within the team in compliance with the relevant HR policies, including the management and approval of leave within the team.
  • On a daily basis, monitor the movement of the Lead Generators to ensure that planned meetings or activities are being carried out in the field
  • Motivate staff and ensure they are recognized through the Absa Bank PLC recognition schemes
  • Identify training needs of the team and arrange for these needs to be met through on-the-job coaching and formal training
  • Communicate a summary of the training needs to the Regional Sales Managers at least annually.  Ensure that the planned learning interventions take place particularly for compulsory training
  • Sit for Lead Generator interviews based on shortlist provided by Regional Sales Managers, HR and Resource Coordinator. 
  • Induct new Lead Generators and ensure that they participate in formal induction as well as the compulsory compliance training courses
  • Sit for disciplinary hearings for misconduct or incapacity charges together with HR
  • Ensure that Lead Generators understand the compensation plans in place


  • Supervise product promotion campaign aspects by distributing material to Lead Generators.  Cascade key messages, including training for products to staff members, including training on new application forms
  • Monitor sales performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and provide results to the Regional Sales Managers


  • Work with Regional Sales Managers to unlock sales in companies through sales activations and financial trainings
  • Work with the sales teams and Regional Sales Managers to bring leads on new company sign ups


  • Ensure that all activities and duties are carried out in full compliance with regulatory requirements, Enterprise-Wide Risk Management Framework and internal Absa Policies and Policy Standards. Understand and manage risks and risk events (incidents) relevant to the role.”
  • Ensure accuracy of each new account application, loan document, Barclaycard application and all other customer documents. Lead Generators are held personally accountable for accuracy and quality of these and supporting documents that they complete and submit.
  • Achieve operational rigour excellence in all aspects of procedures and processes personally undertaken to ensure green audit.
  • Comply with general Absa operational risk & rigour requirements e.g. Health & Safety standards and security of premises, KYC and anti-money laundering regulations.
  • Effective leave management of LGs in the team to manage branch costs
  • Effective management of reporting of LGs and prompt notification of any unexplained absences
  • Effective exit management
  • Effective management of performance records and use of LG Management tools to monitor performance and sales activities


  • Share knowledge and experience with other Sales Managers in the team.
  • Provider cover for other Sales Managers in case of excessive workload or absence.
  • Share knowledge and experience and best practice with team members, Lead Generators and the broader business
  • Deputize for the Regional Sales Manager when required.


  • Agree annual performance objectives with the Regional Sales Manager, including specific sales targets.
  •  Pursue continued improvement in personal development by participating in development programs and training.


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