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Data Reporter

Reporting to the Data Editor, the Data Reporter will be responsible for generating data-driven editorial content by gathering, extracting, analysing data, and identifying the best tools to explain and present information to the public. The job holder pitches, researches and writes data-driven stories, either alone or in collaboration with other journalists for use in any or all NMG platforms including print, online, mobile, on the app, and on television.

Key responsibilities

  • Conceive, develop and execute data driven investigations;
  • Create charts, maps and analysis based on data aggregated from credible sources;
  • Build interactive tools and graphics to allow readers to track indicators about subjects of news interest over time;
  • Work with beat journalists, section editors, online editors, developers and designers to source and produce data-visualisations, cartography and infographics supporting journalists’ stories and ensure the best representation of data in all formats (print, app and web);
  • Improve the quality and representation of data accompanying stories by other journalists and generating data-driven stories;
  • Develop longer-term data stories and features such as new indices, data templates for specific events such as elections, assess data providers and data software, archive data and develop new data-driven editorial products;
  • Come up with ideas and create data-driven content in story form, blogs, quizzes and interactives;
  • Ensuring delivery of digital content; and
  • Adhering to social media policy as updated from time to time.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or its equivalent from a recognized institution; Advanced Excel and/or SQL skills, or other comparable statistical tools; Two (2) years’ experience as a data reporter; Working knowledge of SEO and digital best practices; Ability to communicate both inside and outside the organisation; Ability to write complex reports; Possess analytical and administrative skills; Possess people management skills.

Regional Editor, Nyeri

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Reporting to the Growth Editor, the Regional Editor will be responsible for the coordination and management of the Regional Office’s operations, getting well researched and most up to date regional reports and ensuring that the content meets established editorial and journalistic objectives, ethics, and house style and that the stories are delivered within set deadlines.

Key responsibilities

  • Being the lead writer in the regional office;
  • Generating top stories for the regional editions;
  • Generating news ideas, special reports and projects from the region and following-up on running stories;
  • Preparing the day’s docket by listing down all the regional story items and submitting the same to the Growth Editor;
  • Assigning reporters, debriefing them on the content they bring back and ensuring that they submit their stories to meet deadlines;
  • Editing stories to ensure that there’s accuracy, balance, fairness, legal soundness and that they meet journalistic ethics, editorial objectives and house style, and filing the complete stories to the Growth Editor within set deadlines;
  • Taking responsibility for the content generated and news worthy functions in the region;
  • Managing company resources in the regional office;
  • Appraising the staff in the regional office;
  • Ensuring delivery of digital content; and
  • Adhering to social media policy as updated from time to time.

Qualifications, Experience & skills

  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or its equivalent from a recognized institution;
  • Relevant professional qualifications;
  • Five (5) years of relevant experience;
  • Ability to communicate both inside and outside the organisation;
  • Ability to write complex reports;
  • Possess analytical and administrative skills;
  • Possess people management skills.

Multimedia Editor, Nation.Africa

Reporting to the Head of News but collaborating with others across the group, the Multimedia Editor will be responsible for the video content on Nation.Africa and act as the newsroom bridge between print, digital and broadcasting platforms. He or she is expected to lead, plan, budget, ideate, generate, edit, upload and monitor content to enhance its digital presence and reach.

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Key Responsibilities:

  • Be the lead video expert in the main NMG newsroom including dealing with curated content and breaking news;
  • Develop and implement an appropriate video strategy;
  • Build and lead a market beating digital video crack team
  • Assign, process and distribute video content on digital platforms;
  • Ensure all videos from bureaus and other sources are edited and distributed as required;
  • Ensure that social media accounts are populated with appropriate video content;
  • Be the champion of video monetisation in the newsroom;
  • Work with reporters, editors and writers to ensure video journalism meets high standards of story-telling, clarity, accuracy, quality, fairness, and balance, while avoiding problems of libel, defamation, and use infringement;
  • Collaborate on projects with other NMG platforms, especially NTV, to make the best use of resources and ensure joint coverage to deliver the greatest editorial impact;
  • Entrench creative spark and rigorous editorial quality to ensure that content connects through beautifully crafted storytelling;
  • Develop consumer-targeted web content from concept to production;
  • Maintain quality and consistency across media types and web platforms and drive increased traffic and brand visibility;
  • Supervise contributors to ensure deadlines are met;
  • Monitor and report on video presence and traffic;
  • Ensure Digital output adheres stringently to all relevant NMG policies & standards;
  • Foster an environment of productive employee relations and respond to and anticipate challenges from staff, audiences and other stakeholders;
  • Participate in editorial meetings to present the daily and weekly video content plan;
  • Interact weekly with other departments within the NMG to ensure joint coverage plans;
  • Support a digital first approach to gathering, production and publication of content.


  • Bachelor’s degree in communication or its equivalent from a recognized institution;
  • Seven (7) years of relevant experience; at least one of which must be digital experience;
  • Must demonstrate professionalism & positive ability in work performance;
  • High command of English and Kiswahili languages;
  • Video and editing skills;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Strong planning & organizational skills;
  • Ability to gather, write and edit news;
  • Adept at making editorial judgements;
  • Excellent verbal & written communication skills;
  • Have an understanding of the media law;
  • Must possess good research, interviewing and reporting skills;
  • Ability to work with minimum supervision;
  • Must possess high level of integrity;
  • Membership to a registered professional body is desired;
  • Having worked across various media platforms will be an added advantage.


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