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Duties and responsibilities.
The Senior Finance Officer will be responsible of the following among others:
a) Prepare final accounts that reflect true and fair view of the financial position of the
institution to ensure compliance with the statutory requirements
b) Ensure proper interpretation and implementation of financial regulations and
procedures, government circulars, letters and instructional to comply with statutory
requirement i.e. Kenya National Audit office c) Review funds disbursement requests from department heads, and approve as
appropriate, to ensure the departments have the resources required in the
implementation department strategies, and to minimise on unbudgeted expenditure
that might result in resource wastage
d) Advise the institution management on all financial matters i.e. tenders, planning, audit
training to ensure sound and correct decision making
e) Oversee preparation and submission of statutory reports i.e. NHIF, PAYE, NSSF, as
required by the law for compliance purposes
f) Supervise and advise on training needs of finance staff to ensure they have the right
skills to execute their daily duties
g) Ensure timely preparation and submission of the institution budget to maintain
accurate accounting records and preparation of management and statutory financial
h) Develop the institution budget to ensure sufficient allocation of resources that support
the implementation of its strategy in an efficient and effective manner.
i) Maintain inventory of all bank accounts to monitor the liquidity status of the institution
j) Ensure availability of funds for day to day activities for efficient and effective running
of the institution
k) Sign cheques and vouchers within the required/set threshold for prudent and timely
execution to enhance smooth running of the institution’s operations.
l) Preparation of budget
m) Monitor expenditure
n) Account for all resources allocated to all departments
Minimum Requirements.

a) Bachelor’s degree in any of the following disciplines: -Commerce (Accounting/Finance
Option), Finance, Business Administration (Accounting/ Finance Option), Business
Management (Accounting/Finance Option) or its equivalent qualification from a
recognized institution.
b) Have CPA (K) with ICPAK membership and in good standing.
c) Demonstrated managerial, administrative and professional competence in work
d) Served in the grade of Accountant /Finance Officer or a similar position for at least three
(3) years
e) Certificate in relevant computer accounting packages;
f) Senior Management Course training will be an added advantage.
g) Certificate of good Conduct
h) Compliance with Chapter 6 of the constitution.

V/NO. SIT /2021/3 SENIOR PROCUREMENT OFFICER. (Job Group L) 1Position

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Duties and Responsibilities.
a) Develop and implement the Institution procurement strategy to ensure timely
procurement of goods and services
b) Present procurement reports to the management to ensure proper recommendations on
the gaps identified
c) Coordinate and monitor the implementation of the Board procurement
recommendations to ensure the implementation meets the set timelines and is
compliant with Public Procurement Act and Regulations
d) Coordinate the preparation of the procurement work plan to ensure the timely delivery
of goods and services
e) Coordinate timely preparation of the Institution procurement budget to ensure
sufficient resources are allocated for the implementation of the procurement plan.
f) Ensure proper maintenance of records and documents for easy retrieval of information
when required.
g) Monitor compliance with the relevant procurement laws and regulations in order to
reduce exposure to risks associated with noncompliance.
h) Review and approve invoices for payment to suppliers to ensure transparency in the
payment of suppliers.
i) Perform due diligence on the suppliers shortlisted, in addition to the system checks, to
ensure that institution’s contracts only with suppliers that are compliant as per the
Procurement Act and the institution’s policies, and that have the capacity to deliver.
j) Coordinate the training and development of the procurement staff to ensure they are
competent for the delivery of quality services.
k) Participate in the tender process to carry out tender evaluation in line with the
institution’s procurement policies and procedures in order to select the most qualified
suppliers to contract

Minimum Requirements.
a) Served in the grade of Supply Chain Management Officer/ Procurement Officer in a
comparable position for a minimum period of three (3) years;
b) Should be conversant with stores management.
c) Membership to the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supplies, Kenya Institute of
Supplies Management or any other recognized institution and in good standing.
d) Certificate in computer application skills and demonstrate proficiency in computer use
and applications.
e) Senior Management Course training will be an added advantage.
f) Certificate of good Conduct.
g) Compliance with Chapter 6 of the constitution.

V/NO. SIT /2021 DRIVER (Job Group E) 2 Positions.

Duties and responsibilities.
a) Transport authorized staff to designated locations in a safe and timely manner, to ensure
the transport department supports the institution staff in the performance of work.
b) Ensure the cleanliness and routine maintenance of the Institution’s vehicles assigned, to
enhance the image of the Institution and to make the vehicles user friendly.
c) Perform minor repairs and make arrangement for major repairs to ensure the vehicle
are kept in good condition at all times.
d) Ensure timely change of oil, checking tyres, brakes and water levels to prevent the
vehicle from breakdowns.
e) Report the accidents and incidents to the Transport Officer to ensure appropriate
strategies are developed and implemented to minimize the accidents and incidents and
on the associated costs.
f) Record distances travelled and fuel costs incurred for proper record keeping to assist in
the management of transport costs.
g) Inspect the vehicles to ensure they are fully equipped with tools and first aid kit to
ensure adherence to the regulation.
h) Maintain all valid legal documents such as driving license, work tickets, insurance and
safety hazards.
i) Ensure safety of the vehicle on and off the road.

Minimum level of academic qualifications.
a) KCSE D plus
b) Driver’s License for class BCE vehicles.
c) Minimum of 30 years of age with 5 years driving experience.
d) Conversant with NTSA Act and Regulations
e) First Aid Skills
f) Trade Test Grade II, III or Craft Mechanic Course

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Salary: As per the existing SIT B.O.G Terms of Service

Siaya Institute of Technology is an equal opportunity employer.
The details of the advertised post can be accessed from the Institute’s website Interested qualified persons are requested to download the
fillable PDF application forms, fill and submit via e-mail to so
as to reach the undersigned on or before Monday, 3rd January 2022 at 3:00pm.
NB: Youth, Women, and Persons living with Disability (PWD) are encouraged to apply

P.O. BOX 1087 – 40600


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