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Job Responsibilities:

Research & Knowledge – 100%

  • Evaluate forecast performance using different monitoring data inputs and characterize the implications of data quality on forecast tool performance
  • Optimize the tool’s algorithm to adjust for common data quality issues
  • Develop a user manual for the forecast tool
  • Work with project partners such as AfriqAir and Airqo to process air quality data from Low-Cost Sensors (LCS), and check for data completeness, quality and develop a LCS data integration protocol into the forecast workflow
  • Write up guidelines and performance attributes for the use of LCS as inputs into the forecast
  • Work closely with city and subnational air quality managers on input data quality and the usability of the tool
  • Evaluating the performance of the air quality forecast tool, propose and carryout corrections and adjustments where necessary

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Job Qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in atmospheric science, geography, computing, engineering, or related field
  • Minimum of 6 years of professional full-time work experience
  • Experience working with satellite datasets such as AOD, FRP, CO, NOX, and O3 from platforms and instruments such as AQUA, TERRA, VIIRS, GOES, CALIPSO, CATS, MODIS, TES, MISR and MOPITT
  • Experience processing emission inventory data for air quality models
  • Experience evaluating atmospheric and air quality modeling systems
  • Experience with manipulating and analyzing large spatial datasets
  • High-level R and/or Python programming skills
  • Comfort in working in UNIX/LINUX environment
  • Data and workflow management skills
  • Strong writing and presentation skills, including a track record of peer-reviewed publications and scientific conference presentations

How to Apply:

Please submit a resume with cover letter. Resume and cover letter must be submitted in English to be considered. Applicants must apply through the WRI Careers portal to be considered. Please submit a resume with cover letter, by 4th Feb, 2022


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