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Head of Clinical Services

  • To provide leadership to the Clinical Division to ensure delivery of quality care in keeping with best practices by the continuous improvement of clinical services and patient care in accordance with the Hospital strategic plan, policies and procedures, rules, and regulations, and in compliance with all applicable local laws and relevant accrediting bodies.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead the initiative to implement the strategic plan for medical services in collaboration with nursing leadership and hospital administration. Demonstrate ownership and communicate the division’s strategic direction to all clinical services staff and personnel.
  • Lead performance improvement activities within the division and serve as the divisional representative on interdisciplinary teams.
  • Lead the division in the development and review of policies, procedures, standards, and patient plans of care on behalf of the division as a multidisciplinary team leader.
  • Practice and develop clinical services in a financially prudent and responsible fashion remaining considerate of available resources within the hospital.
  • Supervise the professional conduct of all physicians who have clinical privileges in the division, adhering to standards of behaviour and compliance while engaged in care delivery.
  • Recommend to the medical staff clinical privileges for each medical staff member of the division according to the established credentialing process delineated in the medical staff bylaws.
  • Drive the development of new service lines to be provided at the institution, with an emphasis on niche areas of expertise, and rebuilds services which have experienced a decrease in volume.
  • Establish and communicate specific patient care goals related to medical care and consistent with the institution’s role as a provider in the healthcare community.
  • Coordinate and integrate intra- and interdivisional services within the scope of responsibility.
  • Provide input regarding the staffing patterns needed to fulfil the patient care requirements of the division.
  • Monitor, evaluate, and act to improve the quality of medical care rendered in the Division of Clinical Service.
  • Provide input to the process of orientation, mandatory training, and continuous education for all medical/reporting staff in the Clinical Services Division.
  • Monitor and enforce the admission and discharge criteria for patients are adhered to.
  • Be involved in the collection and analysis of data related to medical care and participate in the utilization review process
  • Organize regular divisional meetings where substantial issues are considered and uses the forum to build consensus and agreement around division’s directions and strategies.
  • Enhance intra- and interdivisional professional communication, as well as communication with administration.
  • Lead the development of the divisional budget and monitor expenses for compliance.
  • Provide input into patient care rendered by the various disciplines within the division, ensuring adherence to acceptable medical care standards.
  • Establish objectives and appropriate implementation strategies for all clinical services units/ departments.
  • Monitor the use of diagnostic services, inpatient beds, facilities, and staff to ensure effective use of resources and assess the need for additional staff, equipment, and services as required.
  • Monitor quality and appropriateness of medical care in line with global best practices. Keep abreast of local and global best practices in clinical services, articulate implications for the division and the Hospital as a whole and make recommendations to the Chief Executive Officer.
  • Ensure feedback from patients’ satisfaction surveys are periodically assessed and leveraged to improve delivery of clinical service.
  • Ensure effective organization and coordination of physician services and non-physician services as they relate to patient care to ensure a seamless experience for patients.
  • Provide input into the plans and programmes for Pharmacy, Infection control, Radiology, Physiotherapy, Research and the cross-functional Quality Systems and Patient Safety Committee.
  • Ensure effective coverage exists for medical emergencies and take ownership of decisions regarding emergency equipment and drug supplies required in the Hospital to meet patient’s needs.
  • Work with the CEO to establish and manage relationships with relevant health care institutions, regulatory bodies, and other professional groups and service providers, etc.
  • Ensure that an effective care quality assurance program exists, is implemented, and continuously improved in line with the Hospitals strategic objectives, relevant codes and regulations, etc.
  • Ensure a mechanism exists for screening all patients’ medical records for clinical appropriateness, completeness, etc.
  • Direct, supervise and evaluate work activities of medical and clinical support services.
  • Maintain awareness of advances in medicine, computerized diagnostic and treatment equipment, data processing technology, clinical governance regulations, health insurance changes, and financing options.
  • Provide periodic reports on clinical activities to the Board as required.

Job Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in any medical field
  • Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery
  • At least 12 years’ experience in medical practice, 5 of which must be in management of any function in a hospital
  • Valid membership and practicing license

Skills & Competences:

  • Strong leadership skills
  • Sound reasoning skills enabling both scientific judgement and appropriate management decisions
  • Demonstratable leadership skills
  • Strong business acumen
  • Planning and organization skills
  • Strategic and analytical thinking
  • Superior Communication skills – both written and oral
  • Integrity
  • Highly developed clinical governance skills, including medical accreditation and credentialing
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Effective project management skills

Head of Human Resources & Support Services

Job Purpose

  • To provide strategic leadership and management oversight for the Human Resources and Support Services Division in matters of strategy, policy compliance and operations in line with the Hospital’s strategic mission, vision, and corporate values.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Develop and lead the implementation and monitoring of the department’s strategy linking the annual and long-term business plans to the same.
  • Drive and manage performance targets for all the departments in the division.
  • Establish and maintain effective channels of communication between Human Resources, Support Services, and other Divisions to ensure seamless service delivery to patients and other customers.
  • Define and implement service level agreements for outsourced services. i.e., security, cleaning, transport, gardening, and courier services.
  • Maintain an up-to-date framework of policies and procedures that enable the business to employee, engage, develop, and manage its people in accordance with Hospital core values and within Kenyan labour laws.
  • Ensure development and implementation of a training and development framework to support the strategic objectives of the Hospital.
  • Continually review and assess the effectiveness and efficiency of Human Resources and Support Services policies, procedures and processes and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Keep abreast of local and global Human Resources and Support Services best practices and make recommendations for continual improvement.
  • Formulate and ensure implementation of leading practice strategies on human resource planning, talent sourcing, development, performance and career management, employee relations, reward, organizational development, and change management.
  • Provide advisory and support services to line managers in administering Hospital staff policies, disciplinary issues, conflict resolution, grievance handling, and other people management matters.
  • Advise on appropriate organizational structures, business processes and change management to maximize organizational effectiveness.
  • Develop and ensure implementation of effective reward management and remuneration policies and strategies that promote talent acquisition, retention, motivation, and improved productivity.
  • Develop initiatives that promote an enabling environment for the Hospital.
  • Develop and manage a comprehensive staff welfare program that facilitates staff retention and motivation.
  • Champion continual improvement with respect to all Human Resources and Support Services matters.
  • Coordinate the preparation and compilation of agreed periodic activities and performance reports.
  • Review and authorize key expenditures/transactions of the division in line with approved authority limits.

Job Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in relevant field will be an added advantage
  • Postgraduate HR qualification, i.e., Higher National Diploma or CHRP-K
  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences or related field
  • At least 10 years’ progressive HR experience, 5 of which must be in management of a HR function within a similar organization
  • Valid membership and practicing license from IHRM

Skills & Competences:

  • Strategic thinking and problem-solving
  • Sound advisory capability.
  • Excellent analytical and reporting skills.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Strong persuasion and negotiation skills
  • Strong business acumen/business orientation
  • Good customer relationship management skills (internal and external customers)
  • Demonstrable skills in Conflict Management and Dispute Resolution
  • Drive for results and execution skills
  • Collaboration and teaming skills.


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