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Director, Strategy – EHAU

Job Overview

  • The Director of Strategy will be the engine facilitating continuous improvement in the way IRC responds to emergencies and ensures aid is delivered to the toughest places around the world. They will organize, manage, and facilitate the IRC’s Emergencies and Humanitarian Action leadership team to ensure the unit is effective in planning and delivering against our strategy. They will partner with individual leaders to scope and solve problems, offering project management, structure, and conceptualization to complex, high-stakes, high-priority projects.  They will work with a small team to support strategic and thoughtful internal communications and organize high-impact events bringing together leaders and the wider team.  The role will demonstrate strong strategic leadership with minimal oversight and support, and  will report to the Vice President of Emergencies and Humanitarian Action, while maintaining collaborative working relationships with leaders across the unit and organization.


Lead Emergency and Humanitarian Action Strategy

  •  Lead and project-manage the delivery and measure of IRC’s Strategy Action Plan (SAP) for Emergencies and Humanitarian Action.  
  •  Lead routine reviews of SAP content ensuring the SAP narrative and implementation plan reflects up to date priorities and progress.  
  •  Facilitate and support the collection and presentation of quarterly SAP reporting from EHAU Co-conveners to the EHAU Senior Management Team, EHAU Team, CRRD Senior Management Team, and Leadership Board.
  •  Collaborate with EHAU’s MEAL (Measurement, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning) team to maintain the SAP measurement and analysis backend – including indicator selection, data collection, analysis platforms and reporting tools.
  •  Support the EHAU SMT (Senior Management Team) to deliver a routine approach to socialization of the SAP and delivery progress out to the EHAU team, specifically targeting and tracking an increase in buy-in and participation.
  •  Facilitate EHAU’s contribution to the formulation, implementation, and progress reporting of CRRD’s Delivery Letter.

Support EHAU Solution Finding, Workflows and Project Management

  •  Upon request, deliver ‘strategy’ support to EHAU leaders and their teams, identifying problems, finding solutions and designing project definitions and implementation plans.
  •  Lead effective project management processes for select, high value EHAU projects, supporting SMT member and project teams to deliver on time and within budget.

Facilitate EHAU’s engagement in IRC Strategy 100 phase two planning (timeframe: Q1 FY24 to Q3 FY25) 

  •  Lead internal ideation and planning for IRC’s S100 (Strategy 100) P2 (Phase 2), balancing the need to carry forward existing priorities and introduce new ones. Ensure the voice and priorities of country and regional colleagues are reflected (in close collaboration with the Regional Emergency Directors).
  •  Develop and coordinate a communication plan to ensure emergencies and humanitarian action priorities are considered, and then subsequently reflected within S100 Phase 2. 
  •  Coordinate closely with CRRD S100 focal points to ensure EHAU’s efforts are in step with other departmental priorities.
  •  As S100 P2 is finalized drive forward an update to the IRC’s Emergencies and Humanitarian Action SAP and implementation plan. Act as a thought partner to EHAU leaders for the successful integration of S100 Phase 2 objectives in the planning and administration of their teams and section/objective workplans.
  •  Support the SMT to deliver a routine approach to the socialization of S100 P2 processes and status out to the EHAU team, specifically targeting/tracking an increase in understanding/contribution/consensus/participation.

Facilitate successful collaboration, coordination and decision making 

  •  Support efficient process within EHAU’s Senior Management Team
  •  Plan and convene impactful, twice monthly + ad-hoc EHAU SMT meetings. Maintain a pipeline of high value meetings to improve use of SMT collective brain and bandwidth.
  •  Support effective decision-making processes, that drive forward action, while ensuring everyone is heard and final decisions are visible to the wider team. Follow up and support action items to ensure delivery.
  •  Champion simplification in all that EHAU does – from the SMT down to everyday processes.
  •  Be responsible for  post-meeting, all-team communication to ensure clarity and trust around SMT processes and decision-making. 
  •  Membership:  Act as a full voting member of EHAU’s SMT.  Routinely attend CRRD SMT as observer/advisor.

Coordinate and Represent

  •  Support the VP and EHAU Directors to continually cultivate and strengthen relationships and collaboration within the organization.
  •  Represent and coordinate with Directors of Policy, Planning, Strategy from around the organization.
  •  Represent EHAU in information, data management with Data Excellence team, plus CRRD lead.
  •  Represent EHAU to Strategy Unit to communicate what delivery of S100 looks like in acute emergency settings.

Team Communication and Event Management 

  •  Lead planning and delivery of select high importance EHAU events, meetings and workshops.  This will include the semi-annual EHAU retreat which brings together all EHAU staff. Collaboration with other SMT and team colleagues is key to success.
  •  Manage the planning and delivery of weekly team meetings, ensuring a collaborative planning and participation approach across a working group, that drives high value meetings.
  •  Supervise the planning and delivery of monthly EHAU newsletters that encourage inclusion, team building and transparency around team projects and achievements.
  • Any other duties consistent with strategy, planning and project delivery as assigned by the Vice President.

Key Working Relationships:

  •  Position Reports to: Vice President, EHAU
  •  Position directly supervises: Manage Strategy Manager and Unit & Events Officer.
  •  Works closely with: EHAU SMT, Departmental Strategy focal points and Directors of Policy and Planning, Strategy Unit focal points.
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Job Requirements: 


  •  Exceptionally well-organized and structured critical thinking, work planning, and execution – with ability to remain adaptive and flexible to changing circumstances. 
  •  Ability to proactively identify challenges and develop creative solutions, in close collaboration with partners.
  •  A proven track record in translating strategic objectives, and in driving and delivering organizational change.
  •  Shown ability to collaborate across diverse roles, functions, and geographies to devise and inspire change.
  •  Excellent communication and presentation skills, orally and in writing, within a diverse team. 
  •  An ability to accurately distil information, data, and opinion to draw out key messages and critical details. 
  •  High integrity and ethical standards, collegial and collaborative behavior, high energy, resiliency, and creativity.
  •  High dedication to fostering a working environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  •  Excellent spoken and written English.
  •  Ability to travel globally up to 20% of the year.


  •  Master’s degree or equivalent relevant work experience. 
  •  5+ years in strategic analysis, project management and effectively advising senior management levels in a complex organization.
  •  8+ years’ experience working in the humanitarian or development sector. 
  •  Consistent record serving as a role model, empowering others to translate vision into results; effective at delegating the appropriate responsibility, accountability and decision-making authority.
  •  Receptive and collaborative leadership approach.
  •  Demonstrated ability to successfully work in fast-paced, often insecure and stressful environments.
  •  Working knowledge of Arabic, French, and/or Spanish 

Officer, Finance Contracts


Contracts Financial Management 

  • Develop, implement, and maintain consistent processes governing the sound management and analytics of the pre and post contract processes ensuring sound financial stewardship of these resources and in compliance with the appropriate donor requirements.
  • Review financial capacity assessments of supply chain partners and the suitability of recommended special conditions to mitigate financial management risks.
  • Track the contracts portfolios agreements and vital statistics in files and Opportunity Tracking Information Systems (OTIS). 
  •  Ensure that all fiscal matters are current relating to his/her contracts portfolio, including federal, state, other public and private contracts. 
  • Work closely with Program Finance Coordinators and Technical Units, ensuring regular assessment of cash forecasting and reforecasting when needed to mitigate risk of adverse spending variances.
  • For those contracts without a dedicated Program Finance Coordinators, support budget holders with preparation and review of budget vs actual spending monitoring report on monthly basis.
  • Work closely with Program Finance Coordinators, Technical Units and Awards Management Unit, ensuring financial close-out of all commercial contracts in accordance with IRC and donor requirements. 
  • Responsible to record contract revenue recognition for his/her contracts portfolio and preform a reconciliation on monthly basis or when milestones are approved by donors.  
  • Participate in response to solicitations, including reviewing proposal budgets or milestones cost and pricing, ensure all costs are budgeted, including adequate risk premium.

 Donor Agreements, Reporting and Monitoring 

  • Keep current on all Contract funding regulations and accounting updates that affect budgeting and donor reporting.  
  • Support his/her contract portfolio with project budget setup in Integra, including mapping and using unique D-codes to help with complex donor financial reporting requirement.
  • Prepare and submit contract invoices together with financial reports for his/her contract portfolio.
  •  Implement IRC’s contract billing system ensuring accuracy and reconciliation (expenses, and revenue recognition) before submission. 
  • Review contracts receivable balances to ensure appropriate and timely follow up with Program Finance Coordinators or Program Leads.

 Systems, Processes and Continues Improvements  

  • Document IRC Internal Process Flows e.g. Subcontractor & Contractor Payment and Fund Management Processes.
  • Support in designing the financial reporting templates for donor reporting e.g., Invoices, Checklists, Timesheets, Inception Milestone Tracker etc. in compliance with the Donor Commercial Contract.
  • Responsible for sharing lesson learned from portfolio level (e.g., systems, process, pain points and success).

Technical Support, Training and Management

  • Support contracts financial management training for IRCs staff and or Supply Chain Partners. 
  • Understand and adhere to established Contracts financial policies and procedures. 
  • Deliver responsive service to IRCs staff on all questions related to contracts funding for his/her portfolio. 
  • Assist Field Offices in the assessment of their contracts management by providing ongoing feedback concerning performance. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, or equivalent – Master’s Degree, CPA or CA a plus. 
  • 8 years of progressive financial Contracts management experience. 
  • Demonstrated familiarity with GAAP and shown general knowledge of Fund Accounting. 
  • Previous work experience with a major general ledger software package – experience with MS D365 preferred. 
  • Knowledge of US Government (Federal Acquisition Regulations), World bank, FCDO commercial contracts and European Union regulations is a plus. 
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate effectively in a multi-cultural environment and diplomatically manage collegial relationships. 
  • Solid organizational skills: the ability to be flexible and perform under pressure in a fast-paced team environment. 
  • Attention to details is desirable.
  • Strong digital literacy: facility with MS Word, Excel, various accounting software, and email/internet software. 
  • Travel when needed. 


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